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    Mason Greenwood wants investigation into whether Jude Bellingham called him a ‘rapist’ dropped

    MASON Greenwood wants an investigation into whether Jude Bellingham called him a “rapist” dropped.Real Madrid’s Bellingham appeared to mouth a slur after tackling the Getafe player this month.
    Mason Greenwood wants an investigation into whether Jude Bellingham called him a ‘rapist’ droppedCredit: Getty
    Real Madrid’s Bellingham appeared to mouth a slur after tackling the Getafe player this monthCredit: Ruckas
    Spanish footie bosses launched a probe, which could see England star Bellingham 20, hit with a ban.
    But a source said: “Mason has told them he doesn’t want Jude to be punished and has asked them to drop it.
    “He doesn’t want bad publicity and wants to get on with playing football.
    “He was very upset at the time as he didn’t expect it from someone like Jude.
    “But he knows he’s always likely to be a target for that kind of stuff so he’s accepted he’ll need a thick skin.”
    Greenwood, 22, was loaned from Man United last September after bosses ruled he needed to rebuild his career away from Old Trafford — despite charges of attempted rape, assault and controlling behaviour being dropped.
    He has settled in Spain with his partner and baby and is being pursued by Barcelona after scoring seven goals with five assists in 25 league games.
    United’s minority shareholder Sir Jim Ratcliffe last week appeared to open the door to a return, saying: “The process will be to understand the facts, not the hype and then come to a fair decision on the basis of values — which is basically, ‘Is he a good guy or not?’.”
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    Mason Greenwood reveals ‘best feeling so far’ in rare interview after Getafe aces ‘take Man Utd loanee under their wing’ More

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    Maidstone United backed to spring huge FA Cup shock and beat Coventry by World Cup icon

    WORLD CUP icon Roger Milla is backing Maidstone United to create more FA Cup magic.The National League South minnows are in the last 16 of the FA Cup at Championship promotion-chasing Coventry on Monday night.
    George Elokobi celebrates with Maidstone after dumping out Ipswich
    Cameroon World Cup icon Roger Milla in action against England in 1990 quarter-final
    And Stones boss and former Wolves star George Elokobi, 38, has received a specially-recorded video message from his childhood hero back home in Cameroon.
    He told SunSport: “It was to congratulate me. This is what the magic of the FA Cup does. 
    “He told me he had been watching us and to continue working hard.
    “He knows I’ve been doing well for Cameroon and flying the flag high. He wants to wish us well for the next round of the FA Cup.
    “And he also wanted to wish me good health and to keep working hard, keep developing and hopefully one day I’ll be able to help the nation.”
    Milla, 71, had his message played to him during a televised BBC Sport feature.
    He is among a number of high-profile Cameroon stars to have reached out to Elokobi after he led the team past League Two Barrow and League One Stevenage at their Gallagher Stadium – before stunning Championship promotion contenders Ipswich at Portman Road.
    Asked who else, he said: “I don’t want to keep name-dropping but quite a few! 
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    Roger Milla was famed for his goal celebration dance during Italia 90
