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    I’m KSI’s manager who set up Misfits Boxing – just 12 months later it is worth over £100MILLION

    TWO of Misfits Boxing’s head honchos first met in a fight on the streets of London – now they run a promotion worth over £100million.The company was launched in 2022 to give a home to crossover bouts between celebrity and sporting stars.
    Promoter Kalle Sauerland with Misfits founders KSI and Mams TaylorCredit: Leigh Dawney/Misfits Boxing
    Mams Taylor and Kalle Sauerland went from street fighting teens to business partnersCredit: Leigh Dawney/Misfits Boxing
    It was founded British YouTube sensation KSI and his music mogul manager Mams Taylor.
    But they also teamed up with boxing promoter Kalle Sauerland, who first met Taylor during a street fight in London.
    Taylor told SunSport: “Kalle and I were in the West End having a street fight against each other’s friends.
    “We were probably 13 or 14 and we’ve always had a mutual respect for each other, Nisse [Sauerland] as well. 
    “And they had a reputation as hard men and I had a reputation for the same thing, we’d always be fighting and I don’t know why, obviously it’s stupid now.
    “Over the years we would see each other and there was always a mutual respect.” 
    Taylor would go onto find fame in music while Sauerland became one of boxing’s most powerful figures.
    And in 2019, when KSI – nicknamed JJ – beat Logan Paul in their Los Angeles rematch, the idea of a crossover boxing platform was created.
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    Taylor said: “Kalle and I spoke about it and I was like, ‘Look, I really want JJ to be doing this for himself rather than making others millions. 
    “I spoke to JJ about it and he loved it. He loves creating platforms that helps others and I think this really helps creators in so many ways.”
    Misfits head into their eighth event this Saturday, staged in Nashville and aired on streaming service DAZN.
    Taylor admits he has been inspired by the WWE’s production value but insists the mayhem of Misfits is ultimately real.
    He said: “You can’t script the action. 
    “It’s real boxing matches within that ring so you can’t predict the outcome and you never know what’s going to happen. 
    “The fighting is real but sometimes I’ll plant a seed and just leave it and I know that it’s going to create a feud between a couple of them. 
    “Some professional s***stirring has to gone on once in a while. But a lot of the time it’s cool because it just happens organically.”
    YouTubers Wings of Redemption and Boogie 2988 weighed almost 60st collectivelyCredit: Leigh Dawney/Misfits Boxing
    Misfits have introduced tag-team boxingCredit: Leigh Dawney/Misfits Boxing
    It took inspiration from the WWECredit: Leigh Dawney/Misfits Boxing
    The new wave of social media influencers boxing has changed the lives of many, including KSI and Jake Paul, who train full time.
    But Misfits have also faced criticism for their matchmaking in the past, including a super-heavyweight bout of almost 60 STONE and tag-team matches.
    Although Taylor admits there is a sense of responsibility to ensure every boxer on Misfits is respecting the sport.
    He said: “We want them to take the training seriously, we can’t control everything that happens but what we can control we definitely make it as safe as possible. 
    “We go the extra mile on the medical testing, we go the extra mile in ensuring everyone is putting the work in and taking care of their health. 
    “Even for exhibition matches where we’re not obligated to do the extent of medical testing that we do, we’d rather do it and spend the extra money to protect them.”
    KSI has headlined three Misfists events now on DAZN PPV and is in talks to fight Tommy Fury next.
    But as CEO of the company, he has a say on everything, including matchmaking and production.
    Taylor says they have turned down interest to sell Misfits after just 12 months of business and gives it an eye-watering valuation.
    KSI has headlined on three DAZN PPVsCredit: Getty
    KSI knocking out gamer Faze TemperrrCredit: PA
    KSI in his last fight with Joe FournierCredit: Getty
    He said: “It’s worth over £100million, if you look at everything, including our contracts long-term, things in the pipeline.
    “Every event we’ve done has made a profit and the audience is just growing. We had an offer to have effect, over £100million.
    “But we don’t want to give up control and not want an investor to come in and have a say without having the knowledge.”
    Misfits are entering the first of their five years with DAZN and Taylor warns they are only just getting started.
    He said: “Within that five-year period our growth is going to be exponential we’ve got amazing ideas.
    “We’ve got something for everyone, we’ve got a pro division that’s launching, we’ve got some fights that are more gimmicky, tag-teams.
    “Then we’ve got guys who don’t take it too seriously but they want to settle a beef which is super entertaining.
    “Then you’ve got guys who live and breathe like boxers now; KSI, trains super hard, Jake Paul, we’ve seen his transformation.
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    “All these guys, it’s their primary lifestyle now it’s taken over everything they’ve been doing.
    “So you’ve got to give them respect, they’re putting in the hours and the work. You can hate on these guys all you want, but they’re watching.”
    Tommy Fury and KSI are in talks to fight nextCredit: Getty More

