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    Lewis Hamilton will donate £20MILLION to help young Brits after launching commission into lack of diversity in F1

    SIR LEWIS HAMILTON will donate £20MILLION to help under-represented young people in Britain.The seven-time Formula One champion launched his own commission to identify the causes of the lack of people from diverse backgrounds in motorsport.
    Lewis Hamilton will donate £20million to help under-represented young people in BritainCredit: Splash
    Earlier this month he published their report – The Hamilton Commission, run in association with the Royal Academy of Engineering – which identified shortcomings in education, particularly in science, technology, engineering and maths.
    Now Hamilton has pledged to pump his money into a new foundation, Mission 44, to act on the report’s findings.
    He said: “Supporting the ambitions of under-represented young people has always been important to me and Mission 44 represents my commitment to create real change within this community.
    “In my early life, I experienced first-hand how coming from an under- represented background can affect your future but, luckily for me, I was able to overcome those odds through opportunity and support.
    “I want to ensure that other young people from similar backgrounds are able to do the same.
    “The findings of The Hamilton Commission and its recommendations have provided us with a fantastic basis to begin our work.
    “Change within the industry is long overdue but we are now firmly on the journey towards transforming it for the better.”
    Hamilton, 36, has also formed Ignite, a joint charitable partnership with his racing team Mercedes.
    The multi-million-dollar fund will continue his work.
    Hamilton remains the only black driver in F 1. And he added: “Mercedes have long supported my ambition to improve diversity and inclusion within the motorsport industry.
    “I am so thrilled that, through Ignite, we are able to work together to achieve this.
    “Diverse workforces are not only more successful but are also the morally correct approach for any industry.
    “The findings of The Hamilton Commission have provided us a fantastic base to begin our work and I am confident that Ignite will result in real, tangible change within motorsport.
    “For 15 years I have remained one of the few black employees within Formula One and I am proud that my work with Mercedes is going to change that for the better.”
    Hamilton, who has signed a new two-year deal with Mercedes, has the full backing of team boss Toto Wolff.
    Wolff said: “We are delighted and proud to be standing alongside Lewis.
    “Lewis has long spoken about the challenges he has faced in motorsport.

    “His determination to turn his experience into such powerful and decisive action is a measure of both his character and unwavering commitment to support people to fulfil their potential.
    “At Mercedes, we have listened and worked closely with Lewis over the last year to understand how we can help open up our sport to achieve a more diverse and inclusive workforce within our own team.
    “The opportunity is both exciting and challenging.”
    Dramatic F1 fan footage shows brutal impact of Max Verstappen’s 180mph crash as Lewis Hamilton is blamed for collision More

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    Red Bull launch official protest against Lewis Hamilton’s ‘lenient’ British GP penalty for Max Verstappen crash

    LEWIS HAMILTON is set for an explosive showdown with Max Verstappen ahead of the Hungarian GP.Red Bull are livid that the Brit was given a “lenient” 10-second penalty after being found guilty of crashing into Verstappen on lap one of the British GP and want the incident reviewed.
    Red Bull and Max Verstappen were furious with the ‘light’ punishment Lewis Hamilton received for their first-round crashCredit: PA
    Max Verstappen’s Red Bull car suffered around £1.3m of damage from this crash
    World championship leader Max Verstappen crashed out of the British GP after a first lap collision with eventual winner Lewis Hamilton
    The 180mph shunt at Copse corner sent Verstappen into the barriers with the impact measured at 51G.
    The Dutchman was flown to hospital for MRI and CT scans to assess his injuries while Red Bull say it caused £1.3million of damage to his F1 car.
    In the wake of the incident Red Bull boss Christian Horner said Hamilton’s penalty was “light” and, “given the severity of the incident and the lenient penalty”, they were reviewing all their options.
    And the team have now officially protested the stewards’ decision, with the review being heard by the FIA in Budapest ahead of this weekend’s race.
    Horner was also critical of Hamilton’s over-exuberant celebrations in front of 140,000 fans as he went on to win the British GP, with Verstappen still in hospital.
    In his column on the team’s website, he added: “I am also still disappointed about the level of celebrations enjoyed in the wake of the accident.
    “The Mercedes team were aware of the gravity of the crash with Max widely reported as having been hospitalised and requiring further checks”.
    Red Bull’s decision to take action will rival Mercedes, who accused Horner of making “personal” attacks on Hamilton for criticising his driving.
    Horner believes the occasion got to Hamilton, as he bungled his move on the opening lap knowing he needed a victory to remain in the championship.
    Verstappen’s retirement and Hamilton’s victory helped him reduce the Red Bull man’s advantage in the championship to eight points.
    And Wolff too senses that their on-track rivalry has gone up a notch since his driver’s home GP – and says he expects more collisions between the two.
    Wolff said: “I think that the intensity has increased since Silverstone.
    The ten greatest F1 drivers of all-time – according to SunSport’s motorsport correspondent Ben Hunt
    “It certainly will not be the last time they fight for position and hopefully they can do it in a sportsmanlike way. And, if not, we will see more collisions.”
    Meanwhile, Verstappen is eager to regain his missed points in this weekend’s race at the Hungaroring and says he is feeling fine after his shunt.
    He said: “I’m happy to get back on track in Hungary this weekend, especially after the last race result.
    “I’m a little bruised of course but that’s normal after such a big impact but I’m training and feeling good.