    “Sebastien Bassong who used to play for Spurs, these are good friends of mine. 
    “Alex Song who used to play for Arsenal, we go quite a way back, he has reached out as well.
    EXCLUSIVE: I’m an FA Cup star dreaming of a Man Utd clash – but by day I work as a social support worker helping people with autism
    “I’m good friends with Enoh Eyong who played for Ajax, and he said congratulations.
    “So a lot of them have told me that it’s incredible to see what I’m doing, the transition I’ve made now into becoming a manager and flying the flag high for them as well.”
    Elokobi, who only became a manager last year, was emotional when he watched Milla’s message as memories of his childhood came flooding back.
    Although only four-and-a-half, he remembers vividly watching his hero almost beat England single-handedly in the 1990 World Cup quarter-final before the Three Lions prevailed 3-2 in an epic.
    The Maidstone boss said: “We had to pay money to get into someone’s house and were in there in our numbers watching the game on TV.
    “We thought we had nicked it and had a chance. It was an incredible time. He was such an inspiration when I was that young. I can remember and see myself in that moment.
    “So to see his message just takes me back to 1990 when I was a young kid when football was the only thing to do. It’s incredible to think he’ll be supporting me and Maidstone.”
    Elokobi’s journey has been an extraordinary rags-to-riches tale. 
    Former Arsenal star Alex Song is also cheering on Maidstone
    As will ex-Spurs ace Sebastien Bassong, who is a good friend of Elokobi’s
    His dad Martin died of diabetes when he was ten and the youngster sometimes went without meals, having to scavenge for food out of trash cans – hunting birds, eating snakes and digesting unwashed raw potatoes from the ground.
    His mum Irene left him and his 12 older siblings in Cameroon as she sought work in the UK to help better support her family before moving Elokobi over to study when he was 16.
    The rest is history as he got spotted by Colchester playing for Dulwich Hamlet aged 18 and he went on to play for Wolves in the Premier League – including scoring in a win against Manchester United.
    Whatever happens tonight, Elokobi and Maidstone have written an inspirational story.
    And he said: “I’m just doing my job. I’m here to empower everyone around my environment – everyone that’s under the Maidstone umbrella. 
    “Yes, my title is the manager, I understand that but also my job is to try to give everyone that freedom to develop themselves and empower everyone to enjoy working under me.
    “I come in every day wanting to make people’s day better so for me it’s not just football, it’s bigger.
    “It’s about the environment you create: when you see someone in the morning, can you give them a hug or a handshake, just to brighten their day up? 
    “And then we can look at the day in front of us but yes, it’s important that I keep inspiring so many people and inspiring non-league teams.
    “That’s part of my job too, to show everyone out there that it is possible – if we can do it at Maidstone then hopefully one day, another club out there can do it as well.”
    The Stones, who reformed after going bankrupt while in the Football League in 1992, have made around £450,000 from this season’s FA Cup run so far – and are hoping to reinvest most of it into revamping their 4,200 stadium.
    George Elokobi shows his Maidstone team has it is done in training
    The former Wolves star has led Ipswich to the last 16 of the FA Cup More