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    Tyson Fury to star with Paris, Tommy and Molly-Mae in Osbournes-style Netflix show… as fans demand to see Usyk moment

    TYSON FURY is set to unleash his inner Ozzy Osbourne.That’s by starring on his own family reality TV show.
    Tyson Fury will star in his very own reality TV show next monthCredit: Netflix
    The fly-on-the-wall documentary evokes memories of Ozzy Osbourne’s iconic showCredit: Getty
    Fury will be joined by wife Paris for ‘At Home With The Furys’Credit: Netflix
    Netflix production ‘At Home With The Furys’ is set to stream online from August 16, evoking memories of the iconic reality show ‘The Osbournes’.
    Next month’s fly-on-the-wall documentary will feature Fury as its star, with regular appearances from wife Paris and their five children.
    Brother Tommy and his partner Molly-Mae will also pop up on screen.
    And a two-minute trailer highlighting the best bits was posted online by Netflix on Wednesday afternoon.
    It revealed various bits of Fury’s life, ranging from his boxing fights to chilling with loved ones.
    One clip showed Fury sunbathing on holiday with wife Paris, with the ace hilariously asking her: “Why are you married to a fat man?”
    To which she replied: “Because he’s rich!”
    Another revealed Fury candidly saying: “Boxing is really the only thing that gives me purpose.”
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    The pair share some top banter in the behind-the-scenes Netlflix showCredit: Netflix
    Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae are also involved in the streaming showCredit: Netflix
    Fans were certainly delighted to see Fury’s life finally put up on the screen.
    And some even wondered whether there would be more insight into the heavyweight king’s failed negotiations for a unification bout against Oleksandr Usyk.
    One said: “I hope there’s a part where Fury gives AJ and Usyk 24 hours to sign a contract.”
    Another declared: “This looks proper.”
    One noted: “Can’t wait to see this.”
    Another added: “Looks good this.” More

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    Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou dubbed ‘freak show’ as ex-boxing champ compares UFC ace to ‘Wetherspoons on Friday night’

    TYSON FURY’s crossover clash with Francis Ngannou has been branded a “freak show” fight.The Gypsy King faces the former UFC heavyweight champion in a multi-million-pound Saudi showdown on October 28.
    Francis Ngannou will throw down with Tyson Fury in a Saudi showdown on October 28
    The former UFC heavyweight champion’s clash with Fury will be his pro boxing debutCredit: GETTY
    The fight has been branded a ‘freak show’ by Tony BellewCredit: GETTY
    Fury’s first outing since a farcical trilogy fight with Derek Chisora last December pits him against an MMA fighter making his professional debut.
    And former WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew can’t get on board with the notion of the bout being a competitive one, telling Joe: “It’s a freak show, not a boxing match.”
    Bellew, 40, also likened Cameroonian clubber Ngannou to a puffed-up bodybuilder out on the town.
    The Bomber continued: “This guy is just a big, huge, strong unit.
    “But there is loads of them in Wetherspoons every Friday and Saturday night.
    “I’m not going to lie, I’m going to watch it, I’m intrigued.
    “Put this into context, this man is having his first ever professional boxing match of his life, and he is fighting the heavyweight champion of the world.”
    Fury, 34, has been slammed by the boxing world for his money grab against Ngannou – but promoter Frank Warren has vehemently defended the showdown.
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    During an appearance on talkSPORT, he said: “There isn’t anybody else, any other champion to fight.”
    When it was put to him that Fury could have fought either Frank Sanchez or Arslanbeck Makhmudov, Warren replied: “What planet are you on?
    “We’re in the business of selling events here.
    “They walk down the street, would anyone know them?”