    “I did a 24hr sim race this week and it was a good test to see how my body would react to spending time sat in one position for a long time.
    “I felt absolutely fine, which makes me feel positive heading into the weekend.”I know what happened at Silverstone and feel a certain way about how my race ended, but now I’m just focusing on making sure we are the best we can be so we can stay ahead in the championship.
    “The team can take care of the official side of things and anything that needs looking into after the crash but my job is the same as always – to be the best I can and try to win on Sunday.”
    Dramatic F1 fan footage shows brutal impact of Max Verstappen’s 180mph crash as Lewis Hamilton is blamed for collision More

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    Lewis Hamilton crash cost Red Bull £1.3MILLION & left Max Verstappen feeling like he’d gone ‘few rounds with Tyson Fury’

    RED BULL have revealed the full cost of Max Verstappen’s crash with Lewis Hamilton – at a whopping £1.3MILLION.The Dutchman was clipped on his right-rear wheel at 180mph by his title rival at the British Grand Prix, sending him into the tyre barrier.
    Max Verstappen’s Red Bull will cost £1.3million to repair
    Christian Horner has not ruled out launching action against Lewis HamiltonCredit: AP
    The huge impact, measuring 51G in G-force, mangled Verstappen’s car and left him hospitalised while Hamilton won the race.
    Red Bull boss Christian Horner has confirmed that his driver underwent a CT and MRI scan at Coventry Hospital before getting the all-clear.
    And the race chief, 47, outlined just how much the incident has set his team back financially.
    He told the Red Bull Racing website: “That crash has cost us approximately $1.8million (£1.3m) and an accident like that has massive ramifications in a budget cap era.”
    Hamilton, 36, was given a ten-second time penalty after stewards decided he caused the crash – although a number of his fellow drivers defended the collision as a racing incident.
    But Horner has outlined how Red Bull are ‘considering’ launching further action against the reigning Formula One champion and Mercedes.
    I spoke to Max again on Monday and he felt like he’d done a few rounds with Tyson Fury. Christian Horner
    He said: “It is no secret that we felt at the time, and still feel, that Hamilton was given a light penalty for this type of incident.
    “Given the severity of the incident and the lenient penalty, we are reviewing all data and have the right to request a review.
    “We are therefore still looking at the evidence and considering all of our sporting options.”
    The F1 title race has been ignited by the row ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix on August 1.
    Verstappen will ‘do his talking on-track’, according to Horner, having experienced a battering akin to ‘a few rounds with Tyson Fury’.