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    Arsenal star David Raya is training banned XL Bully as bodyguard after string of violent break-ins targeting footballers

    PREMIER League goalie David Raya has a banned XL Bully dog to guard him, The Sun can reveal.The Arsenal ace, 28, has vowed to keep pet Goku following a string of terrifying raids on the homes of football stars.
    David Raya has a banned XL Bully dog to guard himCredit: Alamy
    Spaniard Raya has shared snaps of him cuddled up with the glaring beast on the sofaCredit: Jam Press/@d.raya1
    Goku lives in a secure cage at the couple’s multimillion-pound home in North LondonCredit: Jam Press/@t.trouboul
    The breed was outlawed after several attacks, but Raya has an exemption certificate.
    An expert said last night: “He’s a responsible owner.”
    Raya and model girlfriend Tatiana Trouboul, 27, are said to adore the mutt, even though new laws are in place outlawing XL Bullys after a string of attacks.
    Goku lives in a secure cage at the couple’s multimillion-pound home in North London.
    Spaniard Raya has shared snaps of himself cuddled up with the glaring beast on the sofa.
    Tatiana has also been seen taking him for walks.
    Raya, who is currently on loan to the Gunners from Brentford, wants the pooch to guard their property after fellow stars suffered a series of violent break-ins.
    He has hired experts from Elite Protection Dogs to train Goku.
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    A spokesperson for the firm said: “David Raya has one XL Bully. He is called Goku, he is a one-year-old. David’s had him since a puppy.
    “Everyone with XL Bullys is ­worried. But David is a responsible owner, he wants to be responsible with him.
    “We are training Goku on a long-term contract.”
    Tearful owner of XL bully begs for breed to be ‘wiped out’ after they killed grandma at his home
    Elite Protection Dogs has 35 years’ experience training canines, charging up to £20,000.
    In 2022, Aston Villa keeper Emiliano Martinez got a Belgian Malinois from the firm in the same month he landed a prized World Cup ­winner’s medal with Argentina.
    New laws have come in over the past two months after a rise in maulings from XL Bullys, including those previously regarded as “soft and loving”.
    On December 31 it became illegal for an XL Bully to be out in public without a lead and muzzle.
    It is also an offence to sell, breed, give away or abandon the dogs.
    And this month it became illegal to own an XL Bully in the UK without an exemption certificate, which Raya possesses.
    The dogs must be microchipped, neutered and kept in a secure place. Owners must also have third-party liability insurance.
    Meanwhile, dog shelters have seen a huge increase in XL Bullys being handed in or abandoned.
    Fatally attacked
    The first reported attack on a person was in Liverpool in 2017, when a toddler was severely injured by four dogs.
    Their owner, Andrew McGowan, was subsequently jailed.
    In 2021, ten-year-old Jack Lis was killed by an XL Bully in Caerphilly, South Wales, while visiting a friend, after which two people were put behind bars.
    A month later Adam Watts was killed by an XL Bully at his dog shelter in Kirkton of Auchterhouse, Scotland.
    A further eight people were killed by the dogs in 2022 and 2023, including 54-year-old father-of-one Ian Langley, near Sunderland, in October last year.
    This month grandmother Esther Martin, 68, was the latest person to be fatally attacked by the breed – days after the ban came into force.
    She was killed by two XL Bullys owned by her son-in-law Ashley Warren, 39, who begged for the breed to be banned.
    Warren, of Jaywick, Essex, said: “If my dogs did that to her, when I had never seen anything but love from them, then that breed just has a killer switch.
    “I honestly thought the ban was a stupid government plan to wipe out a breed which I had never seen anything but softness and love from. Now I think they need to be wiped out.”
    The breed was said to be responsible for 20 per cent of dog attacks in 2023.
    The Sun approached Raya and Arsenal for comment.
    Raya vowed to keep the mutt following a string of terrifying raids on the homes of football starsCredit: ReutersPrem protection

    SEVERAL Prem stars have bought dogs for protection following a string of terrifying break-ins.
    Man City ace Jack Grealish posed with a £25,000 Belgian Malinois this month after raiders broke into his home while his family were in.
    He got the dog from Chaperone K9, which is popular with footballers.
    Grealish’s City and England team-mate Kyle Walker bought a £40,000 Doberman from the firm.
    The majority of dogs they provide are German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois, with each put through a rigorous 12-month training ­programme so the dogs are able to recognise threats including burglaries, attacks and robberies.
    Other current and ex-Prem stars to use the firm are Marcus Rashford, Mark Noble, Phil Jones, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Jesse Lingard.
    Similar firms like Elite Protection have also sold pets to protect stars such as ex-Spurs goalie Hugo Lloris. More

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    Inside Christian and Geri Horner’s £50m fortune – including prize-winning side-hustle & jaw-dropping Spice Girls payday

