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    Jack Grealish reveals his strange and pricey food habit after a game

    MANCHESTER City star Jack Grealish revealed he chows down on a mammoth five Chinese takeaway dishes all on the same plate after a game.And the monster meal costs the star a tidy dim sum – a whopping £53.50.
    Jack treats himself to a Chinese takeaway after a matchCredit: Getty
    He says Chinese is his favourite grub and he loves piling his order into a mountain of grub to devour in a “big free for all”.
    The star visits the pricey, high-end Chinese restaurant in Manchester for a carry out.
    Jack revealed: “Yeah, I love Chinese, man. After every game I get one. I go to Wing’s in Manchester.
    “I usually get a takeaway. I have Singapore chow mein, I have egged fried rice, I have salt and pepper chips, I have salt and pepper prawns and then curry sauce.
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    “I then mix it all in and have a big fee for all.”
    And the meal for one would be a wallet-buster as well as a belly-buster for most folk – but not the super-fit, £270,000-a-week star.
    His Singapore chow mein is £20.40, egg fried rice is £5.40, salt and pepper chips are £6.40, salt and pepper prawns are £16.90 and a tub of curry sauce to glug over the top is another £4.40.
    The place is walking distance from Jack’s city centre apartment which he shares with lover Sasha Attwood and their cockapoo.
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    Wing’s is a favourite haunt of stars from both Manchester clubs, as well as a haunt of actors from Coronation Street and visiting celebs.
    The Old Trafford Class of ‘92 – Gary and Phil Neville, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt and David Beckham put the eatery on the showbiz map.
    Sir Alex Ferguson was also a keen customer and Wayne and Coleen were regular visitors until he left the club.
    Jack recently revealed the secrets behind his massive calves and low socks.
    On those famous calves, he claimed it is all genetics, saying to the Daily Mail: “I actually don’t do anything. It’s just something that runs in the family.
    “My grandad always had big calves when he used to play football.
    “But I don’t do any calf exercises or calf routines in the gym or anything. Honestly, it’s just something that I’ve had since I was young.”
    And on those well-known low socks Grealish shared that superstition is the reason behind it.
    He said: “I think I was about 14 or 15 and we were sponsored by Macron at Aston Villa and the socks used to shrink in the wash.
    “In training I couldn’t get them over my calves because the socks were so small.
    “So I started wearing them below my calves in training — and that season I ended up playing really well.
    “So then I started wearing my socks below my calves in games. It was just something that stuck because I’d had such a good season.”
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    Fans had their say on Grealish’s calves when he played for the Three Lions in Qatar at the World Cup last year, with one saying: “So like, how big are Grealish’s calves going to get?”
    Another wrote: “Was very into the US-England game until noticing Jack Grealish’s mutant calves, which became my entire focus afterwards.”
    Jack Grealish says his famous calves run in the familyCredit: Rex More

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    Man Utd star Brandon Williams caught inhaling ‘hippy crack’ in passenger seat of Mercedes

    MANCHESTER United star Brandon Williams appears to inhale nitrous oxide from a balloon near the club’s training ground.The £60,000-a-week full back, 22, was a passenger in a parked Brabus supercar.
    Brandon Williams appears to inhale ‘hippy crack’ from a balloon while in the passenger seat of a Mercedes Brabus
    Williams was seen with a balloon in his mouth as he passed a friend a nitrous oxide canisterCredit: Getty
    Full-back Williams in his car last monthCredit: Eamonn and James Clarke
    He was seen with a balloon in his mouth as he passed a friend a canister of the legal high.
    A witness told The Sun: “It was so obvious to anyone driving by what he was doing.
    “Anyone who follows United or football seriously would have recognised him instantly. It’s irresponsible considering he’s a public figure.
    “He’s meant to be a role model for youngsters and upcoming footballers.
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    “Taking that rubbish, especially so casually, could be hindering his ability on the pitch.
    “There is no doubt his manager will not be impressed by it.
    “He expects his players to be completely devoted to their career, especially when they are attempting to break into the side.”
    Nitrous oxide is an anaesthetic gas popular among young Brits who inhale it for a light-headed, short-lived euphoric high.
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    But taking the drug comes at the risk of heart attacks and brain damage, while prolonged use can lead to memory loss and vitamin deficiency.
    It is a criminal offence to supply nitrous oxide to get high but not to possess it.
    The Man Utd star is facing the wrath of his manager Erik ten HagCredit: Getty
    But earlier this week Home Secretary Suella Braverman pledged new measures to crack down on the “unacceptable” use of the gas.
    She said: “I am clear that the use and proliferation of nitrous oxide is unacceptable and we will be announcing new measures soon.”
    Manchester-born Williams has played just five minutes of football this season under ten Hag.
    The defender joined his hometown club in 2008, rising through the Red Devils’ youth teams to make 51 professional appearances.
    He has been linked with a move to Middlesbrough in recent weeks after failing to break into United’s first team.
    Man United and his agent were contacted for comment. More