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    The team boss added: “Max was monitored closely and later released from hospital at around 22:00 and was able to travel home the following day.
    “I spoke to him again on Monday morning and he felt like he’d done a few rounds with Tyson Fury.
    “He was battered and bruised but feeling lucky and grateful to the medical team, as we all are, and in true Max style he was already trying to put it out of his mind and look ahead to Hungary.”
    Dramatic F1 fan footage shows brutal impact of Max Verstappen’s 180mph crash as Lewis Hamilton is blamed for collision More

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    Ralf Schumacher ‘doesn’t see a partner in Lewis Hamilton’s life except for his DOG’ as he is so devoted to F1

    LEWIS HAMILTON is committed to Formula One having sacrificed his love life to focus on winning world titles, says Ralf Schumacher.The German, 46, remarked that Hamilton’s dog, Roscoe, is his chief life partner – but told the Brit that there is ‘no need to change anything’.
    Lewis Hamilton is regularly joined at circuits by his beloved pet dog, RoscoeCredit: Reuters
    An eighth world championship is on the 36-year-old’s agenda, which would beat the record of Michael Schumacher, the brother of ex-racer Ralf.
    Schumacher told Bild: “Lewis loves Formula One.
    “I don’t see a partner at his side in his life, except maybe for his dog.
    “If you live life the way he does, there is no need to change anything. Especially when you win so much.
    “From my point of view, I can say that it is also a strange feeling when you as a racing driver suddenly wake up in the morning and no longer have this well-planned year.
    “I also believe that Lewis really wants to break my brother’s world championship record of seven titles.”
    Hamilton’s long-term relationship with singer Nicole Scherzinger ended in 2015 and he has remained private about his love life since.
    While a number of F1 drivers have families, including Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, Hamilton has admitted his difficulties in that regard.
    I for one also find that incredibly difficult, with your goal to be as competitive as you can be.Lewis Hamilton2019
    He said in 2019: “In general for athletes, having the right mindset and trying to find the right balance of how dedicated you are as opposed to resting back and enjoying your quality time, it’s different for everyone.
    “But having spoken and read about other athletes in different sports, it’s obviously quite similar for all of us.
    “There are those that manage it, look at Seb. There are many athletes who have happy lives in the background.
    “But I for one also find that incredibly difficult, with your goal to be as competitive as you can be.
    “Ultimately, you want to be 100 per cent committed because you never want to be any less committed than the person next to you.
    “There’s only a certain amount of you as a whole that you can give to everything. It depends how much of a sacrifice you want to make.”
    Schumacher has urged Hamilton to keep racing while he remains at the top of his game.
    After winning the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in controversial style, the reigning champ is only eight points behind Max Verstappen in the drivers’ standings and is contracted to the end of the 2023 season.

    And Schumacher noted: “I think it’s better to race for longer and then stop completely, than stop early and later start a comeback.
    “Lewis is still fully in there, still fast.
    “One should rather ask why Kimi Raikkonen is still driving at 41. His best times have been behind him for a long time.”
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    Lewis Hamilton pulls off huge F1 British Grand Prix win in front of Silverstone fans after penalty for Verstappen crash More

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    Lando Norris mugging: Man, 24, arrested after McLaren F1 star mugged for £40k watch at Wembley as cops release pics

    A 24-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested after F1 driver Lando Norris had his £40,000 watch stolen as he left the Euro 2020 final at Wembley.The Bristol-born racer, 21, was left “shaken” after his watch, one of only a small number in circulation, was taken.
    F1 ace Lando Norris, 21, had his £40,000 watch stolen at Wembley as fans ran riotCredit: PA
    Police have released this photograph as they launch an appeal for informationCredit: PA
    Met police confirmed that on Sunday a 24-year-old man was arrested in Liverpool on suspicion of robbery.
    He has been bailed to return on a date in mid-August.
    And cops have now released an appeal for information over the stolen watch — sharing more images of the timepiece in the hopes someone with information will step forward.
    While it has not been confirmed which watch was stolen, Lando is often seen wearing Richard Mille timepieces, reports
    One of them is reportedly the RM 67-02 Automatic Winding Extra Flat.
    Met Police said a 21-year-old, believed to be Norris, had left the stadium and returned to his car which was parked in the yellow car park in nearby Rutherford Way.
    In a statement, cops said: “He was approached by two men who engaged him in conversation.
    “A short time later he was assaulted and held by one of the men while his watch was removed from his wrist.
    “The victim was understandably shaken but did not sustain any lasting injuries.”
    The suspects had already left by the time police arrived, the statement added.
    Scotland Yard have appealed for witnesses, in particular one person who claimed to have captured the incident on their dashcam but left before giving police his details.
    Detectives are “very keen” to speak to the person and obtain any footage.