    THE future of Christian Horner’s Formula One career continues to hang in the balance amid bombshell allegations about his workplace conduct.The Red Bull Racing chief, 50, is awaiting the verdict of bosses after being accused of “inappropriate behaviour” by a female colleague and sending “sexually suggestive” texts. 
    Christian and Geri Horner are worth tens of millionsCredit: Instagram @therealgerihalliwell
    Horner’s future with Red Bull Racing were reportedly be decided in 10 daysCredit: PA
    Racing boss Christian earned a staggering £8m in 2022Credit: Getty
    Christian, who has categorically denied all claims, was put through an eight-hour grilling as part of an independent investigation and his fate will reportedly be decided within 10 days.
    It risks ending his 19-year career with Red Bull Racing, where he’s paid in excess of £8million a year, and putting a sizeable dent in the fortune earned by him and his ex-Spice Girl wife Geri. 
    The couple have netted tens of millions of pounds over the years, with a fortune of at least £50million, which has afforded them an enviable and comfortable country lifestyle.
    From £2.4million in rental properties to a horseracing firm and royalties, we look into Geri and Christian Horner’s finances. 
    £8M Red Bull salary
    Red Bull boss Christian is believed to be the highest-paid team principal in F1 and began working for them in 2005 . 
    Company accounts reports, which span between 2011 and 2022, show the F1 boss has been paid a staggering £40.2million over that 11-year period. 
    His 2022 pay from Red Bull was listed at £8,044,000, which was almost £3million higher than the £5,085,000 salary he bagged a year earlier.
    It’s an impressive hike from his £1,343,000 salary back in 2011.
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    Popstar fortune
    Geri amassed a staggering fortune from her time as both a solo artist and a member of the Spice Girls, who remain the best-selling female group in history.
    Red Bull debuts design with Mercedes-style element reportedly dubbed ‘illegal’ by Christian Horner
    Her popstar earnings were paid in Wonderful Productions Limited, which was set up in 1997 – one year before the singer left the band. 
    During the company’s first three years of trading, it reported a £13.1million turnover and that she paid herself £8.9million. 
    No pay disclosures were reported by her in accounts between 2001 and 2018. Figures suggest the firm entered a non-trading phase between 2009 and 2012. 
    Geri bagged £2.2million in pay following the return of the Spice Girls – minus Victoria Beckham – in 2019, reportedly for just six gigs. 
    The Spice Girls remain the best-selling female group in music historyCredit: PA:Press Association
    A 2019 Spice Girls reunion, minus Victoria, saw Geri bag £2.2millionCredit: PA:Press Association
    The bombshell claims that have rocked F1F1 was rocked earlier this month by the sudden news that Christian Horner had been placed under investigation by Red Bull’s Austria-based parent company.
    This was thought to be over a “dossier of incriminating material” regarding “inappropriate and controlling behaviour” towards one female, The Telegraph reported.
    Red Bull’s Austrian parent company flew an independent lawyer to the UK to question the multi-millionaire race ace and his accuser.
    The former racing driver, who runs world champion Max Verstappen’s all-conquering Red Bull team, endured an eight-hour grilling over the claims last week.
    Most recently however, more allegations have come out as the De Telegraaf reported that Horner allegedly sent sex messages to his employee “over an extended period of time”.
    Messages were said to have been saved and presented as evidence to the external ­barrister running the inquiry after the woman made a complaint last December.
    Mr Horner categorically denied the new allegations and is thought to be taking legal action against De Telegraaf.
    An F1 source told The Sun last week that “Christian has not been sacked or asked to resign and he is not going to resign”.
    The investigation raises the question of who could take over the helm of the all-conquering racing team of world champion Max Verstappen.
    His wife Geri Halliwell is also said to be “terrified her life will unravel” amid Horner’s “inappropriate behaviour” probe.
    The ex-Spice Girl, who was “in floods of tears” when the Red Bull boss was hit with the bombshell allegations, fears the drama will drag on for years, a source has claimed. 
    But Geri, 51, is understood to be standing by her husband.
    She has told pals: “Christian has done nothing wrong.”
    Horner has overseen a huge period of success for the racing team – winning multiple F1 championships with Sebastian Vettel and Verstappen.
    Red Bull has won seven Formula One world drivers’ championships and six world ­constructors’ titles under Horner’s leadership.
    Last season, the team won 21 of the 22 races on the global F1 tour, and Verstappen, 26, won the drivers’ crown.
    Horner was awarded a CBE for services to motorsport in the 2024 New Year’s Honours List

