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    Ring girl Apollonia Llewellyn shows off her cleavage in ‘phenomenal’ dress on red carpet sending fans into meltdown

    BOXING ring girl Apollonia Llewellyn wowed in a blue dress on the red carpet for the Beauty Awards. The Instagram influencer stepped out for the event in London and did so in style.
    Apollonia Llewellyn wowed in a blue dress on the red carpet for the Beauty AwardsCredit: instgram @apolloniallewellyn
    The Instagram influencer stepped out for the event in LondonCredit: instgram @apolloniallewellyn
    Apollonia rocked a stylish long blue dressCredit: instgram @apolloniallewellyn
    She rocked a long blue dress to show off her cleavage and won the praise of her 570,000 followers.
    One said: “You look phenomenal.”
    Another added: “Most beautiful girl.”
    One gushed: “Beautiful.”
    Apollonia – who recently attended rapper Tyga’s 34th birthday in LA – shot to recognition as a member of the Misfits Boxing fight night team.
    And she regularly posts glam snaps to her Instagram page, where she jets the world as part her lavish lifestyle.
    Apollonia recently revealed to SunSport how she was offered a staggering £100,000 to pose nude.
    But she turned down the proposals out of respect for her family, insisting she isn’t money-oriented.
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    Dad John and mum Paula approve of her modelling work. But she stops the line at nudity, despite being offered staggering six-figure sums. 
    Apollonia said: “My mum takes pretty much 90 per cent of those pictures, and I’ve got two brothers who are all for it.
    “My family know I don’t do topless or nude photos. It would be a different story if I did.
    “But my dad is all for it, he says ‘the more publicity you get from a picture, the better so do the riskier stuff.’
    “I’ve been offered £100,000 for nude photos. As much as I support girls who do that, it’s just not for me.
    “People think I would and that I’m money-orientated, but I’m not.
    “I consider what my family think, so those people who make offers like that perceive me in the wrong way.”
    Inside Apollonia’s glamorous life as influencer, ring girl and model …
    Apollonia burst out of this tiny silver bikini as she drank her ‘morning juice’Credit: INSTAGRAM
    Conor McGregor was among 8,000 fans who enjoyed this see-through lacy outfitCredit: INSTAGRAM
    Thousands of Apollonia’s fans enjoyed the view on the ring girl’s holiday to New YorkCredit: INSTAGRAM
    Apollonia really enjoyed this bowl of pasta on her summer holiday to SantoriniCredit: INSTAGRAM
    Apollonia invited fans to ‘sit and stare’ at this picture, and thousands took her up on the invitationCredit: INSTAGRAM
    Fans were worried Apollonia’s top had shrunk in the wash as she enjoyed this hearty breakfastCredit: INSTAGRAM
    Apollonia’s followers were in awe of the stunner’s new hairdo as she wowed in a tiny yellow bikiniCredit: INSTAGRAM
    Apollonia sent a cheeky message to her fans as she posed in this glamorous see-through numberCredit: INSTAGRAM
    Apollonia told fans ‘no caption needed’ as she squeezed into this skin-tight see-through playsuitCredit: INSTAGRAM
    Apollonia revealed he ‘idea of happiness’ is being ‘wind swept on the beach’ with this busty snapCredit: INSTAGRAM
    Apollonia left very little to the imagination as she ‘brightened fans’ Mondays’ in a skimpy wet T-shirtCredit: INSTAGRAM
    Apollonia shot to recognition as a member of the Misfits Boxing fight night team
    She has garnered her a huge social media presenceCredit: INSTAGRAM @apolloniallewellyn
    Apollonia has over 570,000 Instagram followersCredit: Instagram @apolloniallewellyn
    She has turned down a staggering £100,000 to pose nude beforeCredit: Instagram @apolloniallewellyn
    The model insisted she isn’t money-orientedCredit: Instagram @apolloniallewellyn
    Apollonia shows off her jet setting lifestyle onlineCredit: Instagram @apolloniallewellyn More

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    Conor McGregor was smart not to fight me… I would have destroyed him and he’s a QUITTER, says bitter sparring rival

    PAULIE MALIGNAGGI has issued another stinging attack on bitter sparring rival Conor McGregor. The former boxing world champion entered McGregor’s training camp in 2017 before his crossover bout with Floyd Mayweather.
    Paulie Malignaggi infamously sparred Conor McGregorCredit: @TheNotoriousMMA

