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    Watch Power Slap fighter get KO’d by ROBOT in bizarre video – but all is not as it seems

    A POWER SLAP fighter got knocked out by a ROBOT in a bizarre concept video. UFC president Dana White is spearheading the rise in slap fighting.
    A Power Slap fighter got knocked out by a ROBOT in a bizarre concept videoCredit: Twitter @vcokotech
    The video shows the robot being floored after a slap but returning fire to KO the humanCredit: Twitter @vcokotech
    And one fan asked what it would look like to have a robot face a human.
    The video shows the robot being floored after a slap but returning fire to KO the human.
    White’s Power Slap league has come under fire for safety of competitors, who are left defenceless from the blows.
    But in response, he told Nina-Marie Daniele: “We spend the money to make sure we have two healthy people in there before the fight, but in slap, they take three to five slaps per event.
    “Fighters in boxing take three to four hundred punches a fight. It’s un-education or pure hate.”
    Chris Nowinski, a Harvard Ph.D. and former wrestler has criticised the world’s handling of concussions.
    And he slammed one clip in which slapper Chris Kennedy appeared to show immediate signs of head injury, known as a fencing posture.
    Nowinski tweeted: “This is so sad.
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    “Note the fencing posture with the first brain injury. He may never be the same.”
    In a separate post, he also took aim at White and TV broadcasters TBS.
    He posted: “@danawhite & @TBSNetwork should be ashamed. Pure exploitation. What’s next, ”Who can survive a stabbing?”’
    Slap fighters take defenceless blows to the faceCredit: Alamy
    Dana White has come under fire for his slap fighting leagueCredit: Alamy More

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    Fuming Conor McGregor calls Canelo Alvarez a ‘little ginger sausage’ after boxing superstar’s dig at UFC icon

    CONOR MCGREGOR has fumed at Canelo Alvarez and labelled him a “little ginger sausage”.The latest war of words begun at Katie Taylor’s loss to Chantelle Cameron last weekend.
    Conor McGregor has fired shots at Canelo AlvarezCredit: Instagram @thenotoriousmma
    Saul “Canelo” Alvarez hit back at Conor McGregorCredit: AP
    McGregor was in attendance to support his fellow Irish fighter when he was asked about Canelo.
    And to no surprise the UFC star was confident he would beat the boxer, citing his stance as a key factor.
    McGregor said: “I’m a southpaw, [John] Ryder was a southpaw, Billie Joe [Saunders] was a southpaw.
    “I’ve seen methods, I’ve seen things I’d do and I know he’s waining.
    “I’d fight Canelo no f*****g problem. No problem.
    Despite his confidence, the super middleweight beat Saunders in 2021 and defeated Ryder in is last fight earlier this month to retain his world titles.
    He was asked about McGregor’s comments at an unveiling of his figure at a wax museum in Mexico City.
    Canelo replied: “The truth is I haven’t seen what he said because I don’t have my social networks on my phone right now, but I’ll beat him with one hand behind my back.”
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    McGregor swiftly retaliated, posting online: “Canelo you little ginger sausage. I’d beat you with NO HANDS. Don’t forget.”
    Promoter Eddie Hearn could be key to a bout between the two as he may have to co-promote.
    The MMA ace has not fought since breaking his leg versus Dustin Poirier in 2021.
    But he is ready for a comeback with a clash against Micheal Chandler in the works and it could take place later this year. More

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    Conor McGregor calls Jake Paul a ‘DONKEY’ and reveals fight prediction between YouTube star and ex-UFC rival Nate Diaz

