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    Footballers who were rich before becoming famous, like Vialli, Bamford and the Sultan of Brunei’s nephew

    FOOTBALLERS today make massive money.With the average Premier League wage now exceeding £50k-per-week, it’s no wonder boys grow up dreaming of making it pro.
    Gianluca Vialli has always enjoyed the high-lifeCredit: Instagram @lucavialli
    However, this lot were already from wealthy backgrounds before they made it to the big league.
    Let SunSport guide you through the football stars that were already swimming in riches and didn’t need the beautiful game.GIANLUCA VIALLI
    Chelsea and Italy legend Vialli was always recognised as a gentleman of the game.
    And it’s probably got to do with his upbringing.
    He was raised by his father, a self-made millionaire, in a 60-room castle called the Castello di Belgioioso in Cremona, along with four siblings.
    The Champions League and Serie A winner also loves a posh round of golf.
    He took part in the Alfred Dunhill links championship pro-am event, which is one of the richest golf tournaments played in Europe.
    Vialli was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2017 but has successfully undergone treatment to be clear of the disease.
    He currently works alongside manager Roberto Mancini with the Italian national team.
    Vialli grew up in a 60-room castle called the Castello di Belgioioso in CremonaCredit: Alamy
    Dignified Vialli had a far from modest upbringingCredit: Instagram @lucavialli
    Gianluca Vialli scores for Chelsea against Nottingham Forest in 1996Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
    The ex-Chelsea manager didn’t have to go into football, although it was an easy step for him to make.
    Lampard came from a football family, with uncle Harry Redknapp and dad Frank Lampard Snr showing him the way at West Ham United.
    He intended the posh Brentwood School in Essex that would’ve cost a fortune in school fees.
    There, he scored 11 GCSE’s and could’ve been an accountant, according to a former teacher.
    Frank Lampard went to posh Brentwood High SchoolCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
    Being half of a celebrity couple (his missus is Colombian singer Shakira), Barcelona defender Pique has made his own fortune.
    However, growing up life was easy for the defender who had a spell in England at Manchester United as a youth.
    He lived a comfortable existence in Catalonia. Dad Joan is a successful attorney and businessman, while mum Montserrat is the director of a hospital in Barcelona.
    Even Pique’s grandfather Amador Bernabeu was minted – as a former director of the La Liga champions.
    Gerard Pique’s dad Joan is a successful attorney and businessman, while mum Montserrat is the director of a hospital in BarcelonaCredit: Alamy
    Formerly of Leicester City, currently playing for Portuguese club Marítimo, Bolkiah is the nephew of the Sultan of Brunei, who has a fortune estimated to be worth £15bn.
    His dad is Jefri Bolkiah, a brother of the oil tycoon, so that makes Faiq a member of their royal family and in line to receive a nice inheritance.
    At his 50th birthday, to impress his son, he hired Michael Jackson to play a private gig just for them.
    Faiq Bolkiah is a former Leicester City trainee and nephew of the Sultan of BruneiCredit: Instagram @fjbolkiah
    The third son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Al-Saadi played for Perugia, Udinese and was on the books at Sampdoria.
    In 2011, he retired and became the commander of Libya’s Special Forces and led the army in the Libyan Civil War. In 2018, he was cleared of murder charges after he was extradited from Niger back to Libya.
    During his playing days he once employed Diego Maradona as a technical consultant, and Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson as his personal trainer.
    Al-Saadi Gaddafi was the son of Colonel GaddafiCredit: AFP – Getty
    Gaddafi played in Italy before becoming an army generalCredit: Getty – Contributor
    The Spurs goalie comes from an affluent background.
    Growing up in Nice in the South of France, his mother was an attorney, while his dad was a banker.
    He took tennis lessons as a kid, and was ranked high in his age range as a youngster.
    It meant football played second fiddle in his life until the age of 13.
    Lloris famously played through the pain of losing his mum, refusing bereavement leave to play for Nice.
    Hugo Lloris could have been a tennis star instead of a footballerCredit: AFP – Getty
    Wealthy and artisanal, Van Persie’s parents afforded the former Arsenal striker a comfortable life growing up in Rotterdam.
    His father Bob is a renowned artist and sculptor, while his mother Jose Ras is a painter, teacher and jewellery designer.
    Van Persie’s parents split up when he was younger, and he was a troublesome teen.
    His dad expected him to become an artist too.
    Robin Van Persie’s parents were artisticCredit: Instagram @robinvanpersie
    Mother Jose Ras is a painter, teacher and jewellery designerCredit: Instagram @robinvanpersie
    The fiery Italian wasn’t born wealthy.
    Balotelli originally comes from Palermo and his parents where Ghanaian immigrants.
    But he was adopted by Francesco and Silvia Balotelli family when his mum and dad couldn’t afford him.
    They were a wealthy pair, who lived in an affluent part of Brescia called Concesio.
    His birth and adoptive parents fought for custody, but it was decided it was in Balotelli’s best interests to stay put.
    Mario Balotelli was adopted when he was a kidCredit: Instagram @mb459
    Francesco and Silvia Balotelli lived wealthily in BresciaCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    An elegant footballer and man, Pirlo learned about the finer things in life when he was a kid.
    His dad Luigi set up a steel company in Brescia in 1982, which Andrea still has a stake in.
    The former Juventus star enjoyed an upper class life, which he later put to use in his own way.
    Pirlo, who ended his career in the MLS, also owns his own vineyard, as rich people do.
    Andrea Pirlo learned about the finer things in life as a youngsterCredit: Instagram @andreapirlo21
    Today, refined Pirlo owns his own vineyardCredit: Instagram @andreapirlo21
    He doesn’t have to play centre forward for Leeds, you know.
    Bamford isn’t your typical footballer, being a skilled violin and piano player and attended fee-paying Nottingham High School, got five A*s at GCSE and went on to study French, history and biology at A Level.
    Bamford was even offered a scholarship at Harvard in the US, who recognised his academic prowess.
    However, he’s not related to JCB founder Joseph Bamford, as was once claimed.
    Patrick Bamford went to private school and was offered a scholarship to HarvardCredit: Instagram @patrick_bamford
    Bamford is a not relative of JCB founder Joseph Bamford as was once claimedCredit: Hulton Archive – Getty
    Most of Brazil’s best footballers lead a life that tells a rags-to-riches tale. But former Ballon d’Or winner Kaka is different.
    He was raised by father Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite, who was an engineer, while his mother Simone dos Santos was a school teacher.
    It has been reported that Kaka lived comfortably, and wasn’t raised in poverty like many of his teammates for his country.
    Brazilian legend Kaka lived a comfortable existence growing upCredit: Instagram @kaka
    Kaka’s father Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite was an engineerCredit: Instagram @kaka
    Ref books Brazilian legend Kaka before taking a selfie with him during star studded charity match More