    They sparred twice in the UFC’s Las Vegas base, over eight and then 12 rounds.
    And it was the second of session that is remembered infamously, as images and footage of the spar leaked.
    It included a disputed knockdown of Malignaggi, which caused the American to storm out the camp.
    The two have continued to feud ever since and now Malignaggi has claimed McGregor was wise not to accept a grudge match with him.
    He told Action Network: “I’m a better trash talker than McGregor, that’s one of the reasons he did not fight me. I would have trashed him in the press conferences and the fight.
    “It would have ended all of the hysteria around him because I would have destroyed him in the trash talking and in the ring.
    “I would have ruined the whole aura around him. He was smart not to pull the trigger on a fight with me.”
    Malignaggi, 43, always insisted he was pushed to the ground by McGregor, who went on to lose in ten rounds to Mayweather.
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    It has kept the feud alive but a boxing bout slipped away with McGregor remaining in the UFC octagon.
    Although Malignaggi said the 35-year-old is now a “punching bag” and compared his career to heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua.
    He said: “McGregor was lucky to achieve what he achieved in his career, physically and talent wise he’s up there, but just because you can do a bunch of high kicks from a Jean Claude Van Dam movie, doesn’t mean you’re a fighter; you need guts, you need a willingness to succeed, you need a willingness to enter the trenches and if you don’t have that, you’re going to fade.
    ‘We’ve talked about AJ losing that edge, but McGregor is on a different level. McGregor will quit on you, he does quit.
    “AJ does not take as many risks anymore but at least he’s not quitting. McGregor is an outright quitter.
    “He is a fighter that was not as good as advertised, there was great marketing behind him.
    “And the money he’s made now isn’t helping, so you’ve got a problem – all he’s going to do is continue to be a punching bag.
    “If you’re a punching bag in your twenties, you’ll definitely be a punching bag in your thirties.”
    Malignaggi claimed he was pushed down by McGregorCredit: @TheNotoriousMMA More

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    Katie Taylor faces losing world title belt just days after becoming undisputed two-weight champion

    KATIE TAYLOR faces losing one of her world titles just days after becoming a two-weight undisputed champion. Taylor overcame the odds be avenging her May loss to Chantelle Cameron with a redemption job in their rematch.
    Katie Taylor is faced with losing a WBO titleCredit: Sportsfile
    It saw the two-time Olympian rip all four super-lightweight titles from Cameron inside a raucous 3Arena in Dublin.
    Taylor already came into the bout as the undisputed lightweight queen and now holds all the belts across the two divisions.
    But that causes a problem with the WBO, who only allow champions to reign over one division with their belt at a single time.
    And they warned she must choose whether to keep her 135lb or 140lb straps.
    A statement read: “If Katie Taylor wins the bout against Cameron, she has up to 10 days thereafter to determine which weight division she will retain.
    “Failure to comply with such conditions will result in the Committee proceeding per WBO Regulations of World Championship Contests.
    “Consequently, in light of the foregoing, Katie Taylor must decide within the timeframe provided in the referenced provision which weight division she will retain, either the Lightweight or Jr. Welterweight division.”
    Taylor was hit with the same dilemma in 2019 when she beat Christina Linardatou for the 140lb title.
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    She later vacated the belt.
    Promoter Eddie Hearn revealed Taylor’s two likely next fights are a trilogy with Cameron, 32, or a rematch with Amanda Serrano.
    Taylor, 37, beat Serrano, 35, in their 2022 thriller to retain her undisputed lightweight throne.
    If the two are to rematch, the Irish legend would likely opt to keep her 135lb WBO title.
    But with Hearn teasing a trilogy with Cameron at Ireland’s 82,000-seater Croke Park, keeping the 140lb version seems more realistic.
    Taylor and Chantelle Cameron could meet in a trilogyCredit: Sportsfile More

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    Abdu Rozik calls out ‘chicken’ Hasbulla and warns rival ‘I’m coming for you and smashing your face in’

