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    Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Date, TV channel, live stream, undercard details for huge Christmas blockbuster

    TYSON FURY and Oleksandr Usyk have finally sealed the deal on their massive undisputed heavyweight title fight.After months and months of negotiating, both men have signed on the dotted line and the fight is set to go ahead.
    Oleksandr Usyk beat Daniel Dubois to defend his world titles in AugustCredit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
    Tyson Fury is preparing to fight Francis Ngannou in October 28Credit: Getty
    Fury holds the WBC title and is getting ready to first fight Francis Ngannou in a crossover bout on October 28.
    Usyk is coming off wins over Fury’s compatriots in Daniel Dubois and Anthony Joshua.
    The fight is one of the biggest that can be made in the sport and will be the first time that all four titles are on the line.
    Usyk, who holds the WBA, WBO and IBF straps, has a record of 21-0, while Fury, also undefeated, sits at 33-1-0.

    When is Fury vs Usyk going to take place?

    Fury’s clash with Usyk is set to take place on Saturday, December 23.
    The bout will be held in Saudi Arabia.
    Expect ring-walks to get going from around 10.30pm UK time.

    What TV channel will it be on?
    Fury vs Usyk will likely be shown live on TNT Sports Box Office in the UK.
    You can live stream the action from the TNT Sports Box Office app, which is available for download onto your mobile or tablet device.
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    What has been said?
    The pair met in the ring for a stare down following Fury’s win over Chisora, and words have been exchanged since.
    Usyk released numerous videos in which he’s taunted Fury by calling him ‘belly’.
    In each video, the Ukrainian can be seen pointing towards his stomach and shouting: “Hey, belly, I’m coming for you.”
    Usyk has also said: “Fury, you talk about greatness in boxing.
    “But, at the same time, you say, ‘Give me a lot of money’.
    “Greatness in boxing is not determined by money. Greatness comes from a victorious path.
    Fury and Usyk have been trading verbal jabs over the last couple of monthsCredit: Getty
    “You say that I avoid you, but I never have. In fact, I have even come to you.
    “I am ready to box you even without any prize money.”
    Fury has said: “Tyson Fury here, WBC heavyweight number one. Usyk, calling out ‘The Gypsy King’ with your pathetic little call outs, dosser.
    “Rabbit, I’m coming for you, rabbit, you’re getting it, rabbit.
    “And I’ll tell you what else, I’m gonna bust you up real bad you little middleweight.
    “I’m going to slap you into a big pile of tattoos, sucker. Come on!”
    Fury has recently told his fans that he is going to stop trash-talking on social media and focus on training.
    He said: “Hi guys, as fun as it’s been over the last few days terrorising Usyk and his team, tomorrow I’m going to knuckle down into training camp.
    “And I’ll be doing a blackout as I always do on social media. Nav will be running my Instagram account, keeping you all updated on my training progress and how everything is going.
    “April 29th is definitely a worker, I will see you all on the night. Tune in or be there or be square.
    “This is the biggest event in British boxing history, the fight of the century.
    “Two undefeated world heavyweight champions throwing down to see who is the number one in the division.
    “The undisputed world heavyweight world championship on the line. Peace out. Good training to Usyk, may the best man win. Get up.” More

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    Tyson Fury’s children: How many kids does he have and what are their names?