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    F1 ace Lewis Hamilton’s amazing car collection worth £13m, includes a £4m Shelby and a £1.6m Pagani Zonda 760 LH

    TO be Lewis Hamilton for a day.The F1 ace has amassed a £300m fortune that allows him to indulge in the best boys’ toys around.
    Lewis Hamilton has amassed a £300m fortune from motor racing and sponsorshipsCredit: Instagram @LewisHamilton
    Hamilton’s wealth means he can afford life’s greatest luxuries and has a £13m car collectionCredit: Instagram @LewisHamilton
    And boy does the racing legend know how to spend it – splashing his cash on the best cars that could earn him the title of ultimate celebrity petrol head.
    The eco-warrior equalled Michael Schumacher’s seven world titles last season and has a deal with Mercedes to race till 2023.
    Join SunSport in taking a look at the staggering fleet of cars that sees Hamilton, 36, live like a king.
    I don’t know anything about wine. I don’t know a huge amount about art. But what I do know is cars, and I’m very particular about them.”Lewis Hamilton on motors
    Lewis has a fleet of motors worth around… wait for it… £13 million.
    Of course, being a driver, he’s a car fanatic and collects everything from supercars to vintage classics that he divides between two garages – one in Monaco and another in LA.
    “I don’t know anything about wine. I don’t know a huge amount about art. But what I do know is cars, and I’m very particular about them,” he once said.
    Amusingly, so they keep their value, when Hamilton doesn’t want to drive them back home – he reportedly has a tow-truck that comes to pick them up from whatever restaurant or club he’s at.
    Here’s just some of his extravagant collection.
    The rarest motor in Hamilton’s possession is a £1.6m Pagani Zonda that was made entirely for him.
    The exterior and interiors are purple, and at the request of the sports star he opted for a manual gearbox instead of the usual sequential one.
    Hamilton’s Pagani Zonda cost him £1.6m but he hates driving itCredit: Rex Features
    His reasons? Because he hated getting behind the wheel of it initially.
    “The Zonda is terrible to drive!” he once said.
    “It’s the best-sounding car I own, but handling-wise it’s the worst.”
    That could be why in 2015 Hamilton got in an accident that caused some significant damage to the cherished motor.1966 SHELBY 427 COBRA
    The highest valued car in Hamilton’s collection is this stunning classic.
    Believed to be worth around £4m, it’s a rare sight – unless you’ve seen the racer cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway in LA.
    Hamilton was often spied taking his ex-missus Nicole Scherzinger for a spin in this beauty, which would have him standing out from the crowd.
    A 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra is Hamilton’s most expensive car worth £4mCredit: Instagram @LewisHamilton
    Every car aficionado worth their weight in salt owns this £1m Ferrari – another collector’s item that rises in value as the years go by.
    Capable of reaching a top speed of 217 mph, the LaFerrari can hit 0-62 mph in just 2.4 seconds, meaning it’s Hamilton’s fastest car he owns.
    Footballers including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Son Heung-min also drive this frighteningly fast motor that must be just like handling a racing car.
    A £1m Ferrari La Ferrari is a must for any car collection, including HamiltonCredit: Xposure
    Lewis has already got his hands on a Project One, that’s not even supposed to be out till next year.
    He was heavily involved in the production of the plug-in hybrid sports car that’s capable of hitting a top speed of 217mph.
    Only 275 are going to be released at a cost of around £2m.
    Make that 274 now, since Hamilton has one.
    Hamilton has managed to get his hands on a £2m Mercedes-AMG Project One ahead of its 2021 release
    Hamilton was heavily involved in the production of the Project OneCredit: AFP or licensors
    He already owned a SL Black Series, so why not add the SLS, right?
    Hamilton, who clearly has a need for speed, added this supercar to his garage probably because it’s the fastest Mercedes in production.
    Powered by a 6.2-litre V8 engine that produces 622bhp – the SLS can reach a top speed of 196 mph.
    It also hits 0-60 in just 3 seconds – making it the ideal car for Hamilton to get his thrills off the track with. For a price tag of £230k, it’s just what you’d expect really.
    Driving for Mercedes has its perks for HamiltonCredit: Instagram @LewisHamilton
    Hamilton regularly shares images on social media alongside Mercedes motorsCredit: Instagram @LewisHamilton
    Despite splitting with McLaren’s racing team, Hamilton can’t have felt too aggrieved with his former employers because in 2015 he added a £2m P1 to his extensive list of rides.
    The P1 has a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine, which is twinned with an electric motor that means the supercar has a total power and torque output of 903 bhp and 980 Nm of torque.
    In real talk that means it’s fast and powerful, can hit a top of 217 mph and 0-60mph in under 2.7 seconds.
    In 2015 Hamilton added a £2M McLaren P1 to his list of ridesCredit: Instagram @LewisHamilton
    The McLaren P1 is capable of hitting 0-62 mph in just 2.7 secondsCredit: Instagram @LewisHamilton
    Hamilton didn’t hold any grudges with McLaren despite splitting from the team and drives their car still on the streets of MonacoCredit: Instagram @LewisHamilton
    The second classic car that’s part of his fleet, fans of the Hollywood movie Gone In 60 Seconds might recognise this motor as looking to similar to one of the Eleanor models from the film.
    Hamilton had his customised by Oklahoma shop Classic Recreations for additional cost.
    At auctions, these can fetch up to £750k, and you can bet Hamilton’s is in tip-top condition. That said, we doubt he’ll ever sell it.
    Lewis Hamilton says he feels like ‘giving up on everything’ in post about environment that has fans fearing for the F1 superstar
    When the Mercedes-Maybach 6 came out in 2016, Hamilton made sure he got his hands on the concept car.
    The 2×2 coupe is completely electric, and can run up to 200 miles before it’ll need recharging.
    Hamilton also has another Mercedes – the Maybach S600, which is a luxurious chauffeur’s car with a partition separating the front seats from the back.
    Both those motors have a combined worth of around £800k.
    And Hamilton doesn’t mind swapping four wheels for two – sometimes taking his £6,500 Honda CRF450RX Motocross Bike around the dirt tracks of California.
    Then there’s also his Maverick X3 dune buggy that would’ve set him back around £20k, that’s also electric in theme with his eco-warrior status.
    Hamilton is a fan of the Maverick x3 dune buggy worth £20kCredit: 2017. All rights reserved.
    Nicole Scherzinger used to ride with Hamilton on his buggyCredit: Instagram @LewisHamilton
    Hamilton also has a penchant for motorbikesCredit: Getty Images – Getty More