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    I’m gonna trash talk ‘p***y’ Anthony Joshua and tell him his mum hits harder… but not until we get in the ring

    ANTHONY JOSHUA will be hit with a barrage of ABUSE in Saturday’s comeback fight.For US opponent Jermaine Franklin vowed to pummel Britain’s dethroned world heavyweight champ with a combination of trash-talking taunts during their clash at London’s O2.
    Anthony Joshua returns to the ring on April 1 with a showdown against Jermaine FranklinCredit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
    Joshua, 33, is desperate to reignite his career following damaging double defeats to Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, who took his WBA, WBO and IBF belts.
    But Franklin, 29, insists he will come out swinging with all the verbals and mock “p***y” Joshua once the bell goes.
    Michigan heavyweight Franklin, who has a record of 21 wins, one loss and no draws, visited SunSport’s London HQ to reveal his fight plan.
    He admitted: “I talk trash in the ring but not before the fight.
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    “In the ring I might call him soft, or a p***y, I start my talk in the ring.
    “Outside the ring I might not say much, but inside you might hear me tell him: ‘Your momma hits harder than you’.
    “Trash talk outside the ring is not my persona, I do it in the ring, during the fight, in the clinches.
    “I want to frustrate my opponent in the ring. I’m probably too silly to trash talk outside of it, I will make myself laugh and not be able to stop giggling.
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    “But my switch flicks in the ring and I get more ruthless.
    “In my Dillian Whyte fight in November I called him weak. One time he hit me and I told him: ‘You’re too soft’.”
    Franklin suffered a controversial points loss to Whyte in that fight.
    But he has also spent a fortnight sparring with Britain’s undefeated WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury at his Morecambe home.
    The American learned loads from the 34-year-old Gypsy King but will happily go to war with him — as he showed by chinning his cut-out in our office.
    Franklin chinned a cutout of Fury in SunSport’s officeCredit: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing
    Franklin explained: “Morecambe was nice but it is in the middle of nowhere.
    “It’s a small town and everybody there knows Tyson and looks out for him.
    “The first day we were there, people running restaurants and stores were picking up on our looks and accents and asking us what we were doing in the area. We told them we were training with Tyson.
    “But someone must have called Tyson and told him, because the next second he pulled up in his car to check that everything was OK!
    “I thought ‘wow’, I had no idea he was so involved in the community, he is loved up there.
    “I learned a lot but I want to fight all the best guys, so if Tyson wants it, he can get it.”
    And father-of-three Franklin, who has a wonderful background story of being brought up by two powerful grandmothers, will help his Saginaw community in Michigan with Saturday’s purse.
    And he reckons that Joshua was bluffing when he said his comeback — after back-to-back world title losses to Usyk in 2021 and 2022 — was just about boosting his bank balance.
    He said: “That was just a deflection or a mental tactic.
    “To make out like he doesn’t really care about this fight.
    “He is with a big promoter and he reigned as a champion for about ten years so he doesn’t need money — there’s no way he’s broke.
    “He might want people to think he doesn’t care, but I could have said I was only fighting for the money, to catch him off guard.
    “Anyone can bluff like that.”
    Franklin will insult and assault AJ for every moment of their London showdown.
    But he claims the London 2012 golden boy has got unfair stick after his empire crumbled over two legs against the Ukraine ace.
    He explained: “I love the sport so — until someone can show me that AJ is finished — I will not question him, he has done too much.
    “As a fighter, I cannot just turn on him when he is an Olympic gold medal winner who reigned as a world champion for a long time.
    “I take points off Joshua for losing to Usyk twice, because he was only a cruiserweight who moved up.
    “But if Usyk never loses then AJ’s stock goes up.
    “However, if Usyk gets beat in his next fight, then it will look bad on AJ.
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    “We jump the gun too much in this sport. It’s not like basketball or soccer, where once you are great, you are great.
    “He is great, but I hope to be greater.” More