    TYSON fury may be known to his fans as a heavyweight champion, but to his children he is just known as dad.Since getting together, the boxing champ and his wife Paris Fury have welcomed a huge brood of kids.
    Tyson Fury and wife Paris have a big family togetherCredit: Instagram
    How many children do Tyson and Paris Fury have?
    Tyson Fury and Paris have six children – with a seventh baby due due in September 2023.
    The Gypsy King’s youngest daughter Athena was born on August 8, 2021, and faced a tough start in the intensive care unit.
    Together, the couple has five other children, their eldest child is a daughter named Venezuela who was born on September 27, 2009.
    This geographical theme for the sisters was continued with Valencia, who they welcomed on December 4, 2017.
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    All of Tyson’s boys have the first name Prince, starting with Prince John James who was born in 2011.
    Tyson’s other two sons are called Prince Tyson II, (born 2016), and Prince Adonis Amaziah (born 2019).
    When asked why the Gypsy King had named all his sons Prince he said: “I’m a king and they’re princes until they earn their rightful name.”
    On March 23, 2023, the couple announced that they were pregnant with their seventh child.
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    Tyson shared a photo of him and his wife on his Instagram Story announcing their big news.
    “I get to date night with my beautiful pregnant wife @ParisFury1. God is great,” he captioned the photo. “What a woman 👩. 7th 👶 incoming 🙏. Fantastic news to cheer me up! 😊.”
    When did Paris and Tyson Fury get married?
    Happy couple Paris and Tyson met when he was 17 and she was 15, they began dating the year after.
    They dated for two years before tying the knot in 2008 at St. Peter in Chains Catholic Church in Doncaster.
    The childhood sweethearts have been together ever since, raising their children in Morecombe, Lancashire.
    Despite the super-yacht and millions of pounds, the Gypsy King has said he wants a normal life, taking out the bins. More

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    Why is Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte 2 cancelled, who is AJ fighting instead?

    ANTHONY JOSHUA was supposed to be fighting Dillian Whyte next weekend, but the fight will no longer take place. A rivalry that stems from 2009 when Whyte got the better of Joshua at amateur level, their third fight was supposed to be the decider.
    Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte were due to fight on August 12Credit: Reuters
    AJ won the sequel and got revenge in 2015 when he KO’d the Brixton-brawler to win the British heavyweight title.
    But fans WON’T get to see them square off for a third time.
    Why is Joshua vs Whyte 2 cancelled?
    Joshua’s big clash won’t be happening because Whyte has failed a drugs test.
    Matchroom released a statement which read: “Today, the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) informed Matchroom, the Association of Boxing Commissions and the British Boxing Board of Control that Dillian Whyte had returned adverse analytical findings as part of a random anti-doping protocol. “In light of this news, the fight will be cancelled, and a full investigation will be conducted. Further information on the event will follow.”
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    SunSport understands TWO failed tests came back from Vada.
    If they haven’t already, the B-samples for both failed tests will also be examined by VADA.
    Former WBC heavyweight title challenger Whyte is no stranger to anti-doping controversies.
    Whyte, 35, tested positive for the banned stimulant Methylhexaneamine after his 2012 victory over Sandor Balogh.
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    The substance found its way into Whyte’s system through a banned and since discontinued pre-workout supplement, which landed him a two-year suspension.
    His second anti-doping violation occurred ahead of his interim WBC heavyweight title fight with Oscar Rivas in 2019.
    One of his pre-fight tests returned traces of the banned anabolic steroid Dianabol.
    But he was cleared by UKAD of intentionally taking the performance-enhancing drug due to the “extremely low” levels of the substance found in his system.
    Will the event still go ahead?
    SunSport understand that event organisers are trying to press ahead with the card as planned.
    Promoter Eddie Hearn is looking for a new opponent, with the frontrunner said to be American Gerald Washington, who was supposed to fight Derek Chisora on the card.
    Filip Hrgovic and Demsey McKean, both also due to fight on August 12, could step in too.
    Anthony Joshua KO Dillian Whyte in 2015Credit: AFP
    What TV channel is it on and can it be live streamed?

    Should the event go ahead, it will be broadcast LIVE on DAZN. It’s unknown if it will remain a pay-per-view show.
    DAZN offer a monthly subscription for £9.99 which commits you to an entire year of action.
    Or, fans can pay an upfront fee of £99.99 and that will cover you for the whole year – plus it is the lowest cost option.
    Alternatively, there is a flexible pass worth £19.99 a month which can be canceled at any time.
    The event is available to live stream via your mobile or any tablet device where the DAZN app can be downloaded.
    Sky will also have fight coverage through channel 429 – the DAZN channel.
    But for anyone without access to all of the above, SunSport will have round-by-round coverage of the whole event including the undercard.