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    Lewis Hamilton’s stunning homes, from £18m six-bedroom London mansion to £32m New York penthouse in celeb hotspot

    BEING an F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton is a natural globetrotter.Flying from circuit to circuit, the Brit has won the world championship SEVEN times.
    Globetrotter Lewis Hamilton boasts a proud property portfolioCredit: AFP or licensors
    Before he set off in pursuit of the 2021 title – having overtaken Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 career race wins last year – he at least had a choice of four luxury homes to self-isolate in.
    From a £32MILLION penthouse in New York to an £18MILLION London mansion and a Monte Carlo retreat, the 36-year-old racer knows how to live a life of luxury.
    Lewis has an affinity to America, especially the east coast, where he has owned two properties in the Big Apple.
    In 2019, he splashed £32m on a Manhattan penthouse in a condo project part-owned by NFL great Tom Brady and his model wife Gisele Bundchen.
    His 6,547 square-foot home included a huge outdoor area and has views of the Hudson River, as well as a swimming pool, fitness centre, squash court, library and wine cellar.
    Neighbours include Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and Austin Powers star Mike Myers.
    Around the same time, he listed his three-floor 8,900-square-foot penthouse that had its own swimming pool.
    Hamilton paid £34m for the five-bedroom, six-bathroom apartment in Tribeca in 2017, but incredibly never lived in it. It’s not known if he ever did sell it.
    Last year Hamilton splashed £32m on a Manhattan apartmentCredit: Vestry
    The glorious penthouse is part of a condo project part-owned by NFL great Tom Brady and his model wife Gisele BundchenCredit: Vestry
    The library will keep Hamilton book smartCredit: Vestry
    The bedroom boasts a view of the Hudson RiverCredit: Vestry
    Hamilton’s kitchen provides plenty of space for entertaining guestsCredit: Vestry
    Neighbours include Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and Austin Powers star Mike MyersCredit: Vestry
    Hamilton has an affinity to buying property in the Big AppleCredit: Vestry
    Hamilton used to have a home in nearby Greenwich VillageCredit: refer to caption
    The property had a state-of-the-art gymCredit: refer to caption
    Many of the luxury apartments had their own swimming poolsCredit: refer to caption
    Harry Styles, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were his former neighboursCredit: refer to caption
    So, this is what £18m buys you in England’s capital…
    In 2017, Hamilton snapped up this unique six-bedroom detached villa in West London from previous owners Burberry chief designer Christopher Bailey and his husband, actor Simon Woods.
    The stunning property has ‘generous entertaining space’ which opens out into a 200ft garden with an impressive summer house.
    It was built by the famous builder Samuel Johns in 1860.
    There are also four reception rooms, with two huge bathrooms.Again, it’s not known how much time Lewis spends living in the property.
    There are six spacious bedrooms inside
    Hamilton bought the mansion from Burberry chief designer Christopher Bailey and his husband, actor Simon Woods
    Famous builder Samuel Johns built the property in 1860
    The property boasts four reception rooms
    There are two bathrooms in Hamilton’s West London home