    The Daily Mail reported that the firm was worth £3million the following year and she paid herself £1million from the company.
    The paper also claims Wonderful Productions made £152,000 profit in 2022 and Geri paid herself £762,240 that year. 
    Last year’s accounts showed losses of £77,994 but held reserves of nearly £1.4million. 
    Geri also has the firm Falcon Queen Limited, which was set up in May 2021 to provide “business support activities”. All shares are owned by Wonderful Productions.
    According to the Mail, Falcon Queen Limited made losses of £75,521 last year and plunged £276,000 into the red. 
    Geri is still believed to receive earnings for Spice Girls Limited – a joint venture between her, Victoria, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton. 
    Media ventures
    Geri has released seven books for children and two autobiographiesCredit: Alamy
    Alongside music, the singer has had successful stints as an author.
    Geri released two autobiographies – If Only, which became a best-seller in 1999 and sold more than a million copies in the UK alone, and Just For The Record three years later.  
    In 2008, she released a six-part children’s series called Ugenia Lavender, which sold 250,000 copies in its first five months.
    Last year, Geri released her latest children’s book Rosie Frost And The Falcon Queen. 
    Her earnings have been topped up over the years by other media work including a stint as a judge on The X Factor in 2011 and 2012 and Australia’s Got Talent in 2013.
    She also made cameos in TV shows including Sex And The City, US show Extra and appeared in the films Spice World, Crank: High Voltage and Gran Turismo. 
    Geri was a judge on The X Factor for two years until 2012Credit: ITV
    Last year, she made an appearance in the film Gran TurismoCredit: Alamy
    Horseracing empire
    The Horners have a number of race horses, all of whom are named after Geri’s songs and covers including It’s Raining Men, Look At Mee, Lift Me Up and Mi Chico Latino.
    Among the most successful is Lift Me Up, an eight-year-old male who was born in 2016 and cost £28,000. 
    The horse, real name Hector, was lined up as a potential Cheltenham Festival hopeful but hasn’t run since last May. 
    Lift Me Up, who has raced at least twice, earned the couple £2,361.18 in prize money for winning a race in front of 70,000 punters, according to the British Horseracing Authority.
    Christian Horner’s life and careerCHRISTIAN Horner is among the most well-known names in Formula One having helped build Red Bull into one of the biggest teams in the sport.
    1973 – Born in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
    1991 – Wins a Formula Renault scholarship after impressing in karting races
    1993-1997 – Competed in a host of competitions including British Formula Three, British Formula Two, and Formula 3000
    1997 – Founded and developed the F3000 team Arden
    1999 – Retired from driving and continued developing the Arden team
    2005 – Appointed head of Red Bull team, becoming the youngest ever team principal at that time
    2009 – Wins his first races as team principal with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
    2010 – Wins the Constructors’ Championship and Drivers’ Championship with Vettel – the first of four doubles in a row
    2013 – Has a daughter with ex-wife Beverly Allen shortly before the couple split
    2014 – Gets engaged to Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell
    2015 – Marries Halliwell in Woburn, Bedfordshire
    2017 – Horner and Halliwell welcome their son
    2021 – Wins another Drivers’ Championship with Max Verstappen, pipping Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of the season
    2022-23 – Red Bull win the Drivers’ Championship and Constructors’ Championship two years in a row

    Last month, Geri revealed Hope – named Look At Mee after the singer’s 1999 solo hit – had her first race and finished fifth.
    The couple owns a horseracing company called OMBI, which was set up in 2021, and lists the nature of its business as “activities of racehorse owners”.
    The couple built a 14-horse stable at their Oxfordshire mansionCredit: Instagram/gerihalliwellhorner
    As well as stables, they also have farm animals including donkeysCredit: Instagram @therealgerihalliwell
    Its latest accounts, for the year ended 30 June 2022, showed they held £113,378 in “biological assets” – believed to refer to the horses – and £400,000 worth of goods.
    The company retained £68,852 in funds after bills were deducted. 
    Last year, work finished on a 14-horse stable, including two foaling stalls, at their Oxfordshire home and ex-jockey Maxine Filby was hired to run the yard.
    Christian told The Telegraph his passion for horses was “just a bit of fun” and “escapism away from the madness of F1”. 
    He said: “We don’t really know what we’re doing but it’s exciting. It’s something Geri and I both get a kick out of and something we enjoy as a family.” 
    Rental properties
    Away from the equine world, the couple also have a buy-to-let business named Estelle Ward, which was set up in 2021.
    It’s listed as the owner of a £2.1million flat in Highgate, North London, according to Land Registry. 
    The latest accounts for Estelle Ward lists property assets of £2.4million with a £1.6million ‘loan facility’, which the couple pays interest on at 1 per cent above the Bank of England base rate. 
    Geri inside the couple’s indoor pool, which is in a converted barn on their Oxfordshire estateCredit: Instagram @therealgerihalliwell
    Christian preparing a large feast on a plush barbeque unit at their Oxfordshire mansionCredit: Instagram @christianhorner
    As of November 2022, the firm reported a £6,455 deficit – as a result of the loan and other bills. 
    The couple also owns two stunning mansions, in Hertfordshire and Banbury, Oxfordshire, which boast swimming pools, a boating lake and a farm.
    The latter is a luxury estate that has an indoor pool inside a converted barn, stables for their horses as well as pens for their other farm animals and sprawling country grounds.  More