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    Man City star Kyle Walker’s wife furious after he holds secret legal talks with his ex-lover without telling her

    ENGLAND’S Kyle Walker had a secret face-to-face legal meeting with his ex-lover — without telling his wife.The Manchester City star’s missus Annie was furious when she found Lauryn Goodman, mother of Kyle’s child Kairo, was back in their lives.
    Kyle Walker had a secret face-to-face legal meeting with his ex-loverCredit: Getty
    The Manchester City ace’s wife Annie, above, was furious when she found outCredit: BackGrid
    WAG Annie believes pregnant Lauryn Goodman, above, and mother of Kyle’s child Kairo, is ‘playing games’Credit: BackGrid
    And Annie believes former Towie star Lauryn, who is at least five months’ pregnant with her second child, is “trying to play games”.
    A source said: “The meeting between Lauryn and Kyle took place at a solicitor’s office in Cheshire in September but she only knew weeks later.
    “She wasn’t happy that he’d met up with her, even if it was just with lawyers to discuss legal matters.”
    Walker, 32, and Annie, 30, are childhood sweethearts. But in 2019 he moved out after Ex On The Beach star Laura Brown said they repeatedly romped in his Bentley.
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    She took him back briefly. But in March 2020 he revealed model Lauryn was having his baby and he moved into an £8,000-a-month flat.
    Days later he was caught breaching Covid lockdown rules by having an orgy with two hookers. Yet Annie still married him in November 2021.
    The source added: “Annie has forgiven but not forgotten. So it was upsetting for her when she found out that Lauryn was pregnant again.
    “Like it or not that baby will be part of her extended family — the sibling of her son’s half-brother.”
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    Annie even supported the defender when he was recently caught on CCTV flashing in a bar near their Cheshire home.
    He was questioned by police and issued with an out-of court disposal order.
    Wag Becky Vardy appeared to brand Annie a “doormat” on social media. Instagram model Lauryn then backed Becky, while accusing Annie of trashing her young son.
    The source added: “Annie now thinks Lauryn is trying to taunt her for some reason.”
    We asked the Walkers for comment, as well as Lauryn.
    Walker, 32, and Annie, 30, are childhood sweetheartsCredit: Refer to Caption
    It comes as Annie supported the football ace when he was recently caught in a CCTV flashing shameCredit: Rex More

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    I feared my kids would grow up without their dad as robber pointed gun at me, reveals Amir Khan