    Who else is on the card?

    Derek Chisora vs Gerald Washington
    Filip Hrgovic vs. Demsey McKean
    Johnny Fisher vs. Harry Armstrong
    George Liddard vs. Radek Rousal
    Maisey Rose Courtney vs. Gemma Ruegg
    Campbell Hatton vs. Tom Ansell

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    What has been said?
    Both AJ and Whyte have yet to comment on the situation.
    But Hearn briefly wrote on Twitter: “BREAKING… more updates to follow shortly. Time to go to work!” More

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    I was a world champion boxer but leaked photos of me in stockings went viral despite paying Russian mafia millions

    BOXING legend Oscar De La Hoya was on top of the world when photos of him crossdressing went viral.An exotic dancer took photos of De La Hoya dressed in stockings during a wild party back in 2007 and leaked them.
    Oscar De La Hoya was convinced to pay the Russian mob to erase pics of him in stockingsCredit: YouTube
    De La Hoya was snapped wearing stockings during a wild party in 2007Credit: X17 Agency
    De La Hoya repeatedly denied the pictures’ authenticityCredit: X17 Agency
    The American bruiser found himself in crisis mode and was desperate to make the snaps go away.
    So much so, that the Golden Boy was even convinced to pay “millions of dollars” to the Russian mob as he felt they would help erase all the evidence that he thought would tarnish his image.
    De La Hoya told ET: “They told me this story about the Russian mob and this and that and [how] we gotta pay millions of dollars…
    “I’m like, ‘Yeah, well, just make it go away. It’s gonna ruin my image. It’s gonna ruin who the Golden Boy is, and people are gonna hate me. Just make it go away.”
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    De La Hoya, though, also revealed he had a “whole machine” behind him that helped him repeatedly deny the photos’ authenticity until he finally admitted the truth in March.
    The 50-year-old also confirmed he paid forensics to tell the public those images were Photoshopped.
    The incident created issues with his marriage, however it didn’t stop him from continuing to party.
    The now boxing promoter, though, believes that all the press helped him sell more pay-per-views.
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    De La Hoya told The MMA Hour: “I have a whole machine behind me. I’m in the peak of my career, right?
    “And we’re, like, ‘Holy s**t! How are we gonna make these things disappear, these photos? Let’s hire this forensic…’ I don’t know what he was.
    “He was going through everything, pixel by pixel, and we convince him with money, to say that they were fake.
    “And the world believed it that they were Photoshopped. And we were home free.
    “And guess what happens? I’m married at the time. My wife is angry at me.
    “She’s fed up with me because I’m left and right cheating on her and this and that. She convinces me to go on national TV and tell the truth.
    “She wanted me to look like a fool. She wanted to get back at me. And I did it.
    “I think there’s a certain feeling when you tell the truth. But what was incredible is that I was so big at the time, popular and making money and this and that, that I couldn’t do any wrong.
    “I think I sold more pay-per-views because of it. Which was crazy.
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    “I went back [to partying]. I didn’t care. I didn’t learn a lesson, not at all. I’m, what? I’m 23, 24.
    “Come on. I’m unstoppable. I’m indestructible. Nobody can take me down. You have that mentality. It’s childish, yes. But that’s exactly what I was living.”
    De La Hoya also had a “whole machine” behind him as he denied the snaps’ authenticityCredit: The Mega Agency More

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    Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr takes part in body shot challenge with Tyson Fury’s next opponent Francis Ngannou