    ABDU ROZIK has called out “chicken” Hasbulla and warned: “I’m coming for you.”The social media stars – who both have growth hormone deficiency – have rivalled each other online.
    Abdu Rozik has called out ‘chicken’ HasbullaCredit: Stewart Williams
    Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik have feuded onlineCredit: Getty
    And they have been linked to a fight ever since clashing at a press conference in 2021 which raked up millions of views.
    Now TikToker Rozik wants to settle the score in the ring with Hasbulla.
    He told SunSport: “Really I think Hasbullah is zero, nothing.
    “Because he doesn’t have any talent, he’s nothing, I don’t know why people love him so much and why people are supporting him.
    “He doesn’t have any talent at all. I have singing talent. I have acting talent. I have boxing talent. I have DJ ing talent.
    “I’m intelligent. I have so much talent but Hasbullah doesn’t have any talent. I’m always ready he’s scared of me.
    “He’s a chicken he doesn’t want to fight me. I’m ready. Hasbullah I’m coming for you and smashing your face in!”
    Rozik has rubbed shoulders with fighting greats in Tyson Fury, Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson.
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    And he claimed bitter rival Hasbulla is envious of his fame.
    Rozik, who boasts more than 8 MILLION Instagram followers, said: “No one is jealous of me, only Hasbullah is jealous.
    “One of the best lesson in life I learned is be nice to people, if you smile it’s the best thing in the world, even when you meet people and shake hands with a smile it’s good. It’s the best thing.”
    Abdu Rozik with heavyweight legend Mike TysonCredit: @abdu_rozik
    Current world champ Tyson Fury with Abdu RozikCredit: @abdu_rozik
    Music icon Eminem poses with Abdu RozikCredit: @abdu_rozik
    Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is all smiles with Abdu RozikCredit: @abdu_rozik More

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    Anthony Joshua ‘on collision course’ with Deontay Wilder for ‘unbelievable’ final eliminator to face Tyson Fury

    ANTHONY JOSHUA may be heading down a “collision course” with Deontay Wilder for a final eliminator to face Tyson Fury.The WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman is committed to establishing an undisputed heavyweight champion.
    Anthony Joshua may end up on a ‘collision course’ with Deontay WilderCredit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
    The pair could battle it out to face Tyson Fury for his WBC heavyweight titleCredit: Getty
    Joshua, 34 and Wilder, 38, are set to compete in separate bouts on December 23rd against Otto Wallin and Joseph Parker respectively.
    If both the Brit and the American are successful they will be on course to box each other next year.
    Sulaiman has confirmed the pair would battle it out to fight the winner of the Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fight to compete for his WBC title alongside IBF, WBA and WBO belts.
    Fury and Usyk are set to go head-to-head on February 17th and the WBC president has revealed an expected rematch will take place.
    Sulaiman told Sky Sports: “In itself it is a natural WBC elimination tournament.
    “You have Wilder, No 1, Joshua, you have Parker, you have Otto Wallin, all those are highly ranked in the WBC.
    “After December 23 we’re going to see a different picture in the rankings.
    “It looks like Wilder and Joshua are on a collision course.
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    “That could very well be a final elimination to determine a mandatory contender for the WBC title.”
    The fight on December 23rd could produce a contender to battle it out for the WBC heavyweight title that Fury currently holds.
    But at the moment Wilder and AJ will not fight each other as the pair are in a continuous spat.
    However, if Sulaimen’s plans go ahead for the battle of the heavyweight title fans would witness boxing’s most high-profile final eliminators in history.
    Sulaimen continued: “Unbelievable. That would be a dream come true for the fans.” More

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    I would be a disaster for Tyson Fury – he’s got dropped throughout his career and my punches are no joke

    TYSON FURY has been issued a bold warning by fellow boxing star Zhilei Zhang.Zhang is adamant his punches would spell “disaster” for Fury if they ever locked horns inside the ring.
    Tyson Fury was most recently knocked down by Francis NgannouCredit: Getty
    Zhilei Zhang claims he would knock Fury out if they faced offCredit: Getty
    The Gypsy King is undefeated throughout his celebrated 15-year career after winning 34 of his 35 fights.
    But the 35-year-old has been dropped quite a few times, first by Neven Pajkic, then Steve Cunningham, followed by on four different occasions against Deontay Wilder.
    Fury also struggled most recently against Francis Ngannou as he was floored to the canvas before picking up a controversial points victory over the MMA legend.
    And Zhang hinted that unlike all of the aforementioned, he would finish the job and knock the British megastar out for the first time ever.
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    The Chinese 40-year-old told the Town Bizznizz sports and ent: “I think Tyson Fury probably never trained for the Ngannou fight.
    “It was not the Fury we know, it was a totally different person.
    “If you look at his career, he’s got hit, he’s got dropped, and my punches are not a joke.
    “When my punches land, it’s going to be a disaster for him.”
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    Zhang is pushing hard for a fight against Fury as well as the other top names, such as Oleksandr Usyk, Wilder and Anthony Joshua.
    Abd the 40-year-old boxer claims all of the aforementioned are “running away” from him.
    Zhang added: “I always wanted to get the big four names.
    “Fury, Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder but they don’t want to fight me. They are running away from me.”
    Fury has been knocked down a few times throughout his undefeated careerCredit: AFP
    But the quartet is actually very busy as Joshua will take on Otto Wallin and Wilder will face off against Joseph Parker on the same card on December 23.
    If both heavyweights emerge victorious then they are expected to finally face each other next year.
    Meanwhile, undefeated duo Fury and Usyk are set to fight on February 17 in Saudi Arabia. More