    Like many F1 drivers, Hamilton also lives in Monaco.
    Although not much is known about his property, he once shared a snap of his wonderful view.
    He captioned a snap on social media: “A place I call home, Monte Carlo. I am so blessed to live in such an incredible place. God is really shining down on me today.
    “Sending you light & love for your day. On my way to Spa, let’s do this!!!”
    Hamilton lives tax free in Monaco most of the timeCredit: Instagram @lewishamilton
    It is believed Hamilton resides in the exclusive Fontvieille districtCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    Hamilton once shared a view from his stunning Monaco apartment
    It is believed he resides in the exclusive Fontvieille district.
    Back in 2007, it was reported he was interested in a 2,000sq ft, four-bedroom duplex with views across the Mediterranean in Fontvieille’s Seaside Plaza.
    A top-floor apartment would have set him back somewhere in the region of £30m. Nice, if you’re a superstar racer.
    Mercedes release video of Lewis Hamilton’s new F1 2021 car which Brit helped engineers build to go for another title More

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    The wackiest goalkeeper incidents, from De Gea fouled by Fred, to Lehmann urinating and Barthez pretending it’s offside

    AS the saying goes, you have to be mad to be a goalkeeper… and these No1’s have provided us with some eccentric moments.In between the sticks for Manchester United, David De Gea conceded the most bizarre goal against Arsenal, when his own team mate Fred trod on his heel, leaving him on the deck as Emile Smith Rowe volleyed in from the edge of the area.
    David De Gea lays on the floor after being injured by his own player in Man Utd’s game against ArsenalCredit: AP
    Earlier, De Gea was trod on by his own team mate Fred
    The controversial goal was allowed to stand with referee Martin Atkinson failing to blow the whistle before the ball crossed the line to stop play.
    But that’s not the only bizarre moment involving the keeper as SunSport looks back at some classic incidents…
    Former Blackburn goalie Tim Flowers’ unfortunate error always appears on blooper shows.
    In fairness to the ex-England shotstopper, he got his body behind a tame shot from Stan Collymore in a game against Liverpool in 1996.
    But what he forgot to take into consideration was the divot he created moments earlier for his goal kicks.
    Not only did the ball hit said divot, it flicked the ball over the hapless goalie’s head.
    Tim Flowers was left red-faced when the ball hit a divot on the pitch an flicked over his headCredit: Sky
    On a beach, a beach ball is lots of fun. But on the football pitch, it’s a potential hazard for goalkeepers
    Just ask ex-Liverpool and Spain keeper Pepe Reina, who saw a shot from Sunderland striker Darren Bent deflect off one past him in a 1-0 defeat in 2009
    Ironically, the ball was thrown onto the pitch by a Liverpool fan.
    Some years later, Reina would tweet “Who the hell put a ball in there?”, accompanied with a picture of the incident.
    Pepe Reina was deceived by a beach ball in a defeat to SunderlandCredit: Getty
    It’s the most remarkable save you’ll ever see.
    England were hosting Colombia in 1995, in what ended up being a drab 0-0 draw.
    However, it was livened up by madcap Rene Higuita’s now infamous scorpion kick.
    An overhit cross from Jamie Redknapp floated towards goal. The curly-haired shotstopper let it float over his head, before volleying back where it came from – mimicking a scorpion’s tail stinging its prey.
    Rene Higuita seen doing his infamous scorpion kick at Wembley StadiumCredit: YouTube
    He’s behind you!
    Clearly, Shay Given didn’t get the memo that 6ft 2in centre forward Dion Dublin was sneakily hiding behind him.
    So, the Irishman decided to roll the ball out in front of him as he prepared to launch the ball forward for Newcastle in a game against Coventry City during the 1997-98 season.
    Cue Dublin pouncing on the loose ball and sweeping it home.
    Dion Dublin celebrates after Shay Given’s embarrassing errorCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
    Spare a thought for his rival, Ben Foster because no goalie wants to be scored against by his opposite number.
    But that’s exactly what happened to the Watford shotstopper, when ex-Spurs star Paul Robinson unleashed a monster free kick from deep in his own half in a game from 2007.
    Inexplicably, Foster completely misread the bounce of the ball as it skidded off the turf and over his head.
    “It was just one of those things – a freak goal. Out of respect for Ben I didn’t want to run off celebrating looking like I meant it,” Robinson later said.
    Paul Robinson launches a free kick from his own halfCredit: BBC
    Rival Ben Foster looks on in horror as the ball bounces over him and into the netCredit: Jamie McPhilimey

    Few men would defy chain-smoking Maurizio Sarri.
    However, Kepa Arrizabalaga must have had a death wish at Chelsea for this act of lunacy.
    The Italian manager wanted to take the goalie off in the 2019 League Cup final, ahead of a penalty shootout against Manchester City, believing he was injured.
    Sarri ordered penalty-saving specialist Willy Caballero to warm up, then tried to make the change. Kepa wasn’t having any of it though, and waved his manager off and stayed on the pitch.
    Kepa later accepted: “I was wrong, and I am sorry for everyone who was involved: for Maurizio Sarri, who it seemed like I had undermined in public; for Willy, a teammate and a great professional; and for all my teammates and Chelsea fans who had to put up with everything – all the noise that was generated during the game and then in the days after.
    “Inside the club it was no big deal. I had a chat with the boss, we talked about how we had each seen the situation, and we cleared the air.”
    Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to come off as a sub in a League Cup final for ChelseaCredit: PA:Press Association
    Jason Cundy slams De Gea for staying down for Arsenal’s opener More

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    Michael Carrick’s incredible journey from two-year Champions League depression to successful stint as Man Utd caretaker