    A statement from Formula One last week said: “McLaren Racing can confirm that Lando Norris was involved in an incident, after the Euro 2020 final match at Wembley, during which the watch he was wearing was taken.
    “Thankfully, Lando was unharmed but he is understandably shaken. The team is supporting Lando and we are sure that racing fans will join us in wishing him all the best for the British Grand Prix this weekend.
    “As this is now a police matter we cannot comment further.”
    Anyone who witnessed the incident or who has been approached with a view to buying the watch should call the investigation team on 0777 667 3655 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    Norris was at Wembley watching the Euros finalCredit: Instagram/@landonorris
    Lando Norris was mugged at the wheel of his McLaren supercar at Wembley’s car park
    Stewards replace barricades after they were knocked over outside Wembley at the Euro finalCredit: AP
    Alleged thieves suspected of stealing F1 ace Lando Norris’s £40,000 watch at Wembley appear to show it off outside ground More

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    Dramatic F1 fan footage shows brutal impact of Max Verstappen’s 180mph crash as Lewis Hamilton is blamed for collision

    FAN FOOTAGE of Max Verstappen’s crash during the British Grand Prix on Sunday reveals just how brutal the incident was.Amateur photographers were sat just behind the fence and were scattered with debris as the Red Bull driver crashed into a tyre wall.
    Supporters watch Max Verstappen make contact with Lewis Hamilton
    The fans are in shock as the Red Bull car comes flying towards them
    Spectators are forced to duck for cover as debris is thrown up in the air
    Verstappen, 23, suffered a high-speed crash after colliding with Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone’s famous Copse Corner.
    The incident was worrying from the outset, with F1 officials producing the red flag moments later to halt the race.
    But it was hard to grasp the intensity of the crash as professional cameramen were not placed nearby.
    The amateur footage, obtained by the Daily Mail, shows the crowd scream in angst as Verstappen’s Red Bull approaches them at high-speed.
    Fans are placed just a dozen or so yards away from the fence, which is heavily protected by the tyre wall.
    Some supporters are seen bracing for impact as large amounts of debris comes hurling their way.
    One fan is seen asking a child if they’re OK following the dramatic incident.
    Verstappen was rushed to hospital to be checked after suffering the crash but thankfully avoided injury.
    Hamilton, 36, was blamed for the crash and was awarded a 10-second penalty by race stewards, although he still managed to win the race.
    And former F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone believes Hamilton was at fault for the incident.
    The 90-year-old told the Daily Mail: “Who was to blame? You have to say Lewis.
    “In the old days we would have said it was one of those things, a racing incident. It was clear that everyone was doing his best to win the championship.
    “But if the stewards needed to get involved then they should have given Lewis more than a 10-second penalty. It should have been 30 seconds.
    “Lewis was not in front at the point they collided. It wasn’t his corner. He was almost a car’s length behind. That’s why he hit him at the back not the front.
    “Ten seconds was not right. The punishment did not fit the crime.
    “If you have to give a sanction, which in some ways they didn’t need to, this was not right decision – it wasn’t enough.”

    The ten greatest F1 drivers of all-time – according to SunSport’s motorsport correspondent Ben Hunt

    Verstappen’s dad Jos has also criticised Hamilton, telling Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf: “It’s really not acceptable what he [Hamilton] did.
    “I think a 10 second penalty is really ridiculous. As far as I am concerned they should have just disqualified him.
    “Max gives him space and is just in front of him. You can’t overtake on the inside.”
    Max Verstappen’s Red Bull car before the crashCredit: Getty
    The 23-year-old was fortunate to avoid injuryCredit: Getty
    Max Verstappen groans in pain and shouts ‘argh, f***’ on Red Bull team radio after F1 star’s crash with Lewis Hamilton More