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    I fought Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya but ‘incredible’ fighter hit harder than all of them

    MANNY PACQUIAO had 72 professional fights and fought fellow legends Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya – but there was one opponent who hit harder than anyone.The Filipino icon, 44, is the only eight-division world champion in boxing history and won 12 major world titles in his career.
    Manny Pacquiao enjoyed an iconic career in the ringCredit: AP:Associated Press
    The legend fought fellow icon Oscar De La Hoya back in 2008Credit: Getty
    Pacman then took on Floyd Mayweather in 2015 in Las VegasCredit: Getty
    It was his 2009 showdown with Miguel Cotto that left a lasting mark on the FilipinoCredit: Reuters
    He has battled the best of the best over the years – including British hero Ricky Hatton – while defeat to Mayweather in 2015 still remains the highest grossing fight of all-time.
    However, shortly after that epic showdown, he was asked by Ring Magazine who had hit him the hardest in the ring.
    And he revealed that it was none other than Miguel Cotto, who he eventually beat in the final round when they faced-off in 2009.
    Pacquiao even dropped him in the third and fourth in what looked to be a dominant performance.
    But Pacman was adamant that he was still feeling the effects of the punches he received in that bout all those years later.
    He said: “Miguel Cotto. I can still feel some of those punches he threw at me.
    “Staying on the ropes is not the best place to be when you are fighting him.
    “He’s also accurate. He’s incredible.”
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    Cotto started boxing aged 11 in Puerto Rico and won silver at the 2000 Olympics.
    He then enjoyed a great career after turning pro, becoming a four-weight champion.
    Pacquiao’s fairytale in the ring ended in 2021 when he lost a world title fight against Yordenis Ugas via unanimous decision.
    He retired with a record of 62–8–2, with 39 wins by knockout, and his place in the hall of fame assured.
    Manny Pacquiao stopped Miguel Cotto in the final round after knocking him down twiceCredit: Getty More

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    Ebanie Bridges ‘Battle of the Boobs’ CANCELLED just days before fight against glamorous opponent Avril Mathie

    EBANIE BRIDGES is searching for a new opponent after her “Battle of the Boobs” was cancelled.The 37-year-old Blonde Bomber was due to face Avril Mathie in her first bout of 2023 next Saturday.
    Ebanie Bridges is desperately looking for a late replacement opponentCredit: Getty
    She was due to face fellow Aussie Avril Mathie next weekCredit: Getty
    Mathie has been forced to pull out of the ‘Battle of the Boobs’Credit: Getty
    Bridges had claimed that the weigh-in between them ‘would break the internet’Credit: Getty
    The December 9 showdown between the two Aussies was given the busty billing due to both women stripping down to their underwear for fight weigh-ins.
    It was due to occur on the undercard of Regis Prograis vs Devin Haney in San Francisco, America.
    However, Bridges’ comeback match from a hand issue is now potentially in doubt after Mathie, 36, allegedly pulled out through injury.
    And now the Daily Star says that she is desperately hunting for a replacement opponent to fill the void.
    Bridges is “believed to be gutted that her swimwear model friend can’t compete”.
    Now she faces a race against time to find someone to step in on short notice so that she can defend her IBF bantamweight title.
    Mathie has been ruled out after suffering an injury in training for the clash.
    And it is not just the two fighters that will be disappointed not to see them go one-on-one.
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    Bridges had already been busy hyping up the contest and joked that she had already triumphed as her “boobs are better”.
    She had also added: “The weigh-in will break the internet.
    “It will also get a lot of viewers outside of boxing because people will be interested to see if these two ‘OnlyFans models’ can box.”
    Bridges has only defended her championship once since she won it from Maria Cecilia Roman in March 2022.
    That was when she produced an eighth-round TKO to beat Shannon O’Connell last December.
    Bridges broke her right hand in the lead up to that fight but still remarkably battled through the pain to get her arm raised before undergoing surgery.
    The much-loved star still managed to keep growing her social media fan base during her absence from the ring.
    And she was dubbed “the hottest woman in the room” this week as she sparkled in see-through top and ripped jeans.
    The Blonde Bomber has only defender her IBF world title onceCredit: Getty
    She has continued to keep her social media followers entertained during her injury absenceCredit: Instagram More