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    KSI claims Wayne Rooney sent him private message at 4am as Man Utd legend pitches stadium blockbuster fight

    KSI has claimed Wayne Rooney messaged him in the early hours of the morning to pitch a stadium blockbuster fight. Rooney hit the headlines again recently after it emerged KSI’s Misfits Boxing promotion had reached out to the Manchester United legend.
    KSI has claimed Wayne Rooney messaged him to pitch a blockbuster stadium fightCredit: Rex
    Rooney was offered a boxing switchCredit: Getty
    But according to KSI himself, it was actually Rooney who made the first move over a year earlier.
    KSI said on the Sidemen podcast: “Alright, I’ve got it, 5th of December, 2022 at 3.50am.
    “(Rooney text), ‘Hi mate, what you think on me and you having a boxing fight. I think we could generate a lot of money. You up for it.’
    “No question mark, just full stop. He’s not asking! (The text continues), ‘We could sell out stadium with right support and both make good money.'”
    It is not the first time KSI has claimed Rooney reached out to him personally.
    He said in a December 2022 press conference: “It’s funny – I hope he doesn’t get annoyed that I said this – but Wayne Rooney hit me up being like, ‘Oh, we should fight.’
    “And I said no. I just don’t want to do that. If Wayne Rooney is down, of course I think it would be good to have him in this space.”
    Rooney, infamously knocked out in a boozy kitchen spar-gone-wrong by Phil Bardsley in 2015, is an avid boxing fan.
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    And after he was sacked as Birmingham manager in January, Misfits took the opportunity to table a sensational offer for a boxing switch.
    Misfits launched in the summer of 2022 as a home to celebrity-style crossover bouts.
    Wayne Rooney knocked out by ex-United pal Phil Bardsley in home boxing fight

    KSI, 30, has headlined four events but lost his last bout to Tommy Fury, 24, via controversial decision to lose for the first time in seven outings.
    Rooney, 38, finally broke his silence on the rumoured boxing offer but insisted he is focused on his managerial career.
    He said on The Overlap podcast: “Obviously Misifts have been in, and that’s been all over the news or whatever, but listen, I want to focus on getting back into management. That’s my focus.
    “I’ve seen all [the headlines] over the last couple of days, but my main focus is getting back into football.”
    Despite Rooney’s revelation, KSI has left the door open to welcoming the ex-England captain to Misfits.
    He said: “It would be great to just see him fight someone. And if he annihilates that person, then yeah fine, let’s f***ing go.”
    KSI talking about Rooney’s alleged DMCredit: X/happypunch More

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    Didier Drogba looks stunned and shouts ‘whaaat?’ at YouTuber as Chelsea legend is confronted about ‘breaking his heart’

    DIDIER DROGBA looked stunned and shouted “whaaat?” at a YouTuber after being confronted about “breaking his heart.”Chelsea legend Drogba scored 164 goals during two spells at Stamford Bridge.
    Didier Drogba was confronted by YouTuber Sharky during a charity match
    The Chelsea legend was put on the spot as he made a shock revelation
    He led the Blues to four Premier League titles, four FA Cups and the Champions League after a £24million move from Marseille in 2004.
    But the one club who really suffered at the hands of Drogba were Arsenal.
    Drogba scored 13 goals in 15 games against the Gunners, helping himself to 10 wins and just one defeat in the process.
    And the Ivory Coast icon was confronted about his Arsenal record by YouTuber Sharky at the weekend.
    The duo were playing in a social media charity match featuring the likes of IShowSpeed and Eden Hazard.
    As Sharky was preparing in the changing room, he asked Drogba why he scored so many goals against Arsenal.
    And the Chelsea legend was left gasping “whaaat?” during the hilarious encounter — during which he admitted to being a Gunners fan.
    Sharky said: “I need to get off my chest, I’m an Arsenal fan, growing up you broke my heart so many times.”
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    Drogba replied: “Sorry. I had to do the job.”
    He then revealed: “Arsenal was my team growing up, Pires, Henry, Wiltord, my boys.”
    Chelsea legend Didier Drogba asked awkward question by IShowSpeed after charity match and fans LOVE his response
    Sharky said: “Did it not hurt you inside to score?”
    Drogba answered: “For us it was like a competition, who owns London?”
    He then continued: “London is blue!”
    Sharky said: “Who owns London now?”
    Drogba replied: “Whaaat? We talking about now and not the last 10 years? How many Champions Leagues?”
    Sharky added: “That’s painful, that was class.”
    Fans loved the interaction, with one saying: “Bro chatting with the man that made me love Chelsea, gone clear bro.”
    Another declared: “Nah this is beautiful.”
    One noted: “Haha this is brilliant.”
    Another added: “Drogba cooked Arsenal in one sentence.” More