    BOXER Amir Khan has told of his gun robbery terror and said: “I feared my kids would grow up without their dad.”The former world champ, 36, handed over his £72,000 watch at gunpoint in London.
    Amir Khan, pictured with wife Faryal, told of his gun robbery terrorCredit: Doug Seeburg
    Amir, pictured with his children, said: ‘I feared my kids would grow up without their dad’Credit: Doug Seeburg
    Masked gunman Dante Campbell jumped out of a silver Mercedes, pointed the weapon in Amir’s face and shouted: ‘Take off the watch!’
    Wife Faryal, who was with him, said: “I thought we were both going to die.”
    Victim Amir Khan revealed how he turned his head in terror during his gunpoint ordeal so he would not see the bullet coming.
    The boxer had left a restaurant with wife Faryal when a gang pulled up in a Merc, pointed the weapon in his face and demanded his watch.
    Amir’s light-welterweight reflexes kicked in as he feared the gunman would pull the trigger.
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    Speaking exclusively to The Sun on Sunday, he revealed: “In that moment, you think the worst . . . that the kids could be growing up without their dad, that Faryal would be raising them on her own.
    “Your life flashes before your eyes. I leant my head to the right because I thought, if he is going to shoot me, he can shoot the side of my head. I don’t want to see the bullet coming.”
    Amir handed over a £72,000 diamond-encrusted watch he’d bought to celebrate winning a fight.
    Terrified Faryal, 31, ran into the road and screamed for help.
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    The robbers fled in their car and the timepiece has not been found.
    Faryal yesterday said she feared the couple were the target of an organised hit, saying: “I thought we were going to die on the spot.”
    The couple now feel the “England we love isn’t a safe place any more” so spend more time at their home in Dubai.
    Two men admitted involvement in the robbery, on April 18 last year.
    On Friday two others were found not guilty of acting as spotters.
    Amir and Faryal had been for dinner with pal Omar Khalid at the Sahara Grill in Leyton, East London.
    The boxer posed for selfies with fans and CCTV showed him leaving at 9.10pm.
    As the couple walked to their car, masked gunman Dante Campbell, 20, jumped out of a silver Mercedes coupe, pointed the weapon in Amir’s face and shouted: “Take off the watch!”
    Amir, who is dad to Lamaisah, eight, Alayna, four, and Muhammad Zaviyar, three, recalled yesterday: “It was the first time I’ve ever seen a gun in my life. I could see down the barrel.
    “I remember looking back seeing where my wife was. She ran back on the road and screamed ‘help!’
    “At the time, I didn’t know what he wanted. I thought maybe this is a prank. I just took off the watch, he grabbed it.”
    Amir had earlier been shopping in Knightsbridge while Faryal was at a photoshoot.
    Amir retired from boxing last year having won a silver medal for Great Britain at the 2004 Olympics in AthensCredit: PA:Press Association
    Amir blasted mayor Sadiq Khan, saying: ‘Since he has been in power, London has got so dangerous’Credit: PA
    They visited the restaurant during Ramadan as it serves halal steak, and spent around an hour eating and taking snaps with fans.
    Recalling the ordeal, Amir said: “Faryal ran back on to the road and I just froze.
    “Normally she walks in front of me so I know she’s safe.
    “But for some reason she didn’t that night — which looking back is a good thing.
    “The gunman told me to take off the watch so I did and he grabbed it. I was shaken up.
    “It happened so fast, it registered with me a day after. It makes you think, life is very short.
    “People said after, ‘You should’ve fought them’. Are they stupid? I’ve got a family. It’s only a watch. My life means more to me.
    “When you have kids, you have a priority to make sure they are looked after. I am the breadwinner for the family. If I was with the kids, I don’t know what I would’ve done. Maybe I would have panicked and tried to run.”
    Amir added: “Someone called the police. It caused a big scene and people recognised me.
    “I felt quite embarrassed it had happened to me, that I’d just been robbed at gunpoint.
    “I got into Omar’s car and we drove around the corner because I didn’t want to be around the area.
    “I did a 30-minute interview in the police car. I told them what happened, how it happened.”