    REAL MADRID star Vinicius Junior hilariously took on former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in the “body shot challenge”… but did little to trouble the MMA star.Ngannou, 36, is preparing to make his boxing debut when he takes on WBC champion Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia on October 28.
    Francis Ngannou did not flinch at Vinicius Junior’s punchesCredit: Twitter
    He jokingly shrugged them off with a goading responseCredit: Twitter
    He has established himself as one of the toughest, hardest-hitting men in the history of the UFC.
    And that has led to him challenging people to punch him in the stomach.
    Now Real Madrid have shared footage of Vinicius being called out by the heavyweight.
    The Brazilian forward, 23, steps up and rattles off a few tame shots at Ngannou.
    But the fighter simply shrugs them off by replying: “Come on bro.”
    Vinicius then returns to land a few more blows, but again Ngannou does not flinch.
    And the clip ends with an unmoved Ngannou adding: “That’s all?”
    Reacting to the clip, Ngannou said: “It was a good attempt bro@vinijr 😂.”
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    One fan responded: “Hope @vinijr didn’t hurt himself.”
    And another added: “Vini gotta get in the gym and get some hands 🥊.”
    Real Madrid are in the US for a series of pre-season games – the first of which they won 3-2 against AC Milan on Monday.
    They will also face Manchester United, Barcelona and Juventus, before beginning their LaLiga campaign away at Athletic Bilbao on August 12. More

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    Tyson Fury rival brands Gypsy King a ‘clown’ and say he’s holding up heavyweight division with Francis Ngannou fight

    TYSON FURY has been branded a “clown” for holding up the heavyweight division with his crossover clash with Francis Ngannou.The Gypsy King’s next outing will see him take on the former UFC heavyweight champion in a multi-million-pound Saudi showdown on October 28.
    Tyson Fury will box former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in OctoverCredit: ESPN
    The fight was booked in the wake of Fury’s clash with Oleksandr Usyk falling throughCredit: Reuters
    Heavyweight contender Michael Hunter is far from happy with the state of the divisionCredit: THE SUN
    Fury’s controversial dance with the MMA superstar was finalised just months after his proposed undisputed title fight with Oleksandr Usyk fell through.
    The WBC king’s clash with Ngannou has been branded a farce by several heavyweights, including Michael Hunter – who reckons the division as a whole is now in complete disarray.
    The Bounty told SecondsOut: “They want the fame.
    “They want excuses and most of them make them, know what I’m saying.
    “It’s a bad thing for boxing as a whole.
    “I take my hat off to Francis Ngannou, to him and his team, for making that fight happen.
    “There was an opening and an opportunity ’cause we basically got a clown holding the belts and it’s a bad situation.”
    Hunter’s frustrations with the heavyweight division – however – don’t extend to former foe and current unified champ Usyk.
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    He said of the undefeated Ukrainian, who fights Brit Daniel Dubois next month: “He’s done it all.
    “He wants to be cruiserweight champ, heavyweight champ, he went into the Olympics.
    “And he wants all the belts, and that’s how it should be. I feel he would fight an even faster place if it was allowed.”
    Hunter reckons heavyweight has stalled due to the division’s top dogs not putting aside their egos and testing themselves.

    He said: “Their hearts get broken, they’re emotional, their egos are too involved.
    “They can’t stick with reality, they get the big head and they really think they can do something.
    “I feel like Tyson Fury, he dodged a bullet on Usyk, he’s a real hard competitor, he would give Tyson Fury a problem, that’s not a secret, there’s no way he should not be fighting.
    “It’s not good for the whole situation. I feel like it’s a selfish move on Fury’s behalf.” More

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    Anthony Joshua relaxes watching ‘one of the greatest heavyweights’ on TV ahead of Dillian Whyte fight