    The Queensberry Promotions chief then said: “[Fury’s] absolutely the best of his generation, he’s the best out there.
    “He’s the one that draws the money and that’s why this fight Is going on, why shouldn’t he do it?”
    Team Fury are expected to resume negotiations over an undisputed heavyweight title fight with Oleksandr Usyk after his clash with Ngannou.
    Pound-for-pound king Usyk will defend his unified titles against Fury’s stablemate Daniel Dubois in a Polish punch-up on August 26. More

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    Fears Anthony Joshua will ‘run out of steam’ against Dillian Whyte as he’s branded ‘b***h’ by ex-boxing champ in feud

    CARL FROCH reckons Anthony Joshua could blow his gas tank in his rematch with Dillian Whyte.The former two-time unified heavyweight champion will renew his rivalry with Whyte in a domestic dust-up on August 12.
    Anthony Joshua will rematch Dillian Whyte at the O2 on August 12Credit: Getty
    AJ is in desperate need of a spectacular stoppage following his lacklustre win over Jermaine FranklinCredit: AFP
    Carl Froch reckons the Brit’s cardio issues could rear their ugly head againCredit: AFP
    Joshua, 33, is in need of a highlight-reel knockout of his old rival following a less-than-impressive points win over Jermaine Franklin in April.
    AJ has, at times, shown signs of fatigue after sensing blood and going for the finish – with his huffing and puffing in his 2017 win over Wladimir Klitschko and recent defeat to Oleksandr Usyk evidence of that fact.
    And Froch reckons his fatigue issues could rear their ugly head again next month.
    During an appearance on talkSPORT, the former unified super-middleweight champion said: “[Joshua’s] still fighting a little bit nervously in my opinion, he’s a bit gun-shy and he’s not offensive enough.
    “He doesn’t throw enough punches and he runs out of steam doesn’t he, he gets tired.
    “We saw that against [Kubrat] Pulev, he got the win, but he was tired after he went for the stoppage in round three or four.”

    “Well, you can’t really say that because look at some of the big heavyweights from years ago, maybe he’s not preparing properly, maybe he’s not doing the runs or the spars.
    “Because no matter how big you are you can get yourself in shape to do 12 rounds, they used to do 15 rounds years ago.
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    “But, the Klitschkos are equally as big, Wladimir and Vitali, and they were good 12 round fighters.
    “Lennox Lewis was a huge 12-round fighter, so you can’t say it’s because of his size.
    You’ve got to get yourself in shape and fit.”
    Froch and Joshua have found themselves embroiled in a war of words in recent weeks, with the latter citing the former’s nose as a reason why he left former trainer Robert McCracken.
    The Cobra didn’t take kindly to the comments, saying: “Listen, first of all you’ve gotta laugh.
    “Secondly, what I’ll say to that is – for a grown man to try and personally insult another grown man on his physical appearance, for me that’s a b**ch move.
    Carl Froch is far from happy with Anthony Joshua’s recent commentsCredit: GETTY
    “I sincerely hope he’s talking about the old nose, not the new reconstructed piece of artwork that I’m carrying round on my face at the minute.
    “Because I’m actually quite happy with this nose.
    “But my nose aside and my aesthetic features aside, I’m looking at this as a real dig at Rob McCracken.
    “Rob McCracken is a man that first of all got AJ out of jail. I’m gonna pause now because I’m not gonna go into that.
    “He got him out of jail, literally.
    “Do your research, I’m not gonna elaborate on that. He also guided him to an Olympic gold medal in 2012, Olympic champion.