    Amir and Faryal then returned to their room at the May Fair Hotel in central London, where she was in floods of tears.
    The boxer added: “I could feel how scared Faryal was. I sat with her and told her it’s fine, the watch is materialistic.
    “She said, ‘What if the kids were with us? What if they shot you and killed you? The kids love you so much, you’re a good father to them, they would miss you so much’.
    The former world champ handed over his £72,000 watch at gunpoint in LondonCredit: Central News
    “I had the worst sleep that night. It was like the sleep I have the day before a fight. I was very uneasy.”
    Yesterday Amir was revealed to be a star of next month’s I’m A Celebrity South African special — after a stint on the show in 2017.
    He retired from boxing last year having won 34 of 40 fights, 21 by knockout, and with a silver medal for Great Britain at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.
    He is now based in Dubai but returns to England once a month for a week for charity and TV work.
    Since the attack he pays £600 a day on security in the UK.
    Bolton-born Amir said: “The UK isn’t a safe place any more.
    “It’s like living in Mexico. I don’t feel comfortable. I love England. I won a medal for the country but I stay in Dubai now because it’s the only place I feel safe. I’ve had my career, won my fights, got money. I just want to be safe.”
    Amir also blasted London’s Labour mayor Sadiq Khan, saying: “Since he has been in power, London has got so dangerous. He needs to pull his finger out and do something about it.”
    Speaking about the impact of the robbery, he added: “Faryal always says ‘Don’t go out on your own’.
    “She’s always on my back saying, ‘Make sure you take your security with you’.
    “A couple of months after the robbery, I remember walking outside Harrods.
    “It was about 5pm or 6pm, and I had a bag with a T-shirt in. I thought, ‘Oh s**t, it’s not safe for me to walk’.
    “A guy asked me for a picture, and I’m always happy to do that, but I felt very uneasy.”
    Amir had bought the stolen watch — a Franck Muller Vanguard Chronograph — after his December 2014 victory over American welterweight Devon Alexander in Las Vegas.
    Amir said: “I always buy a watch after a fight. It was quite sentimental. I got it after I won to treat myself.”
    Speaking about the impact of the robbery, Amir said: ‘Faryal always says ‘Don’t go out on your own’Credit: Doug Seeburg
    Recalling the ordeal, Amir said: ‘Faryal ran back on to the road and I just froze’
    Two weeks before the robbery he stopped paying £15,000 a year insurance for around £600,000 worth of watches.
    He had been paying the premium for ten years but felt safe having never been targeted before.
    Faryal, who married Amir in 2013, said of the ordeal: “I saw a really tall guy like hugging Amir.
    “Amir seemed to be laughing, I think he thought it was a fan.
    “Suddenly I saw a gun . . . I was on the phone to my best friend and just started screaming ‘help, help, help!’
    “I ran into the road as I thought I’d rather get hit by a car than shot. At the time, I thought ­someone had set us up. That they’ve come to shoot me and Amir. I thought, ‘Does Amir have any enemies?’
    “I was worried that while I’m running someone is going to shoot me from the back. It was really, really scary.”
    Faryal added: “I would lie awake at night thinking, ‘What if we both got killed?’ It took me a good few months to get over it.
    “After the incident, we sorted out our wills and a trust for the kids. It was a big wake-up call.”
    She said it brought her and Amir closer.
    She said: “It hit me that I could’ve lost Amir.
    “It makes you appreciate each other a lot more.
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    “He’s the love of my life, my husband, the father of my children.
    “If I lost him, I don’t think I could ever recover from that.”
    Cops hunt suspects
    POLICE sought help to find suspect Hamza Kulane who they want to quiz over the raid.
    Alleged spotters Nurul Amin, 25, and Ismail Mohamed, 24, were cleared of conspiracy to rob on Friday after a two-week trial.
    Gunman Dante Campbell, 20, and crony Ahmed Bana, 25, have admitted conspiracy to rob and possessing an imitation firearm.
    They will be sentenced later.
    Jurors were shown CCTV film of Amir’s ordeal.
    He told Snaresbrook crown court: “I’m a sportsman, a fighter. I’ve been in the toughest situations but this is something different. This is really scary.” More