    ANTHONY JOSHUA has been studying one of the “greatest heavyweights” ever ahead of his rematch with Dillian Whyte.The former two-time unified heavyweight champion will renew his rivalry with the Brixton Body Snatcher at The O2 on August 12.
    Anthony Joshua will throw down with Dillian Whyte in a rematch next monthCredit: GETTY
    AJ is preparing for the domestic dust-up in Texas under new trainer Derrick JamesCredit: INSTAGRAM@ANTHONYJOSHUA
    The pair have been studying old Evander Holyfield fights ahead of fight nightCredit: INSTAGRAM@ANTHONYJOSHUA
    Joshua has holed himself up in his Texas training camp for the second fight of his career rebuild, which new head trainer Derrick James is overseeing.
    And they have been studying one of the best to ever do it in the division before next’s month’s domestic dust-up.
    On Monday night, Joshua shared a video of himself watching one of Evander Holyfield’s iconic fights with James to his Instagram story.
    The caption emblazoned across the video read: “Watching one of the greatest heavyweights. ‘The Real Deal.'”
    Joshua, 33, is an avid student of the fight game and routinely studies the greats of yesteryear – particularly heavyweights.
    AJ had the opportunity to meet former undisputed cruiserweight and unified heavyweight king Holyfield before his rematch with Oleksandr Usyk last August.
    The Brit posed for a snap with the 60-year-old after his open workout in Saudi, clenching his right fist as the American did the same.
    Victory over Whyte – who he knocked out nearly eight years ago – will see Joshua finalise a long overdue grudge match with Deontay Wilder.
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    And he admits the stakes are extremely high for his second showdown with his long-time rival.
    He said: “It’s a huge night for my career. I’m gonna be victorious, 100 per cent.
    “That’s my goal, that’s my plan. And yeah, that’s my motivation.
    “So yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Respect to the team. May the best man win.”
    Promoter Eddie Hearn told talkSPORT: “I don’t know how the Whyte fight goes.

    “But we’ve been told categorically that the deal on the table is not the deal if he loses to Dillian Whyte.
    “They didn’t want him to fight Dillian Whyte.
    “It was almost like, ‘Please, don’t fight Dillian Whyte.
    Read More on The Sun
    “‘You don’t need to. We’ve got this fight in December.’
    “But AJ was like, ‘No. I want to fight.'” More

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    Busty ring girl Apollonia Llewellyn suffers wardrobe malfunction in revealing pink crop top as she watches Barbie movie

    APOLLONIA LLEWELLYN wowed her fans on social media with another raunchy snap.Apollonia shares revealing pics with her 562,000 followers on Instagram on a regular basis.
    Apollonia Llewellyn wowed her fans with a see-through pink topCredit: Instagram @apolloniallewellyn
    Apollonia took two selfies on her way to watch the Barbie movieCredit: Instagram @apolloniallewellyn
    Apollonia appears as a ring girl on boxing events
    Apollonia has over 500,000 followers on social mediaCredit:
    This time, the ring girl posed in a pink see-through Barbie outfit on her way to watch the movie.
    The boxing model took a couple of selfies and shared them on her story.
    These fresh uploads come after she revealed she has been hit with a TikTok ban after alleged “nudity and body exposure” violations during a video.
    Speaking in May, Apollonia said: “I was wearing a white T-shirt that covered everything with no cleavage on show.
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    “It is absolutely ridiculous.
    “There was no warning, nothing. I don’t know where the nudity has come from.
    “When it happened I was just so confused and didn’t really understand what was going on and when I clicked on it and it said I had been banned.
    “I was shocked because I haven’t done anything wrong. I would understand if I was sitting there in a bikini or whatever but that definitely wasn’t the case.
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    “I was just getting my make-up done and answering questions, nothing like what they are thinking I have done.
    “It is just so frustrating because I was just sitting there in a T-shirt and I could understand it if I was exposed but I was literally completely covered.”
    Apollonia has built a huge social media following across her channels in recent months.
    Apollonia shares a series of raunchy pics on social mediaCredit: Instagram / @apolloniallewellyn
    Apollonia usually appears on Misfits boxing eventsCredit: Instagram
    Apollonia’s posts attract a raft of likes from her followersCredit: Instagram More