    “He’s working with someone who’s not a natural fighter in Anthony Joshua, not had that amateur pedigree as a schoolboy coming through.
    “He did a fantastic job, got him an Olympic gold medal in 2012. Then he guided him to, not one, but two world titles.
    “And he’s got the audacity and the disrespect to say that he wasted years with Rob McCracken and he didn’t teach him defence.
    “For me, that’s disgusting. There’s no comeback from that for me for AJ
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    “I’m not gonna hold it against him because he’s done what he feels is right for him, and he’s having a little personal dig at me which is fine…
    “It’s out of order what he said about Rob McCracken, I think he’ll probably regret saying what he said.” More

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    I dreamt of boxing at the Olympics but ended up watching from a prison cell – now it’s crunch time in my career

    HASIM RAHMAN JR had to painfully watch his Olympic dream from a prison cell – but now he is fighting to make up for lost time. The heavyweight is the son of two-time champion Rahman Sr, who famously knocked out Lennox Lewis in 2001.
    Hasim Rahman Jr is the son of heavyweight legend SrCredit: ANU / The Sun
    The American spent three years in prison
    So for Rahman, moving into the family business was a no brainer as he quit American football to pursue boxing.
    And he took to it well, having almost 100 amateur bouts which set up Olympic aspirations.
    But that was cut short in 2012, when Rahman was involved in a car crash which fatally killed a 43-year-old truck driver in Las Vegas.
    Only 20 at the time of the incident, he was later incarnated for three years after being charged with reckless driving.
    Opening up to SunSport, Rahman said: “It just made me realise how important my family was. 
    “We all help each other, it’s not just me and my career, it’s my brother and his career. It’s my mum and what she’s doing, my dad and what he’s doing. 
    “It’s everyone and we come together as a family and we have one goal and that’s to keep the Rahman name on top. 
    “When I was away, my family was the only way I got through it. If it wasn’t for my family, I don’t know where I would be.” 
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    Hasim Rahman Sr with son Jr
    Jr turned professional in 2017Credit: ANU / The Sun
    Rahman watched from his cell as Team USA failed to enter a heavyweight in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
    But after his release that December, he made his professional debut in 2017 and has been on a mission ever since.
    Rahman, 32, said: “I always feel like I’m chasing it a little bit. When I left I was considering being a 178-pounder in the trials. 
    “But I went away about six-seven months before the trials happened so I didn’t get to participate and I had to watch the Olympics through a cell. 
    “And it really hurt, especially seeing people out there that I felt like I could have made a difference if I was there. 
    “It was just tough to go through that experience but I came home and I’ve made the most of the opportunities that have been afforded to me. 
    “But it’s crunch time now. I should be winning these fights, I should have won my last two fights so we go back, look at it, pray about it and Inshallah we come out on top July 22nd.” 
    Despite having a famous fighting surname, Rahman felt as though his biggest bout was outside the ring.
    Floyd Mayweather with Hasim Rahman Jr has
    Because when he and younger brother Sharif were amateurs, they filed a lawsuit against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.
    They had been included in an episode of Showtime’s All Access, in which both of them claimed they sparred for over 30 minutes without a break.
    The brothers sought damages of more than $10,000 after alleging battery, tortious assault, false imprisonment, negligent hiring, training, supervision and retention and unjust enrichment.
    It was later settled out of court, but Rahman believes it left him blacklisted by the powers that be.
    He said: “I’m always going to be fighting that a little bit but it’s up to me and my brothers to break that barrier. 
    “But it just makes it that much more difficult when you’re fighting against people that are very, very high up in the sport.”
    Rahman notched up 12 straight wins before losing in 2022 to Kenzie Morrison, 33, son of ex-champ Tommy.
    But four months later he was set to replace Tommy Fury, 24, as an opponent to fight YouTuber-turned boxer Jake Paul, 26.
    Jake Paul was set to fight Hasim Rahman Jr in 2022Credit: ANU / The Sun
    The fight was cancelled due to a weight disagreementCredit: ANU / The Sun
    Eventually that was also scrapped amid a weight disagreement and instead Rahman was signed by Paul’s rival KSI to Misfits Boxing.
    Rahman lost his Misfits debut last November to ex-NFL and UFC star Greg Hardy, 34, who had a SEVEN STONE advantage.
    Now he is back on Saturday night against bare-knuckle boxing champion and former UFC heavyweight Alan Belcher, 39.
    Rahman said: “I know he’s very tough and he’s going to bring a lot of pressure and I know he’s a knockout artist. 
    “He’s already said he’s coming to knock me out in the second round, so it’s going to be bombs away come July 22nd, that I can guarantee.” 
    Rahman has teased a switch to MMA himself while not ruling out a return to traditional boxing – as he looks to leave an unprecedented legacy.
    He said: “I want to set a mark that can’t nobody touch. I want to do something that is like, ‘Wow, he really did that.’ 
    “I’ve had some really tough fights, I’m coming off two really tough fights and I have a tough fight ahead of me. So there’s one thing right there.  
    “Especially in this era, people don’t take tough fights and can’t nobody say to me I’m taking easy fights. 
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    “Now it’s time to come out on the winning side and take tough fights after that.
    “I don’t want to be known as a fighter that took easy fights or was scared to fight anybody.” 
    KSI pictured with Hasim Rahman JrCredit: Facebook More