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    Jermaine Franklin spent weeks with Tyson Fury to prepare for major Anthony Joshua clash and sends him harsh message

    JERMAINE Franklin says he’s confident he’ll shock the world in his next big fight – thanks to a little help from Tyson Fury.The dangerous underdog takes on former heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua next weekend in a crunch clash for both fighters.
    Jermaine Franklin is pictured at Square Off Gym in Miramar, Florida, earlier this month where he sat down with The U.S. SunCredit: Romain Maurice for The US Sun
    Franklin is preparing for his biggest fight to dateCredit: Romain Maurice for The US Sun
    While superstar AJ is looking to rebuild his career following two successive defeats to Oleksandr Usyk, Franklin traveled to London last week ahead of their showdown at the 02 Arena with nothing to lose.
    The 29-year-old returns to the English capital after being ‘robbed’ in his previous fight against experienced bruiser Dillian Whyte in November.
    Franklin came out on the wrong end of a very tight points decision which could have gone either way but the experience of fighting in front of a packed crowd with the spotlight shining suited the man from Saginaw, Michigan.
    He put on a performance full of heart, guts and strength and will need to produce more of the same to send Joshua toppling to another damaging defeat.

    But after warming up for the Whyte fight by training with king of the division Fury at his base in northern England, Franklin is ready for anything.
    His camp know Sugar Hill, Fury’s current trainer, so a hook-up was easy to arrange.
    “It was a great experience,” a relaxed Franklin, who invited The U.S. Sun down to his training camp in Hollywood, Florida, said about the time spent in the ring with the self-styled Gypsy King.
    “I got to learn from a world champion, and I just loved the atmosphere. I love to do anything I can learn from. It doesn’t matter if I’m whooping ass or I’m getting my ass whooped.”
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    Fury treated Franklin like royalty – and the American got a glimpse of what it’s like to be king…of Morecambe!
    Fury is based in the small seaside town of Morecambe, 60 miles north of Manchester.
    It’s a long way from Michigan but Franklin felt right at home.
    “We walked around, had some fish and chips and everyone knew him,” he recalled with a smile.
    “But he’s a people person and that’s what I like. I always tell people don’t treat me like I am famous. I’m not arrogant, just a regular guy.
    “Just come and talk to me.”
    While Fury’s size and style makes him arguably the most awkward – and dangerous – fighter in the game, trading sparring blows in the ring was a massive help.
    Joshua is a different kind of prospect but Franklin is ready.
    “Tyson helped me add something to my skills,” he said.
    “Anything that helps me add to my game is great.”
    All eyes will naturally be on Joshua and if the former Olympic champ can rescue his career and – potentially – set up a mouthwatering tussle with Fury.
    Yet Franklin hasn’t just hopped over the pond to make up the numbers. For someone who was left stagnant for two years as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc all over the world, there was a time when landing massive fights like this were nothing but a pipedream.
    Franklin was forced to get a job to provide for his young family and knows if he can follow the lead of Mexican-American Andy Ruiz and stun Joshua once again, massive paydays will surely follow.
    Ruiz was overlooked by AJ in June 2019 – a fatal move that resulted in the Brit losing all his belts in one of the biggest shocks of recent years.
    “I always been looked at as an underdog,” he admitted.
    “So I’m comfortable there. I love to prove people wrong. I have always believed that anything can happen. As an amateur, I was always being told I’m the fat kid. I’ll never make it as a pro.
    “Well, look at me now. Anything is always possible.”
    That said, watching the footage of AJ being battered by unlikely hero Ruiz at Madison Square Garden has been scrutinized by Franklin’s team who are leaving no stone unturned.
    “I’ve seen some mistakes,” concluded the pride of Saginaw who admits he’s a student of the game who’s been watching Joshua go about his business long before this clash was agreed.
    Tyson Fury has helped Franklin prepare for the big showdownCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    “We watched a lot of stuff to know how can we capitalize on certain things that he does. I’ll go in there and try to dominate and destroy – that’s always my mindset
    “I am ready.”
    Read More on The Sun More

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    World Champion boxer Tyson Fury reveals surprising career switch

    TYSON Fury is hoping to become a knock-out as a property tycoon — by starting a firm to buy, sell and lease real estate.The world heavyweight champion boxer, 34, is ­taking a leaf out the book of his aunt Maureen who owns travellers’ caravan sites across the country.
    Our mock up of property magnate Tyson
    World Champion boxer Tyson Fury is making a surprising career moveCredit: Getty
    Dad-of-six Tyson, known as The Gypsy King, will run Greenway Balmoral Ltd from his £500,000, six-bedroom former home in seaside town Morecambe, Lancs — the HQ for all his businesses.
    He and wife Paris, 33, live in a £1.7million mansion nearby — but Tyson launched his new career by buying a house close to that of brother, Tommy, 23, and the fellow boxer’s girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague, also 23.
    His plan to flatten the Cheshire home and build a six-bed with a pool were thwarted by roosting bats.
    Tyson now plans to extend the original building. It is not clear if he aims to make it his main home or sell it.
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    It is believed patriotic Tyson may have named his new firm in tribute to the Queen, who died at her Balmoral estate in September.
    He and Paris laid flowers at Buckingham Palace with a card reading: “Great may your bed be in Heaven”.
    His auntie Maureen, who won permission for a 100-mobile home site in 2018, runs her property empire through Fury Developments Ltd. More