    AFTER 15 years, Michael Carrick said an emotional goodbye to Old Trafford.The former Red Devil announced he was leaving the club following a successful stint as caretaker boss and a rollercoaster playing career that saw him hit the highest highs and plummet into a devastating depression.
    Michael Carrick walks away from Old Trafford with his head held high after a successful stint as caretaker bossCredit: Reuters
    His final act, a 3-2 win over fierce rivals Arsenal, meant he ended unbeaten in his three games – with two victories and one draw.
    Speaking to Amazon Prime after the game, he revealed: “It’s not been an easy decision to make but I feel it’s the right one.
    “I was going to take time off after I finished playing and it never happened. It feels like the right time to step away and what a way to finish.
    “It’s 100 per cent my decision. Over the last week I was conscious I respected the club and the manager coming in. I thought it was the right thing to do for the club and for Ralf [Rangnick] and I’m quite happy with that.
    “We were in a situation where there was a responsibility to see these games through. The loyalty to Ole is a little bit of a factor but there were a lot of things that came into my decision.
    “I’ve had great times, great memories and I’m proud of the players over the past three games.
    “I just told them and they were a bit shocked and surprised, a bit emotional in the changing room. I held it together, just about. It’s not been easy to keep it away from people but I had a job to do.”
    Although his future now may belong in managing, it’s as a player West Ham, Spurs and United fans also remember him fondly.
    It all started at Upton Park for the humble Wallsend-born midfielder.
    Often an underrated cog in a side, he provided stability for his defence while delivering simple passes to more attacking players.
    Wallsend-born Carrick began his football career at West HamCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
    It was at Man Utd Carrick enjoyed most success, winning five Premier League titlesCredit: Getty – Contributor
    In 2008 Carrick lifted the Champions League trophyCredit: Action Images – Reuters
    Carrick enjoyed a trophy laden career at UnitedCredit: Times Newspapers Ltd
    After making his debut aged 18 for the Hammers, where he was a member of their FA Youth Cup team in 1999, he lost two seasons through injury after a growth spurt.
    But he would end up playing 159 times in the East End, winning an Intertoto Cup, before moving to Spurs.
    Two seasons later, Sir Alex Ferguson paid £15million to bring him to the North as a successor to Roy Keane in midfield.
    Trophies that had eluded him at his previous clubs came aplenty at United.
    In all, he won five Premier League titles, an FA Cup, two League Cups, the Champions League and Europa League.
    He was also named Manchester United’s Players’ Player of the Year in 2012-13.
    Louis Van Gaal called Carrick his “trainer coach during the game”. So, it was inevitable what his next move would be.
    Made club captain when Wayne Rooney left, Carrick announced he would retire after the 2017-18 season.
    Awaiting him was a coaching position and working alongside Jose Mourinho and his assistant Rui Faria.
    “He has qualities we believe that can make him a good coach,” the Special One said before his final game at Old Trafford.
    When Mourinho was sacked, Carrick was kept on at the club and began working with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
    Jose Mourinho handed Carrick his coaching apprenticeshipCredit: Reuters
    When Mourinho left, Carrick worked alongside Ole Gunnar SolskjaerCredit: Getty – Contributor
    After becoming caretaker boss, Carrick made the decision to drop Cristiano Ronaldo to the benchCredit: Rex
    The pair formed an alliance, often seen deep in conversation in the dugout over tactics.
    But, his calling would soon come as caretaker boss when the Norwegian was dismissed.
    In his first game, he saw off Villarreal in the Champions League with a 2-0 win.
    Then, he his gambled decision to drop Cristiano Ronaldo saw his side fight for a 1-1 draw away at Chelsea.
    For his last game, Carrick would bring back a rejuvenated Ronaldo who would score twice, including a winner from the spot in a 3-2 win over Arsenal.
    However, despite his assured persona, Carrick has had to battle his demons.
    He admitted he punished himself so badly for gifting Barcelona a goal in the 2-0 Champions League final defeat in 2009 that it left him hardly wanting to play for the next 12 months.
    The former United midfielder opened up about his torment in his autobiography Michael Carrick: Between The Lines.
    Carrick wrote: “I was loose with a header and Iniesta was on it in a flash, passing to Messi. Barcelona are ruthless in transition.
    “I was close to Messi but couldn’t prevent him passing back to Iniesta who got ahead of me and Anderson. Iniesta slipped the ball to Eto’o, who got away from Vidic.
    “I slid in but only got close enough to Eto’o to see him score.
    Carrick admitted he punished himself for gifting a goal to Barcelona in a 2-0 Champions League final defeatCredit: Times Newspapers Ltd
    Humble Carrick admitted his mistake saw him sink into a deep depressionCredit: Getty
    “In quiet moments in the weeks after our 2-0 defeat, that passage of play kept returning to haunt me. I couldn’t get it out of my head. It sounds melodramatic, but I’ve never recovered from it.
    “The memory of conceding such a soft goal is always there in my mind. Giving the ball away to any team was dangerous, but to Barcelona it was suicidal.
    “That was the worst I’ve felt on a football pitch after a game by a mile. I was mentally devastated, angry and frustrated by my performance and by United’s.
    “I’ve never talked about Rome with the Boss. I can’t, it’s too painful. Even now, almost a decade on, the gloom from Rome has not completely gone.”
    As the dust settles, and Carrick leaves the Theatre of Dreams with his head held high, the question of what happens next remains.
    He will, no doubt, spend time with his family before embarking on his next chapter.
    Harry Maguire was one of the Man Utd stars who said an emotional goodbye to Carrick after the gameCredit: EPA
    Cristiano Ronaldo also wished his old team-mate and manager well for the futureCredit: Getty