    CONOR McGREGOR has backed old UFC rival Nate Diaz in his boxing match against “DONKEY” Jake Paul. Diaz crosses over to the ring for the first time on August 5 in Texas against YouTuber-turned prizefighter Paul.
    Jake Paul facing off with Nate DiazCredit: @mostvaluablepromotions
    It came after he walked out on the UFC, where he had two classic bouts with McGregor.
    And it seems there is no hard feelings for the Irishman, who is tipping Diaz to beat Paul.
    He told Matchroom Boxing’s YouTube channel: “I fancy him for it.
    “He’s a donkey that guy, the other cat, but a donkey has kick, so you’ve got to be weary of that.
    “But, Nate will be peppering him, he’ll hit his face in and it will be Nate.”
    Paul, 26, suffered his first ever defeat in February, losing a split-decision to celebrity boxing rival Tommy Fury, 24, in Saudi Arabia.
    But he snubbed a rematch to instead focus on Diaz, 38, who was a free agent after his UFC contract expired.
    It leaves a trilogy decider with McGregor, 34, up in the air but the former two-weight champion still has admiration Diaz and brother Nick, 39.
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    He said: “Yeah, yeah, [the relationship] is competitive, but it’s always been respect.
    “It’s always been respect, how could you not respect the Diaz brothers and their resume in the fight game.
    “Real fighters, what’s his promotion? Real fighters inc, fair play to him. You know, he’s a great fighter.
    “I spent, how many minutes did I spend in the octagon with him? 40 minutes, over half an hour.
    “Around 40 minutes inside the cage with the lad, it’s always going to be respect off of that.
    “And he gave the rematch instantly. That’s commendable, that’s real warrior stuff. So, for sure, I’m happy to see that respect, you know.”
    Nate Diaz after his rematch loss to Conor McGregorCredit: Getty – Contributor More

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    I embarrassed Conor McGregor in sparring ahead of Floyd Mayweather fight but the footage will NEVER be released

    PAULIE MALIGNAGGI claimed he embarrassed Conor McGregor in sparring – which is why he believes the full footage will never be released. The feud between the two started in the build up to McGregor’s lucrative crossover boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather in 2017.
    Conor McGregor in sparring with Paulie Malignaggi in 2017
    The sparring sessions caused a feud between the two
    Paulie Malignaggi would storm out of Conor McGregor’s camp
    Malignaggi ripped into the Irishman’s chances, which resulted in him being offered the chance to join the UFC superstar’s camp.
    The former world champion boxer sparred twice, but after leaked images and footage emerged, he stormed out of the camp.
    One clip included Malignaggi being put down, which the American argued was caused by a push not a punch.
    It has kept the rivalry alive to this day with no sign of the full sparring sessions ever being revealed.
    Malignaggi, 42, told Betway: “I give Conor credit because he also knows his fanbase has a very low IQ.
    “He knows he can play them if he wants to – and he does.  So I don’t think we will ever get the real footage of the spar.
    “I actually know you’ll never get the real footage because the real footage embarrasses Conor.
    “So you’ll probably still continue to have these opinions of it.”
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    Malignaggi – retired from boxing during the spars – later lost to McGregor’s ex-training partner Artem Lobov, 36, in a bare-knuckle bout.
    Meanwhile McGregor, 34, was beaten by Mayweather, 46, in ten rounds of what was his pro boxing debut.
    And after sharing the ring with him, Malignaggi knew the result was inevitable ahead of time.
    He said: “Coming out of that spar I thought this has got to be the biggest money heist in the history of money.
    “This guy is so terrible and he’s going to fight Mayweather, probably the best boxer in the history of the sport.
    “Even though he’s retired, Mayweather is going to beat this guy with his eyes closed. And that’s basically how it went. He played with them.”
    Floyd Mayweathe beat Conor McGregor in 2017Credit: GETTY More

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    Conor McGregor and Eddie Hearn involved in ringside row during Katie Taylor’s fight card