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    I’m Michael Schumacher’s pal – His wife banned me from visiting him but now I understand why she’s protecting him

    MICHAEL Schumacher’s pal says his wife banned him from visiting the Formula 1 star – but now understands why she’s protecting him.Schumacher’s wife Corinna – dubbed Michael’s “guardian angel” – has overseen the effort to ensure his wish for privacy is respected as he continues to recover from his horrific ski crash ten years ago.
    Michael Schumacher with his wife Corinna after winning the Japanese Grand Prix in 2000Credit: Getty
    Pal Eddie Jordan he knows and understands why he has been prevented from visiting MichaelCredit: Getty
    Michael and Corinna seen together in 2003Credit: EPA
    That has meant even close family friends, such as Eddie Jordan, who gave Schumacher his big break in F1 with Jordan Grand Prix back in 1991, has been prevented from seeing him.
    Eddie has revealed in a heartfelt interview said the constant battle and pressure has left Corinna almost like a “prisoner” and he understood her situation amid the intense interest surrounding the stricken ace.
    Speaking to The Sun Online via his involvement in betting firm OLGB, Eddie said: “Privacy is such a vital aspect to sport, business and your personal life.
    “[Corinna] has set out some rules, I know her very well and a long time before Michael Schumacher.
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    “She’s a lovely girl and I knew her when she married Michael so there is a long history of good relations.”
    Eddie continued: “I made an effort to go see Michael in the early days and Corinna refused, and rightfully so because too many people wanted to go see him.
    “Jean Todt was given the privilege to go see him because of how close they were from their time together at Ferrari which is completely understandable.
    “I was not able to go see Michael and they said ‘We love you Eddie and we’ve been involved with you for a very long time, but we do need privacy and safeguard of Michael’.”
    Most read in Motorsport
    Corinna is understood to have imposed a “family only” rule on visits with Michael.
    And one of the only people outside their immediate circle who is allowed to visit him is F1 chief and ex-Ferrari boss Jean Todt.
    Eddie added: “This was the most horrific situation for Mick and Corinna.
    “It’s been nearly ten years now and Corinna has not been able to go to a party, to lunch or this or that, she’s like a prisoner because everyone would want to talk to her about Michael when she doesn’t need reminding of it every minute.”
    Eddie managed the Jordan F1 team from 1991 to 2005 – with the bright yellow team known for fostering young talent, including Schumacher and his brother Ralf.
    Schumacher was given his big chance by Eddie aged 22 at the Belgian Grand Prix in 1991.
    It was an extraordinary set of circumstances in which Jordan driver Bertrand Gachot couldn’t make the race as he was jailed for 18 months after spraying a taxi driver with CS gas.
    The team entered 250 races, won four Grand Prix, and mounted a world championship challenge in 1999.
    Even after the selling the team – which eventually morphed into what now known as Aston Martin F1 – he remained involved in F1 as a regular fixture in the paddock and as a pundit in the media.
    Jordan has often spoken of his “love” for his friend Michael – including earlier this year describing the 91-time winner as “there but not there”.
    Corinna rarely speaks about Michael – but did reveal snippets in a touching, tearful interview for Netflix documentary Schumacher.
    “I miss Michael every day. But it’s not just me who misses him,” she said.
    “It’s the children, the family, his father, everyone around him.
    “I mean, everybody misses Michael, but Michael is here. Different, but he’s here and that gives us strength, I find.”
    She went on: “We try to carry on a family as Michael liked it and still does. And we are getting on with our lives.
    “’Private is private’, as he always said. It is very important to me that he can continue to enjoy his private life as much as possible.
    “Michael always protected us, and now we are protecting Michael.”
    And Eddie told The Sun Online about how he has spoken to the legend’s son Mick.
    MICHAEL’S ‘GUARDIAN ANGEL’CORINNA is at the centre of the tightly knit inner circle and slick PR operation that works to keep Michael’s life private.
    She has reportedly slimmed down his £500m business empire and sold prized assets such as his private jet and house in Norway as the family retreated to their secluded home on the shore of Lake Geneva.
    And there were reports last year that she was preparing to set up the family with a “new life” in Majorca.
    Schumacher spoke of his love for his wife just days before his crash, telling German TV: “During all the time I was racing she was my guardian angel.”
    And she has continued to watch over him ever since, reportedly being by his side from the moment he was rushed to hospital in Grenoble.
    Corinna is said to have converted part of their £50million lakeside mansion in Gland into a state-of-the-art hospital, with a team of 15 medics providing 24-hour care at a cost of £115,000 a week.
    Meanwhile the thick surrounding forest and security fences kept him away from any possible intrusion.
    And its reported Corinna has been kitted out their £27million Majorca home with a mini hospital to help make the German racer comfortable.
    he family even waged a legal battle in 2016 after German magazine Bunte reported the racing legend “could walk”.
    The court case actually led to a few small pieces of information being revealed, with Schumacher’s lawyers confirming he still couldn’t walk two years on from the crash.
    Corinna also reportedly led the effort to hide a ghoulish photo of the F1 legend that was reportedly snapped and then smuggled out by a “friend”.
    It is alleged to have been offered to European news outlets for a staggering £1million.
    German prosecutors in Offenburg later confirmed that “an unknown person” had taken “secret” snaps and were offering them for “high amounts of money”.
    They called the disgusting act a “violation of his personal range of life” and breach of privacy.
    Corinna reportedly demanded the cops take action, but the media outlet refused to reveal its source – and also claimed it never saw any of the images of Schumacher.
    And in a rare interview with Germany’s She magazine in 2019, Corinna revealed it is her notoriously private husband who has dictated the news blackout.
    She said: “He is in the best of hands right now and we are doing everything we can to help him.
    “Try to understand that we follow Michael’s desire to keep his health a secret.”