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    Amir Khan, 37, back in training and reveals which mega-fight will bring him out of retirement with dig at Jake Paul

    AMIR KHAN has revealed he is back training again with a big fight on his mind – but it will NOT be against Jake Paul. The British boxing icon retired in 2022 following his bitter loss to arch rival Kell Brook after decades of feuding.
    Amir Khan reveals he is back training with his eye on a potential returnCredit: SunSport
    Khan aimed a dig at Jake PaulCredit: SunSport
    But the former world champion has teased a comeback ever since and is even now keeping fit in the gym.
    Talks in 2023 emerged for Khan to face old sparring partner and friend Manny Pacquiao in Saudi Arabia.
    And Khan admitted that is the fight that would bring him back to the ring one more time.
    He told SunSport in Riyadh: “I mean I am training a little bit here and there but the thing is the only man that can make that fight happen is Turki Alalshikh.
    “I think Turki Alalshikh can make that fight happen between me and Manny Pacquiao.
    “Yeah, that’s a fight that would definitely lift me up, for sure.”
    Pacquiao, 45, hung up his gloves a year before Khan in 2021 following defeat to Yordenis Ugas, 37.
    But after a failed presidential election in the Philippines, the eight-division champ opened the door to a boxing comeback.
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    He even faced Korean martial arts YouTuber DK Yoo in December 2022 and recently announced he was out of retirement.
    Pacquiao and Khan were pictured together in October in Saudi before Tyson Fury’s win over Francis Ngannou, fuelling speculation of a bout.
    Khan also called out YouTuber-turned boxer Jake Paul, who is in 8-1 in the ring following just one loss to Tommy Fury, 24.
    But the 2004 Olympic silver medalist jibed that not even a huge payday could actually motivate him to fight Paul, 27.
    Khan, 37, said: “Jake Paul, I don’t think I can lift myself up for that fight. But, like a Manny Pacquiao fight you have to be on your A-game.”
    Khan pictured with Manny Pacquiao and wife FaryalCredit: @amirkingkhan
    Pacquiao and Khan were former sparring partners at coach Freddie Roach’s gymCredit: PA:Press Association More

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    Incredible body-cam footage shows what it was like to play against Hazard, Drogba & Co after Match For Hope charity game

    A YOUTUBER has given an insight into what it’s like to play with some of the biggest legends in the game.Jamm, who is a member of the Shoot For Love YouTube channel was playing in the Match for Hope charity game in Qatar, which featured the likes of IShowSpeed.
    The influencer got to play with KakaCredit: YouTube / Shoot for Love
    And the legend said he hopes to play with Jamm againCredit: YouTube / Shoot for Love
    The two exchanged a heartwarming momentCredit: YouTube / Shoot for Love
    Jamm was playing for Team Aboflah, which was managed by Antonio Conte and included a bunch of influencers alongside the likes of Claude Makelele, Didier Drogba and Kaka.
    The opposing side, led by UK influencer Chunkz, was managed by Arsene Wenger and included the likes of Eden Hazard, Roberto Carlos and David Villa.
    Jamm did not start the match, but his bodycam footage showed fans exactly what it’s like to play with the legends after he came on.
    His video showed him being called across by Conte to be substituted onto the field, with the former Spurs manager appearing to be a bit unsure of what Jamm’s name was.
    Jamm was given the massive task of marking the recently retired Eden Hazard – who easily skipped around him to create a goal.
    Jamm’s footage also showed a smiling Didier Drogba walking past him to take a corner.
    Despite being skinned by Hazard, Jamm had a decent game while playing at left-back, putting in plenty of blocks.
    He even lost his glasses at one point when clearing the ball with a defensive header.
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    He came up against HazardCredit: YouTube / Shoot for Love
    And shared the pitch with DrogbaCredit: YouTube / Shoot for Love
    There was also a special moment for Jamm at the end of the game when Kaka spoke to him.
    The AC Milan legend said “Very nice to play with you, I hope we can play again!”
    Jamm was managed by Antonio ConteCredit: YouTube / Shoot for Love
    The former Spurs manager couldn’t believe what he was seeingCredit: YouTube / Shoot for Love
    IShowSpeed snaps legend Kaka with horror tackle from behind in charity game as fans slam his ‘nonsense behaviour’
    A starstruck Jamm replied: “What an honour!”
    Jamm ended up on the losing side in the end, with Team Chunkz taking the win by seven goals to five.
    The four minute video ended with Chunkz and co lifting the trophy specially made for the match.
    The friendly was not without incident however, with American internet personality IShowSpeed launching into a horror tackle on Kaka.
    The YouTuber was shown a yellow for a tackle, but many argued it was a red – it certainly would have been if it was made in the Premier League.
    But for the purposes of the friendly, the ref opted to keep things level at 11v11 – and luckily Kaka was not injured. More