    Should that be as a manager, well he has the endorsement of arguably the greatest player the world has ever seen.
    “Michael Carrick was a class act as a player and he can become a great coach as well,” Cristiano Ronaldo revealed on Instagram after news broke that Carrick was leaving.
    “Nothing is impossible for this guy. Personally, I’m proud to have played with him by my side as well as with him as a manager on our bench.”
    Michael Carrick reacts to Man Utd’s 3-2 victory against Arsenal More

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    Inside the stunning Monaco lives of F1’s mega rich drivers including Hamilton as Norris makes move to Monte Carlo

    LANDO NORRIS will join his fellow F1 drivers in moving to Monte Carlo.The Bristol-born star, 22, revealed he was swapping Woking for tax-haven Monaco, after the final Grand Prix of the season.
    Lando Norris is the latest F1 star who has announced he’s moving to Monte CarloCredit: Rex
    He said: “I’m moving to Monaco after [the final race in] Abu Dhabi for the reasons you probably expect.
    “It’s something that obviously a lot of drivers go to do, and especially with how racing is – I think you’ve seen it with a lot of the drivers, how quickly things can also go downhill.”
    Norris will be joining the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Charles Leclerc, and Valtteri Bottas in the Principality.
    And they all boast incredible lifestyles that are the envy of sports stars around the globe.
    From sailing on the Mediterranean sea to cycling on the streets, these racers have got it made.
    The seven-time world champion, who has a reported net worth of around £300million, has homes all across the globe.
    But for much of the year, Hamilton snubs his London mansion, New York penthouse and Colorado ranch for a life in Monaco.
    Although not much is known about where his property is, he once shared a snap of his wonderful view.
    He captioned a photo on social media: “A place I call home, Monte Carlo. I am so blessed to live in such an incredible place. God is really shining down on me today.
    “Sending you light & love for your day. On my way to Spa, let’s do this!!!”
    It is believed he resides in the exclusive Fontvieille district.
    Back in 2007, it was reported he was interested in a 2,000sq ft, four-bedroom duplex with views across the Mediterranean in Fontvieille’s Seaside Plaza.
    Speaking of the Mediterranean, Hamilton has been seen enjoying watersports during his time away from the circuit.
    Lewis Hamilton enjoys the high-life in MonacoCredit: Refer to Caption
    Hamilton lives in the exclusive Fontvieille districtCredit: Getty
    World champion Hamilton once shared the view from his penthouse on Instagram
    In his spare time, Hamilton has been known to enjoy watersportsCredit: Instagram @lewishamilton
    The contender to Hamilton’s throne, Verstappen’s lifestyle in Monaco is more paired down than his rival’s.
    But that said, it’s clear he doesn’t skimp either. The Dutch star is said to rent an apartment that’s worth around £16million.
    His home is believed to be in the same apartment block as Felipe Massa and Daniel Ricciardo, which he was once filmed allegedly entering drunk after a night out.
    During the first lockdown, he gave us a glimpse into his home when he shared his workouts from his balcony that overlooks the Mediterranean sea.
    It’s also where girlfriend, Brazilian model Kelly Piquet lives with him.
    Verstappen is said to have a car collection in Monaco to die for, and recently ordered the £2million Aston Martin Valkyrie.
    And like his speedy nemesis Hamilton, he likes watersports to – often seen whizzing around on a Red Bull sponsored jet-ski.
    Max Verstappen shared his favourite workout spot, his apartment balcony, on social mediaCredit: Instagram / @maxverstappen1
    Like Hamilton, Verstappen is a huge fan of watersports and has been seen jet-skiing in the Mediterranean seaCredit: Refer to Caption
    Brazilian model Kelly Piquet is said to live in Monaco with VerstappenCredit: Instagram @kellypiquet

    Like Hamilton, Ricciardo has other abodes, most notably in Beverly Hills and in Perth.
    But, when the former Monaco Grand Prix winner is competing he lives in his comfortable one bedroom pied-à-terre in the city.
    And he absolutely loves living in Monaco, as his Instagram reveals.
    He drives a super fast McLaren 720S around time, worth around £215,000.
    And when he’s not on four wheels, he takes his scooter for a drive around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit.
    Of the Grand Prix, the Aussie has revealed how the city changes when it’s race weekend.
    “It feels like a real racetrack, and I’m not thinking ‘there’s a cafe I eat at’ or ‘there’s a street I ride my Vespa down’ or whatever,” he revealed.
    “You wake up in your own bed, kick around your apartment and then start the journey to work.” 
    Daniel Ricciardo shows off the view from the balcony his Monaco apartment complexCredit: YouTube
    Ricciardo drives a £215,000 McLaren 720S around the cityCredit: Instagram / @danielricciardo
    When it’s race weekend, Ricciardo likes to take his scooter for a drive around the trackCredit: Instagram / @danielricciardo
    Aussie star Ricciardo loves life in MonacoCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    The Finnish driver lives with Australian professional cyclist Tiffany Cromwell in the city.
    However, they opt for a more private life in Monte Carlo, like they do in his homeland, where he owns a beautiful lakeside holiday home.
    He did share his stunning view from his apartment balcony overlooking the harbour once upon a time though, giving fans a glimpse into his lifestyle.
    Bottas also has the cycling bug, often competing in races around Monaco in his spare time.
    When he’s not driving a race car, Bottas is seen driving his £115,000 Mercedes-AMG GT.
    To keep fit, Bottas goes running around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit he races on.
    Valtteri Bottas’ apartment overlooks the harbourCredit: Instagram / @valtteribottas
    Bottas lives together with Australian cyclist Tiffany CromwellCredit: Twitter / @ValtteriBottas
    Bottas often takes part in cycling races in Monte CarloCredit: Getty
    When he hits the road, Bottas travels in style in a £115,000 Mercedes-AMG GTCredit: Instagram / @valtteribottas
    Leclerc is born and bred in Monaco, so he has absolutely no reason to leave.
    He has a luxury apartment, which he lives in with gorgeous girlfriend Charlotte Sine.
    Hilariously, when she was locked out of the home, Charlotte had to subscribe to his Twitch channel because he couldn’t hear her as he was playing a racing simulator and had a headset on.
    “So my girlfriend had to subscribe to my twitch channel to tell me to open the door,” he later revealed on Twitter.
    Leclerc has a gang of friends he loves spending the summers with.