    Mick followed in his dad’s footsteps into F1 – but the young driver, 23, struggled and lost his race seat at the end of 2022 after a series of crashes for the Haas team.
    Eddie told The Sun Online: “It’s also difficult for Mick, he is trying to make a career for himself in motor racing.
    “If Mick did not have this pressure of his father looming over him, he would probably be a much better driver than what we think. 
    “However, it is his father and he has to understand and cope with that, but my thoughts are with him.
    “I don’t reach out to Mick often, but I loved what he said about driving the Jordan car that his father had driven, it was a nostalgic and a very nice touch.
    “Nevertheless, Mick needs his own free space and time like everyone in that family needs.”
    She has reportedly slimmed down his £500m business empire and sold prized assets such as his private jet and house in Norway as the family retreated to their secluded home on the shore of Lake Geneva.
    Mick – who was dropped by Haas in favour of veteran driver Nico Hulkenberg for 2023 – is now a reserve driver at Mercedes.
    He will be backing up Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, potentially stepping in for them if they have to miss a race.
    In a touching link to his dad, Mercedes is the team that Michael ended his career with – having a brief three-season comeback from 2010 to 2012 after his initial retirement in 2006.
    Schuey is credited with helping to lay the foundations of the Silver Arrows as they went on to dominate the sport – winning eight constructors’ and seven drivers’ titles – between 2014 and 2021.
    Michael was left in a medically induced coma after his accident while skiing off piste on December 29, 2013 – spending three months in hospital before being released home.
    He is reported to have suffered a traumatic injury to his brain – but little other info has been released on his health.
    The lack of official updates has left room for speculation and conflicting reports from “insiders” about his slow progress.
    Some have claimed he was in a vegetative state while others claimed he was awake and able to talk.
    The F1 legend was a seven-time-world champion – winning five times for Ferrari and twice for Benetton – and is regarded as one of the greatest drivers of all time.
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    He raced from 1991 to 2006, and again from 2010 to 2012, winning 91 races.
    Some pals have criticised the family for not being more open – including Schumacher’s manager of 20 years, Willi Weber, and Schumacher’s boss at Mercedes, Nick Fry.
    Corinna Schumacher once tearfully admitted Michael was ‘different’ now
    Jordan said his ‘love’ for Michael ‘still lasts’ after he gave him his break in F1Credit: Corbis – Getty
    Eddie Jordan with Michael Schumacher in 1991Credit: Sutton Motor Sport Images More