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    Jake Paul’s MMA promoters confirm stunning two-fight offer to Tommy Fury for trilogy series worth over £15m

    TOMMY FURY has been offered the chance to make a stunning switch to MMA as part of a two-fight deal with Jake Paul worth over £15MILLION.Fury became the first man to defeat YouTuber-turned boxer Paul in the ring after his split-decision win in Saudi Arabia last year.
    Jake Paul has offered Tommy Fury a two-fight deal in boxing and MMA worth £15mCredit: Getty
    Fury beat Paul last yearCredit: Getty
    A month before the grudge match, Paul signed a deal with the Professional Fighters League to debut in MMA.
    And Paul’s business partner teased Fury with an offer to rematch the American in boxing and then complete their trilogy in MMA.
    Now, PFL founder Donn Davis has exclusively confirmed to SunSport that a deal is in fact on the table and worth £15.7m.
    Davis said: “Yes, what Jake and Nakisa said is accurate.
    “Tommy doing a back-to-back boxing and MMA – hardwired together where Tommy couldn’t back out of one or the other – is on the table.
    “The rumoured offers of $15-20m to Tommy – which is three times what he could earn for many other of his options – is accurate.
    “Is that the best option for Jake? I’ll leave that to Jake and Nakisa. They’re the best at picking opponents and managing that.
    “But that is accurate and that is a possibility.”
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    The offer would be spanned across the two sports, starting with a boxing rematch and culminating in what would be the rivals’ MMA debuts.
    Davis added: “That is a two-fight deal and the two fights are $15-20million together for Tommy Fury.”
    Jake Paul calls out Tommy Fury to complete epic trilogy including MMA fight in £16MILLION deal
    Fury, 24, went on to defeat Paul’s arch rival KSI, 30, last October but has not returned since having had hand surgery.
    Meanwhile Paul, 27, has bounced back with two wins since suffering defeat for the first time.
    He beat ex-UFC star Nate Diaz, 38, on points then knocked out pro boxer Andre August, 35, in round one in December.
    Paul returns on March 2 on the undercard of Amanda Serrano’s Puerto Rico homecoming against 17-2 Ryan Bourland, 35.
    And the social media sensation has lofty ambitions of winning world titles and plans to continue facing seasoned boxers to build his way up.
    But talks for his MMA debut continue behind the scenes, with Fury and Diaz frontrunners for the fight as Paul ramps up his preparations.
    Davis said: “If Nate and Jake want to get together in MMA, that remains on the table.
    “Jake is training now down in the Dominican, he’s four months into it.
    “What’s the right fight for him? What’s the right timing? We’ll respect that. But either one of those are great options.”
    Jake Paul is training for his MMA debut with the PFLCredit: Professional Fighters League More

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    Inside Jake Paul’s custom-made cage built in gym to train for MMA debut… as talks for Tommy Fury rematch take a twist

    JAKE PAUL has had a custom-made cage built in his gym in preparation for his MMA debut – which could be against a familiar face. The YouTube star has an 8-1 boxing record since making his debut in 2020 and has lofty ambitions of winning the world title.
    Jake Paul has a custom-made MMA cage built in his gymCredit: Professional Fighters League
    Jake Paul is preparing for his MMA debutCredit: Professional Fighters League
    The YouTuber-turned-boxer is signed to the PFLCredit: Professional Fighters League
    Jake Paul has a custom-made cage in his £3m gymCredit: Professional Fighters League
    Jake Paul poses in the PFL shortsCredit: Professional Fighters League
    But last year he also signed to the Professional Fighters League – a rival to the UFC – where he is set to make his MMA debut.
    Paul has a £3MILLLION two-storey gym in his adopted home of Puerto Rico, where he trains for his big-money boxing fights.
    And in the upstairs section – next to where brother Logan films his popular Impaulsive podcast – Paul has a section dedicated to MMA.
    He has even built an exact replica of the PFL’s SmartCage as his preparations to cross over from the ring progress.
    It even features branding on the posts and was recently lit up with lights for a photoshoot.
    PFL CEO Peter Murray told SunSport: “He’s determined, so when he makes his debut in MMA it’s going to be massive.
    “Opponents are lining up and we’re looking forward to, with Jake and Nakisa [Bidarian], announcing that very soon.”
    A month before Paul, 27, announced his deal with the PFL, he suffered the first boxing defeat of his career.
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    He lost a split-decision to Tommy Fury, 24, in Saudi Arabia but has bounced back with two wins since.
    Paul returns on March 2 against 17-2 boxer Ryan Bourland, 35, while Fury meanwhile beat another YouTuber-turned boxer in KSI, 30, last October.
    Jake Paul calls out Tommy Fury to complete epic trilogy including MMA fight in £16MILLION deal
    But talks for the celebrity boxing rivals to rematch remain ongoing.
    Paul’s business partner Bidarian recently talked up a deal worth £16m.
    It would see Fury rematch the American in boxing and then complete a trilogy in MMA.
    And Murray added: “All I can tell you is, we’ve got the bank, we’ve got the platform, we have the biggest stars.
    “We have athletes from MMA, athletes from boxing lining up, the best of the best, they want in.
    “So we’re taking our time, making our selections in putting that fight together and for all involved, for everybody who is worth their weight in gold they will definitely get paid and it will be massive for the sport.”
    Asked if there had been any talks with Fury’s camp, Murray replied: “There have been some conversations.”
    Fury’s team declined to comment when approached.
    Tommy Fury beat Jake Paul on pointsCredit: Getty More