    They hop on board his £1.5million yacht, Monza and cruise around the Mediterannean.
    And when he’s not on sea, he’s on grass on the golf course working on his handicap.
    It’s a glam life that awaits Lando Norris, when he makes his move to Monte Carlo.
    Charles Leclerc lives the ultimate playboy lifestyle in Monte CarloCredit: Instagram / @charles_leclerc
    Leclerc’s family are originally from MonacoCredit: Instagram / @charles_leclerc
    Leclerc and his pals like to hang out on his £1.5m yacht called MonzaCredit: Instagram / @charles_leclerc
    Hilariously, Leclerc’s girlfriend Charlotte had to subscribe to his Twitch channel to tell him to open the front door of their apartment

    Lewis Hamilton reacts to his Qatar GP win More

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    Man Utd boss Ralf Rangnick had wheel of fortune at Leipzig with forfeits like making stars train in a ballerina’s tutu

    MAN UTD’S new boss Ralf Rangnick was a disciplinarian at previous club RB Leipzig, where he had a wheel of fortune containing forfeits for disobeying stars.The German manager, 63, was finally confirmed as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s successor this week, and will join the club as interim manager before staying on as a consultant for a further two years.
    Man Utd’s stars could play Ralf Rangnick’s wheel of forfeits if they behave badly
    Ralf Rangnick’s wheel of misfortune with 12 forfeits from his time at RB Leipzig
    And it could mean that Red Devils stars Harry Maguire and Cristiano Ronaldo might face punishments like training in a ballerina’s tutu or working in the club shop, if they step out of line.
    Rangnick came up the idea after scrapping fines believing a professional footballer’s time is more valuable than money.
    He said in 2018: “Fines rarely bring anything. It hurts the players more when they have less time.”
    And his assistant Jesse Marsch mentioned the idea of a wheel with he had picked up from America.
    The concept is simple; spin the wheel and await your forfeit. There are 12 outcomes – 11 bad, and one ‘Get out of jail free’ card.
    Here’s the 12 outcomes on Ralf’s dreaded wheel.
    1. Pump up the balls, get them on the pitch, clean them
    For 30 minutes per day for a week, this task will see a player having to make sure balls are pumped up and ready to use.
    Better still, they’ve got to be spotless.
    Footballs will have to be pumped up by misbehaving starsCredit: Getty
    2. Train an academy team
    An essential part of United’s success has been through their kids.
    If a player lands on this, they will have to train one of the academy teams for four hours when they have a free day.
    3. Stadium tour guide
    It would be your lucky day, if you were a supporter and Ronaldo was showing you around Old Trafford.
    But, should a star misbehave they will have to act as a tour guide for the Theatre of Dreams for one hour.
    Players will have to act as tour guide at Old Trafford if they step out of line with RangnickCredit: Getty
    4. Get Lucky
    View it as a get out of jail free card.
    Should a player spin and fall on this, they will face absolutely no punishment and will be counting their lucky stars.
    5. Mow and take care of training pitch
    As you can expect, the pitches at Carrington are perfectly manicured.
    This task would see a player assisting the groundsman in mowing the grass and tending to the training areas for four to six hours within a training week.
    Groundsman at Carrington will be assisted in looking after training pitches by naughty starsCredit: Rex

    6. Wear a tutu
    Possibly the worst on the list and most embarrassing.
    Play up in front of Rangnick, and you’ll be forced to wear a pink ballerina’s tutu for 90 minutes at training.
    7. Fill water bottles
    Rehydration is crucial to athletes when it comes to training.
    This forfeit would mean the naughty player will have to mix drinks ahead of training and fill water bottles for 20 minutes per day for the whole week.
    Filling water bottles for team mates is one of Rangnick’s forfeits on his wheel of fortuneCredit: Getty
    8. Club shop assistant
    Here’s a punishment you wouldn’t want to face during the festive period.
    This would see a player having to work as an assistant at the Manchester United’s Megastore for three hours.
    9. Serve food in team cafe and clean tables
    For 30 minutes per day, a star would have to serve his team mates their dinner cooked by the chef.
    Worse still, he would be expected to clean up after them when they’ve finished.
    Cristiano Ronaldo might be serving up club team mates their dinner, if he misbehavesCredit: Getty
    10. Work as a kit assistant
    Again, not a glam job for a well-paid United star.
    This task would see someone have to take care of dirty shirts, and make sure boots are clean for 30 minutes per day.
    11. Load the team bus
    Man Utd have an amazing team bus, worth £400,000. So, you can imagine you can get a lot of stuff in it.
    And that would be expected of you, if you mess Ralf about.
    For an hour and a half on an away day, you’d have to load the bus with bags.
    Players may have to load up the team bus if they cross RangnickCredit: Getty
    12. Buy gifts for staff
    With the salaries United players are on, this won’t dent their wages too much.
    But, land on this one and you’ll have to buy small gifts for up to 60 members of staff.
    So, will Rangnick enforce his wheel of forfeits on United’s stars?
    Time will tell if you see Paul Pogba training in a tutu.
    Ralf Rangnick’s Man Utd appointment slammed as Souness says he doesn’t get it ‘on any level’ More