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    How Cristiano Ronaldo helped broker Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou’s historic crossover fight

    CRISTIANO RONALDO played an unlikely role in Francis Ngannou’s shock showdown with Tyson Fury coming to fruition.The former UFC heavyweight champion finalised a controversial crossover clash with the Gypsy King last week – six months after leaving mixed martial arts’ top promotion.
    Francis Ngannou will box Tyson Fury in a crossover clash on October 28Credit: ESPN
    The former UFC heavyweight champion’s boxing debut will take place in Saudi ArabiaCredit: GETTY
    Footie icon Cristiano Ronaldo convinced Ngannou that Saudi ‘is the future’ of sportsCredit: INSTAGRAM@CRISTIANO
    Ngannou’s professional boxing debut will take place in Saudi Arabia and will earn him the biggest purse of his combat sports career.
    The Cameroonian clubber is no stranger to Saudi having visited in January and meeting footie star Ronaldo, who convinced him The Kingdom “is the future” of sports.
    Recalling their meeting during an appearance on The MMA Hour, The Predator said: “Yes, that’s where it started in that moment.”
    In a separate interview with TMZ, he said: “We had a good talk. He told me that Saudi [Arabia] is the future.
    “A lot of people doesn’t understand now but they are changing really fast, it’s moving really fast.
    “And that’s even what I personally, that was my feeling when I get there.
    “It was my first time going to Saudi and I was literally like, I didn’t really know how to carry myself, how to behave myself.
    “But I get there and find out that everything is cool.
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    “It was just like normal life. It’s pretty cool, man.”
    Ngannou, 36, had a great interaction with Ronaldo – who shocked him with his knowledge of mixed martial arts.
    He said: “I’ve been following Cristiano for the past, maybe 17 years.
    “And then, you know, to get to meet him in person and find out that he is a huge fan of the sport.
    “That he knows a lot about the sport. He loves the sport. He’s watched us fight.
    “He knows a lot about me than what I was expecting. Very impressive.

    “You know, to get someone like Cristiano Ronaldo knowing the game, know you or what you are doing, is pretty cool. He’s pretty big.
    “He’s pretty huge. Listen, it’s like a huge support from him.”
    Fury, 34, is the overwhelming favourite to win the ten-rounder against the boxing Ngannou – who left the UFC as their lineal heavyweight champion.
    But he’s made sure he’ll get a second crack at the heavy hitter should the unthinkable happen.
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    Ngannou revealed: “There is a potential rematch clause.
    “I don’t know exactly how to explain that language, but yes, there is a rematch inside it.” More

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    Tommy Fury faces deadline of THIS WEEK to agree huge KSI fight in warning by YouTube star’s manager