    EDDIE HEARN had a “friendly row” with Conor McGregor over his choice of matchmaking. McGregor was a special guest at ringside in Ireland for Katie Taylor’s homecoming fight against Chantelle Cameron.
    Conor McGregor with Eddie Hearn in DublinCredit: Getty
    The UFC superstar was left gutted following Taylor’s points loss but Hearn revealed he was upset well before the main event.
    In the co-headliner, lightweight Gary Cully was stunned to a first ever defeat after being knocked out by Jose Felix Jr.
    McGregor fumed at Hearn for choosing Felix as the opponent but the promoter defended his decision.
    He told iFL TV: “He never recovered from the first knockdown.
    “Got overexcited, had his chin in the air, got hit by a Mexican who can punch.
    “I had a bit of a row, a friendly row, with Conor McGregor, because he said, ‘Why did you put him in with him?’
    “You’ve got to beat kids like that. Tyrone McKenna beat him, Sandor Martin beat him.
    “You are talking about Gary Cully being a world-class lightweight, you have to beat guys like that.
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    “He would have beaten him if he would have boxed smart, but it was a devastating defeat and he’s going to learn a lot from that.
    “He’s going to come back from that and maybe he needs to look to move up to 140lbs as well.
    “He looks so tired at that weight and that was 138lbs.”
    Cully, 27, was floored twice before being stopped on his feet by Felix, 31, losing for the first time in 17 bouts.
    And it was further heartbreak as Taylor, 36, lost a decision against Cameron, 32, for the undisputed super-lightweight titles.
    McGregor, 34, had the bout level as he took to Instagram in praise of his nation’s most beloved sports star.
    He posted: “Our hero! Thank you for an amazing event @katie_t86! I had the fight scored a draw.
    “A very close bout where you once again showed your heart, your skills, your fitness and your toughness. You are an Irish Warrior!
    “I love you Katie, I am honored to know you and be in your presence! Thank you so much!

    “Onwards and upwards we go! Just another day for Katie Tay! For God and for Country.”
    Katie Taylor consoled after defeat by Conor McGregorCredit: Sportsfile More

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    Fans fear for Nate Diaz against Jake Paul as ‘slow and loopy’ boxing training footage emerges

    NATE DIAZ has fans fearing for him ahead of his fight with Jake Paul fight after footage of his boxing training emerged. The ex-UFC star faces YouTuber-turned prizefighter Paul in his professional boxing debut on August 5 in Texas.
    Footage of Nate Diaz’s boxing training has been revealed
    And a clip has done the rounds on social media of Diaz hitting pads but it left some worrying for him.
    One said: “Slow and loopy is what I see, Nate has decent hands in MMA= junk hands in boxing.”
    Another added: “Oh lord… He going to sleep.”
    One agreed: “Jake Paul is gonna smoke Nate.”
    Influencer boxer Slim Albaher tweeted: “Jake Paul is gonna sleep him.”
    It is unclear when the footage was recorded but others have thrown their support to Diaz.
    One said: “Easy win for Nate.”
    Another said: “Diaz is going to absolutely destroy Jake Paul.”
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    Paul, 26, was beaten for the first time in February, losing a split-decision in Saudi Arabia to Tommy Fury, 23.
    He then snubbed a rematch to instead turn his attention to Diaz, 38, who left the UFC last year when his contract expired.
    Paul said: “Nate Diaz was always the plan. I’ve always said – even in the Tommy Fury build up – that I wanted Nate Diaz after Tommy.
    “And that really was regardless of the outcome, I’ve always wanted to fight Nate Diaz, so he was always next on my list.
    “There’s always a bunch of options and one day you’re like, ‘I want to do this, I want to do that.’
    “But I went back to the Nate Diaz idea as like the original plan and he was ready and wiling to make the fight happen and it just made more sense than the Tommy Fury rematch right away.”
    Jake Paul facing off with Nate DiazCredit: @mostvaluablepromotions More

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    Eddie Hearn reveals Dana White ‘inspiration’ for dramatic 18-month body transformation and says ‘mate, give me the plan’

    EDDIE HEARN has revealed UFC boss Dana White was the inspiration behind his body transformation.The boxing promoter, 43, who guides the careers of fighters such as Anthony Joshua and Katie Taylor, has trimmed down his physique over the past 18 months.