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    Ex-Liverpool and Fulham star Ryan Babel is now a rapper, who has released his autobiography as a hip-hop album

    FORMER Liverpool ace Ryan Babel has released his autobiography… as a rap record.The Dutch star, 34, always held an interest in hip-hop and toyed with the idea of releasing music as he juggled a career in football.
    Ryan Babel has released his autobiography as a rap recordCredit: Alamy
    Dutch star Babel played for Liverpool between 2007-2011Credit: Getty
    But, with the game taking up most of his time, he instead set up a record label when he was 22 and appeared on other artist’s songs.
    Now, with his career winding down, Babel has stepped up to the mic with a truly inventive idea.
    On The Autobiography – Chapter 1, the Netherlands international sings about his relationship with Rafa Benitez, how Louis van Gaal didn’t believe in him and aims a dig at former team mate Ibrahim Affelay.
    It was boredom that inspired Babel, who had two spells in the Premier League with the Reds and Fulham, as he twiddled his thumbs during the first lockdown.
    He was on loan at Ajax from parent club Galatasaray, where he plays today, when a journalist asked him if he planned on penning his memoir.
    At the time he thought he was too young. But when football stopped, last year Babel got creative.
    He rang up his pals in the music industry and told them of his novel plan to detail his life story in a hip hop album.
    “I was aware that, if I wanted to make it authentic, I had to share stuff that maybe isn’t always comfortable to tell,” he told The Guardian.
    “But at the same time I was prepared mentally to do that and the process of writing was very inspiring with the people who were involved. I’m really proud of what I was able to tell in the final product and the way I was able to tell it.
    During the first lockdown, Babel admitted boredom got the better of himCredit: Alamy
    Already interested in music, Babel set out making a record about his careerCredit: Instagram @ryanbabel
    The Autobiography – Chapter 1, album cover shown, is the fruit of Babel’s laboursCredit: Instagram @ryanbabel
    “In the past when I was making little things in the studio it was more like bragging, you know how rappers do in general.
    “It’s easy to lie and say, ‘Oh, I’m rich this and rich that’ but that wasn’t interesting for me and definitely not what I wanted to do. I wanted to be as authentic as possible and share my truth.”
    During his storied career Babel has played for, and with, some of the most famous names in football.
    Open Letter, the third single to be taken from his debut LP, was the one that caused the most stir in his homeland.
    In the song, he bashes Louis Van Gaal and Rafa Benitez – but saves his more potent venom for Ibrahim Affelay.
    “Open Letter is a song that is divided into two parts and has two different beats,” Babel said.
    “The first part of the song is basically me taking you back on a journey I have walked from the very start. I describe moments where I felt certain coaches didn’t believe enough in me.
    “I describe conversations with old football players like Winston Bogarde, who had a tough conversation with me and told me that if I wanted to make it I needed to step it up.
    “I involve the current head coach of the Netherlands, Louis van Gaal, who at the time was the sporting director of Ajax and didn’t believe enough in me to give me a contract but still did because the coach, Danny Blind, believed in me.
    Babel leaves no stone unturned with some of his controversial lyricsCredit: Instagram @ryanbabel
    Ibrahim Affelay and Babel in better times before the rapper dissed his former team mateCredit: Alamy
    [embedded content]
    “I talk about those things that happened back in 2003-2004 and I have never shared before.
    “There is also a moment where I describe my little relationship with Rafa Benítez at Liverpool, and then you go to the second part of the song which is more about the current time and where I give my opinion on journalism in Holland and a situation with an old colleague who became a journalist (Afellay).
    “People in Holland took it as a diss-song but it was more an expression of my disappointment in this individual because we had been teammates for so long and now he turned into a pundit who, in my opinion, tried to score points to make his position look good in the pundit world.”
    Babel was signed by Benitez for £11.5million in 2007.
    However, he struggled to set England alight with the Reds – despite an early prediction from Liverpool legends Kenny Dalglish that he had the potential to set the Premier League alight.
    Babel is believes he could have got more support from the Spanish manager during his time at Anfield.
    “It was, in my opinion, a weird relationship [with Benítez] because when he signed me I looked at him as the big uncle who wanted to give me a chance and help me succeed,” Babel divulged.
    “But then as we went on he left me totally on my own and only judged me for the things I didn’t do right instead of telling me how to solve or improve the things I had to improve.
    After arriving at Anfield in 2007 alongside Yossi Benayoun, Babel struggled with boss Rafa BenitezCredit: PA:Press Association
    Babel, still only 34, currently plays for Turkish side GalatasarayCredit: Rex

    “I was very young and I just needed guidance. I don’t want to blame the coach for me not having the ultimate career at Liverpool but I felt it could have been closer in terms of guidance and support.
    “You can compare it to when you’re trying to teach someone something and it doesn’t stick, but then someone else says the same thing in a different way and all of a sudden it clicks.
    “The way the coach at that moment tried to make things click, it didn’t click.”
    Ryan Babel’s The Autobiography – Chapter 1 is out now and available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Deezer. More