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    Three ‘physical’ former Man Utd stars tipped for careers in boxing by former world champion

    PAULIE MALIGNAGGI has backed Wayne Rooney for a move into boxing – along with two other ex-Manchester United stars. Rooney was offered the chance to make the switch to the ring by KSI’s Misfits Boxing promotion.
    Paulie Malignaggi has baked Wayne Rooney moving into boxing
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Rooney are two Malignaggi wants to see in boxingCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    Romelu Lukaku, here clashing with Ibrahimovic, is another tipped for boxing potentialCredit: Getty
    And former world champion Malignaggi is all for it and wants to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic as well as Romelu Lukaku join him.
    He told Lord Ping: “I don’t think it’s a bad idea, Wayne was always a physical forward like a Christian Vieri type.
    “I think Rooney has the physicality and the skills, he was a very strong and a tremendous athlete.
    “He’s a big boxing fan, when I met him he knew who I was, which threw me off. I’m interested in him boxing.
    “There are certain guys in football who might be able to do some fighting; Wayne Rooney, Romelu Lukaku,  Zlatan Ibrahimovic, I’m on board with it.”
    Rooney, 38, is an avid boxing fan and was infamously knocked out in his kitchen by fellow footballer Phil Bardsley in a boozy spar gone wrong.
    Ibrahimovic, 42, meanwhile is a black belt in taekwondo while Lukaku, 30, is known for his physicality on the field.
    Malignaggi, a former super-lightweight and welterweight champ, retired in 2017 and has since moved into punditry.
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    Similarly, Rooney is now out of action since hanging his boots up and taking on coaching.
    But he was recently sacked by Birmingham in January, which freed up Misfits – pioneers in celebrity-style bouts – to make him an offer.
    Phil Bardsley reveals all about moment he KO’d Wayne Rooney in his kitchen and says he’ll fight him again
    Rooney confirmed that a deal was proposed but spoke out to pledge his future to football.
    He said on The Overlap podcast: “They’ve been in touch and asked the question, but I think at the minute I want to focus on getting back into management – not boxing.” More

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    KSI branded ‘the Donald Trump of boxing’ after guest appearance on Jonathan Ross

    KSI was branded “the Donald Trump of boxing” on The Jonathan Ross show for refusing to accept his defeat to Tommy Fury. The YouTuber-turned boxer was controversially beaten on points by Fury in October in his first loss in the ring.
    KSI was branded ‘the Donald Trump of boxing’
    Trump famously refused to accept defeat in the 2020 electionCredit: AP
    Tommy Fury edged past KSI in a controversial decisionCredit: GETTY
    He was fuming with the decision and suffered a further setback when his appeal to overturn the result was denied.
    KSI was probed on the fight by TV host Ross, who asked: “You were undefeated until you fought – and you will know him from Love Island – Tommy Fury in the ring and then you lost on points.”
    But the social media sensation replied: “Well, I technically don’t believe that I lost. I still think I won.”
    Comedian Jack Whitehall then compared KSI to former American president Donald Trump.
    Trump infamously refused to concede defeat in the 2020 election to Joe Biden and instead blamed it on a baseless conspiracy.
    Whitehall quipped: “You’re like the Donald Trump of boxing.”
    KSI let out a laugh but doubled down when told “delusion is a great thing.”
    He said: “Yes, it definitely is. But I didn’t lose.”
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    KSI initially announced plans to take time out of boxing following the heartbreak of his first defeat.
    He has since confirmed he WILL fight again this year, eyeing a summer return, but remained cryptic when asked by Ross.
    He said: “You never know. I might dibble and dabble. I might fight again this year.”
    KSI’s manager Mams Taylor refuses to rule out Tommy Fury rematch More