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    Max Verstappen’s dad piles into Lewis Hamilton crash row by slamming ‘unacceptable’ driving from F1 champ at British GP

    MAX VERSTAPPEN’S dad has piled into the crash row between his son and Lewis Hamilton by branding the Brit’s driving ‘unacceptable’.Red Bull star Verstappen went flying off the Silverstone track in the first lap of Sunday’s British GP after being clipped by Hamilton during a tense battle for space.
    Max Verstappen’s dad Jos has slammed Lewis Hamilton’s ‘unacceptable’ driving at the British GPCredit: Getty
    The 2021 season leader was immediately taken to hospital for checks before being given the all-clear.
    But father Jos has now slammed Hamilton’s driving and hit out at the 10-second penalty the eventual race winner was given.
    Jos Verstappen told De Telegraaf: “It’s really not acceptable what he [Hamilton] did.
    “I think a 10 second penalty is really ridiculous. As far as I am concerned they should have just disqualified him.
    “Max gives him space and is just in front of him. You can’t overtake on the inside.”
    Son Max branded Hamilton ‘disrespectful’ after the Brit went on to win the race before celebrating with a Union Flag – while he was still at hospital.
    Vestappen said: “Glad I’m ok. Very disappointed with being taken out like this.
    “The penalty given does not help us and doesn’t do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on track.
    “Watching the celebrations while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behaviour but we move on.”
    Hamilton, who received disgusting racist abuse in the aftermath of the race, looked to calm things down by sending his best wishes to ‘incredible counterpart’ Verstappen afterwards.
    But the Mercedes ace refused to apologise for his racing style and celebrations in front of home supporters.
    Hamilton responded: “Today is a reminder of the dangers in this sport.

    “I send my best wishes to Max who is an incredible competitor. I’m glad to hear he is ok.
    “I will always race hard but always fairly. My team showed grit and perseverance out there.
    “It’s a dream to win in front of my home crowd.”
    Max Verstappen groans in pain and shouts ‘argh, f***’ on Red Bull team radio after F1 star’s crash with Lewis Hamilton More

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    Wimbledon hero Emma Raducanu watches carnage of British GP at Silverstone after upgrading her ‘Sunday routine’

    SILVERSTONE welcomed Emma Raducanu to the British Grand Prix on Sunday amid the Wimbledon ace’s stunning rise.The Brit, 18, broke through to reach the fourth-round of this year’s tennis tournament – her first-ever appearance at a Grand Slam.
    Emma Raducanu was one of the many famous faces at Silverstone on SundayCredit: Getty
    The tennis ace detailed her day out on her Instagram pageCredit: Instagram @emmaraducanu
    And she joked that her routine had ‘slightly changed’ after being invited to go behind the scenes for the Formula One race.
    Raducanu sat on the Red Bull pit wall as part of her tour of the paddock, posing for photographs with the array of historic cars that took to the track ahead of the Grand Prix.
    After waving to the 140,000 fans at Silverstone while riding on the drivers’ parade, the teenager hopped behind the wheel of a McLaren supercar.
    Fellow celebs including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were snapped hanging out with Raducanu, with the likes of Tom Cruise and Prince Edward also present for Sunday’s spectacle.
    She wrote on Instagram: “A Sunday routine that slightly changed 😝.
    “Doesn’t get better than the F1 British GP.”
    Raducanu hopped behind the wheel of a McLaren during the eventCredit: Instagram @emmaraducanu
    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang posed for photos with the Brit in the paddockCredit: Getty

    In the race, Red Bull were left furious by Lewis Hamilton’s first-lap collision with Max Verstappen.
    The Dutchman was taken to hospital for checks after hitting the tyre barrier at 180mph.
    A row has broken out between the two teams with Mercedes and Hamilton defending their actions.
    However, F1 was united in condemning the racist abuse targeted at the Brit, 36, in the aftermath of his victory.

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    Max Verstappen groans in pain and shouts ‘argh, f***’ on Red Bull team radio after F1 star’s crash with Lewis Hamilton More