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    MOTD2 host Mark Chapman finds love again with glam estate agent after death of wife Sara from cancer

    MATCH of the Day 2 host Mark Chapman has found romance again after his wife’s death.Chappers, 50, has been dating estate agent Clere Collier for months.
    Widower Mark Chapman has found love againCredit: PA
    Chappers is dating Dubai estate agent Clere Collier
    It is his first relationship since wife Sara, 44, died of cancer in 2020.
    Mum-of-two Clere, 43, was once linked with pop singer Dane Bowers and is based in Dubai.
    She uses her contacts there to invest in London’s property market — and makes regular UK trips for work and to see Mark in Manchester, where the BBC broadcaster is based.
    Mark had three children with wife of 19 years Sara.
    A source said: “It’s early days but Mark and Clere are in a good place and enjoying each other’s company.
    “Mark’s focus has always been his children and work, so a relationship was unexpected.
    “He and Clere are taking things slow and just seeing how it all plays out, but it’s clear to see they are really into each other.”
    Mark, who had three children with wife of 19 years Sara, is a Radio 5 Live regular and occasionally steps in for Gary Lineker on Match of the Day.
    Most read in Football
    He also fronts Sky Sports’ Carabao Cup coverage and is regarded as one of the industry’s most talented presenters.
    Mark, affectionately known as Chappers, made his name as the sports presenter for Radio 1’s Newsbeat and was part of Sara Cox’s team when she hosted the station’s Breakfast Show.
    Premier League cult hero makes ‘excellent’ BBC MOTD debut as impressed fans say ‘give me more’
    He later went on to perform the same role for Scott Mills before going on to become a fixture at 5 Live and BBC television, which also saw him front the corporation’s NFL coverage before it moved to Channel 4.
    This is Mark’s first relationship since wife Sara died of cancer in 2020 aged 44Credit: Twitter
    Chapman has hosted Match of the Day 2 for over a decadeCredit: BBC More

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    Paul Gascoigne is helping to coach kids’ football team – even teaching them overhead flick & volley goal from Euro ’96

    ENGLAND great Paul Gascoigne is back in football — helping to coach a children’s team.Gazza, 56, teaches Dexter Sports Youth U11 Bengals his silky skills and supports them home and away.
    Paul Gascoigne has been teaching Dexter Sports Youth U11 Bengals top techniques from Euro ’96
    Gazza with TheMNT talent agency chief Katie Davies and her son Mason
    The ex-Spurs midfielder even shows them how to perform his overhead flick and volley goal against Scotland in Euro ’96.
    Gazza lives near the Bournemouth-based team and told The Sun: “I enjoy going down to help the kids in my local area.
    “I go to training and teach them some of my skills and old tricks. I love watching and cheering on the sideline on Sundays.”
    He was spotted at a match last weekend against Wiltshire’s Mere FC, signing autographs and posing for snaps with thrilled fans.
    Katie Davies runs TheMNT talent agency which represents Gazza and sponsors the team, whose players include her son Mason.
    She said: “Gazza is such a legend and has so much experience to share. The kids love him.
    Paul Gascoigne fires in his famous strike against Scotland during Euro 96
    “It’s not many kids who can say they’ve got one of England’s best players coaching them.
    “Paul loves it and comes along to all the games.
    Most read in Football
    “He’s on great form and is still as canny as ever.
    “It’s amazing to see the reaction from other parents when he turns up on the sideline. Everyone wants a picture with him.”
    And Gazza’s magic seems to be paying off — the team have won their last three.
    Rangers legend Paul Gascoigne makes shock appearance in club’s Christmas advert More