    Dana White remains ripped despite being 53 years of ageCredit: Instagram
    He has lost 37 pounds across that period of time, dropping from 19st 11lbs to 17st 2lbs.
    And he has now spoken about how White, 53, gave him the motivation to improve his own physical wellbeing.
    The UFC chief went on a three-year body transformation after being told he had ten years to live.
    And speaking about how that galvanised him to get in shape, Hearn told Men’s Health: “Look at Dana White. I spoke to him two days ago. He’s been working with a guy called Gary Brecka, who has a company that tells you how long you have left to live.
    Eddie Hearn admits he felt sluggish before losing the weight over the past 18 monthsCredit: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing
    Hearn has even squeezed in sessions with Anthony JoshuaCredit: Instagram
    “Before he started working with him, he apparently had a life expectancy of 10.4 years. Now, they’ve completely changed around his insulin, his glucose, his cholesterol, everything.
    “I look at Dana now and physically as well as from a business point of view, he’s a bit of an inspiration for me.
    “His physique is my dream physique. I texted him about the pictures that he put out and I went ‘Mate, give me the plan.’
    “He said, he used to wake up coughing in the night and couldn’t tie his shoelaces in the morning.
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    “It wasn’t quite as bad as that for me, but when I used to put my trousers on in the morning, I’d feel s**t.”
    Hearn’s “sluggish” feeling was one of the reasons he decided to get in shape.
    He also insists the Conor Benn doping saga was another motivating factor behind his fitness frenzy as he attempted to deal with the intensity of the situation.
    He went on to add: “I knew I needed to make a change, but there’s this perception that men in their 40s who get fit and start to dress a bit younger or cooler, are having a midlife crisis.
    “The reality is, it’s not that at all, it’s just you’re realising you need to make a change because life’s passing you by. I’m not 28 anymore. I’m coming up to my 50s.
    “I want to live a great life, and the only way I’m going to do that, with all the pressure and the hate is to keep myself in shape.
    “Because when you’re in better shape and mentally in a better place, all the other stuff is a lot easier to deal with.”
    White, left, has been an inspiration to Hearn, right, with the pair seen here with Billy Joe SaundersCredit: Instagram More

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    Conor McGregor’s ex-sparring partner makes stunning prediction for fight between UFC icon and Jake Paul

    PAULIE MALIGNAGGI has thrown another dig at Conor McGregor – by backing Jake Paul to knock him out. There is no love lost between Malignaggi and McGregor following their bitter sparring sessions in 2017.
    Pauli Malignaggi sparring Conor McGregorCredit: Twitter
    Jake Paul in training for his next fightCredit: @jakepaul
    And the former world champion boxer has shown no signs of letting his grudge go in the years since.
    It has led him to pick YouTuber-turned prizefighter Paul, 26, beating McGregor, 34, in the ring amid the prospect of a mega-fight.
    Malignaggi, 42, told Betway: “I think Jake Paul would knock Conor out.
    “Conor is too susceptible to those loopy shots and Jake hits hard enough that only needs to hit you with one or two of them.
    “I think Conor has decent sharp shots but I don’t think Conor has the discipline to stay with those little sharp shots for a certain amount of rounds.
    “I think he would fall apart because he doesn’t have a lot of heart. Conor has no balls.
    “If you take Conor a few rounds he already has this very big discomfort and mistakes naturally create themselves. You don’t even have to create them anymore.
    “I think he would do OK for a couple of rounds, but if you didn’t get Jake out in a couple of rounds, I think Jake would knock him out, and he would probably knock out with a big shot.”
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    McGregor sparred Malignaggi twice before his professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather in 2017.
    But following leaked images and footage of the session, Malignaggi stormed out of the Irishman’s camp.
    McGregor would go on to lose to Mayweather in ten rounds and despite teasing a return to the ring it remains his only boxing bout.
    And having shared the ring with the ex-UFC champion behind closed doors, Malignaggi claimed he knew the result was inevitable.
    He said: “Coming out of that spar I thought this has got to be the biggest money heist in the history of money.
    “This guy is so terrible and he’s going to fight Mayweather, probably the best boxer in the history of the sport.
    “Even though he’s retired, Mayweather is going to beat this guy with his eyes closed. And that’s basically how it went. He played with them.”
    Paulie Malignaggi sparred twice with Conor McGregor
    Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor in 2017Credit: Reuters More