    TOMMY FURY is faced with a deadline of THIS WEEK to finally agree terms to fight KSI. In February, Fury edged a split-decision win over KSI’s arch rival Jake Paul in their Saudi Arabia showdown.
    Tommy Fury facing off with KSICredit: Misfits boxing
    And it all but KO’d Paul’s proposed blockbuster grudge match with KSI, initially eyed for December.
    Paul, 26, also snubbed a rematch to instead return on August 5 in Texas against ex-UFC veteran Nate Diaz, 38.
    So KSI, 30, turned his attention to Fury, 24, but the pair found themselves squabbling over weight and financials.
    KSI’s manager Mams Taylor – also co-founder of Misfits Boxing – remained coy on negotiations when pressed by SunSport.
    But he said: “Whether it’s on or off, we should know some time this week.
    “I’m just going to let you know, this week is going to be an interesting week.” 
    KSI has made it clear Fury is absolutely his No1 target but even the determined YouTube, music and crossover boxing star has a deadline.
    And having seen opponents pullout in the past, Taylor warned they will have alternatives should Fury fail to accept.
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    He said: “There’s always a threat it’s not a done deal until you have the signed contracts, there’s always a threat after you have the signed contracts. 
    “This is boxing, someone could get injured, it’s not celeb darts. We’ve had some bad luck with pullouts and you have to think fast. 
    “We’ve had to come up with creative solutions and it won’t be any different if anyone pulls out of our fights, we always try to have ones on standby.
    “But, I do believe this is a great fight and a great test for JJ and I think he’s got this in the bag if they do end up fighting.” 
    Jake Paul was beaten by Tommy Fury on pointsCredit: Getty
    KSI wants to fight Tommy Fury nextCredit: Getty More

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    Tyson Fury includes clause in Francis Ngannou fight contract in case he is KO’d by ex-UFC champ

    TYSON FURY has placed a rematch clause in his contract with Francis Ngannou in case disaster strikes in the crossover clash.The Gypsy King faces the former UFC heavyweight champion in a multi-million-pound Saudi showdown on October 28.
    Tyson Fury will face former UFC heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou in OctoberCredit: ESPN
    The WBC heavyweight champ’s title WON’T be up for grabs in the ten-rounderCredit: GETTY
    The Gypsy King has placed a rematch clause in his contract to face NgannouCredit: POLARIS
    Fury, 34, is the overwhelming favourite to win the ten-rounder against the boxing novice – but he’s made sure he’ll get a second crack at the Cameroonian clubber should the unthinkable happen.
    During an appearance on The MMA Hour, Ngannou revealed: “There is a potential rematch clause.
    “I don’t know exactly how to explain that language, but yes, there is a rematch inside it.”
    When asked if that would guarantee a second fight with the WBC heavyweight champ, Ngannou added: “Oh, for that one, definitely.”
    Ngannou, however, doesn’t know if he’ll be able to exercise the rematch clause should he come up short against the Brit.
    He said: “That’s what I don’t know. We will see how it goes.”
    Fury would have to wait at least SIX MONTHS to exact revenge on Ngannou as The Predator is set to make his Professional Fighters League debut early next year.
    The Wythenshawe warrior is also expected to re-enter negotiations with Oleksandr Usyk over a historic undisputed heavyweight title fight after his clash with Ngannou.
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    Ngannou bagged a monumental showdown with Fury a mere six months after the expiration of his UFC contract.
    And his purse for his professional boxing debut is set to dwarf his ENTIRE octagon earnings.
    During an appearance on The MMA Hour, his manager Marquel Martin said: “Let’s just say this: The bag is so big, he may actually just drop it on the way to the bank.
    “I don’t know what the haters are trying to say right now, I kind of just blocked it out, but they’ll just be proven wrong again.

    “This is life-changing. This is exactly what we planned and visualised, so we’re happy.”
    When asked if Ngannou’s earnings for the fight will be more than his UFC winnings, Martin added: “Oh, my God. I mean, by far.
    “By multiples.
    “Just to make [this money] even while being champion, he would’ve had to fight multiple times just to [be in this ballpark].” More