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    Liverpool ace Trent Alexander-Arnold hires private security after being hounded by sex-crazed fan for a year

    LIVERPOOL and England star Trent Alexander-Arnold has been hounded for a year by a sex-crazed stalker.The ace has had to hire a bodyguard and private detective.
    Trent Alexander-Arnold has been hounded for a year by a sex-crazed stalkerCredit: Reuters
    Members of Alexander-Arnold’s family have also been bombarded with sick messagesCredit: Getty
    He has also changed his mobile number, installed CCTV and alarms and has his post screened after being sent obscene letters and materials.
    The woman has turned up at his house, Liverpool’s training ground and Trent’s favourite restaurants.
    As a result the injured defender, 26, has been advised not to put any of his movements on social media.
    Members of his family have also been bombarded with sick messages.
    The shock news comes the day before Liverpool face Chelsea at Wembley in the Carabao Cup final.
    Management at Anfield have been alerted to the situation, and are providing “full support” to the player.
    A source said: “This has been more than a year of hell for Trent.
    “This woman has terrorised him and his family, bombarding him with explicit messages, getting hold of his number and calling him endlessly and sending unhinged letters and obscene materials to his Cheshire home.
    Most read in Football
    “It’s been a really worrying time, and Trent has done his utmost not to let it affect his performances on the pitch.”
    It is not known if police have been alerted. Four months ago Trent cheated death in a car crash near Knutsford.
    Sky Sports viewers in stitches at Roy Keane’s face as new pundit Sturridge tells Trent to ‘keep it funky with ya boy’
    The England international footballer has had to hire a bodyguardCredit: Getty More

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    How kind Kate Garraway came to Chris Kamara’s rescue amid his crippling health battles

    FOOTIE pundit Chris Kamara says he has made huge progress in his battle with speech apraxia thanks to Kate Garraway.The Good Morning Britain host Kate, 56, recommended an “experimental” treatment in Brazil which has helped the ex-Sky Sports star regain fluency in his voice.
    Chris Kamara has made huge progress in his battle with speech apraxiaCredit: Jonathan Brady / PA
    It comes after GMB host Kate Garraway recommended an ‘experimental’ treatment in BrazilCredit: PA
    Kammy, 66, said during the new series of Dave’s travel show World’s Most Dangerous Roads: “I’d say I’m 25 per cent away from the person I used to be.”
    Close pal and ex-Soccer Saturday host Jeff Stelling, 68 replied: “Seventy five percent of Chris Kamara is more valuable than 100 per cent of a lot of people you see on telly.”
    Kammy was diagnosed with speech apraxia in 2021. The condition, which interrupts messages from the brain to the vocal cords resulting in slurred speech, has also affected his balance and ability to walk.
    But he flourished thanks to the advice to go to Brazil given by friend Kate, who took her late husband Derek Draper to Mexico for treatment after his speech was affected by Covid.
    The methods used in the treatment are unknown but results have been so good, the former Bradford City manager is urging for it to be available in the UK.
    He said: “The treatment has not been sanctioned by the world medical boards. I’ll be campaigning to try and get it over here.”
    During his tour of Sri Lanka with Jeff — on the country’s most hazardous roads — Kammy showed how much progress he had made.
    He said: “I thought that was it, it’s over, but I’m back working with my best buddy and maybe getting away with the voice.”
    Most read in Football
    Jeff added: “There was a time where I didn’t think I’d see Kammy as we knew him again, but Most Dangerous Roads has given him a boost because he’s realised he can do things”.
    The co-hosts will discuss their hopes of working with each other in the future should Kammy’s health improve in next Sunday’s episode.
    This Morning pays tribute to Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper after he dies aged 56
    Kate took late husband Derek Draper to treatment in Mexico after his speech was affected by CovidCredit: ITv More