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    Former England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson, 76, heartbreakingly reveals doctors can’t tell him how long he has left to live

    SVEN-GORAN ERIKSSON admits he doesn’t know how much longer he has left to live.The former England and Manchester City manager bravely revealed in January that he’s been battling pancreatic cancer.Sven-Goran Eriksson revealed in January that he’s battling pancreatic cancer and that he’d been given a year to lifeCredit: GETTYThe former England manager admits he doesn’t know how much longer he has leftCredit: REUTERSDoctors initially gave the Swede – who managed the Three Lions for five years and three tournaments – “about a year” to live.But the 76-year-old has now revealed his doctors can’t give a definitive answer on when he’ll unfortunately lose his battle with the disease.Writing in his Telegraph column, the former Lazio and Roma manager said: “If you ask the doctors how long I have left they can’t answer.”Eriksson, sadly, has already accepted that the end of his colourful life is nigh.READ MORE ON SVENBut he’d rather not know when he’ll leave this world.”Does that worry me?” he asked. “I think it’s better not to know.”You usually find that everybody talks well about people when they are dead. I am lucky that they talk well about me while I am aliveSven-Goran ErikssonLike millions of cancer sufferers around the world, Eriksson has his good days and bad days.He said: “On a day-to-day basis it’s a little bit up and down. Some mornings I wake up feeling totally perfect.Most read in FootballSven-Goran Eriksson has tried to stay positive throughout his brave battle with the diseaseCredit: Getty”Well almost, and the other mornings it’s a problem. But the good days are still here and I am fine.”The outpouring of support and well-wishes he’s received since bravely announcing his diagnosis has moved Eriksson.Former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, 75, reveals he has cancer and has ‘at best a year to live’He said: “I have travelled all over Sweden, England, Italy and Portugal and I’ve had tears in my eyes so often at the kindness of people.”You usually find that everybody talks well about people when they are dead. “I am lucky that they talk well about me while I am alive.”One person who has moved Eriksson over these last few emotional months is his former England skipper David Beckham, who recently visited him at his Bjorkefors farm.Recalling Becks’ visit, Eriksson said: “He came with six litres of wine from dates that were important to me.”He had wine from 1948 – the year I was born, very nice of him.”He is genuine, he could have been a big diva, but he is quite the opposite.” More

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    Pele’s £1.1m mansion abandoned & stripped by fanatic looters after house ‘left to rot by son’ following legend’s death

    PELÉ’S £1.1million beachside mansion has been abandoned and stripped by fanatic looters following the legend’s death.The late star’s once-luxurious home in Brazil’s coastline is now a graveyard of memories of lovers, football, and a debt of thousands of pounds after his family took over the mansion.Pele passed away in December 2022 aged 82 after a long battle with cancerCredit: AFPThe once-luxury backyard now has a dirty pool and overgrown grassCredit: G1 SantosThe home had a room full of Pele memorabilia, but now lies fully destroyedCredit: G1 SantosFor over 40 years, Pelé’s haven was his mansion situated in an exclusive condominium in Guarujá, in the São Paulo state.In the property valued at approximately £1.1million (R$8 million), the King of Football experienced the greatest memories between his many trips around the world.Just 500 metres from the ocean, the house is located on Pernambuco beach, one of the most prestigious beaches in Brazil.Built on land that occupies an entire block, Pelé’s home is surrounded by a stone wall, which looks more like a fortress.Read more about footballBehind it, there are stories that begin around 1981, when Pelé stopped living in New York to resume life close to his family in Brazil.THE KING’S HAVENWith dozens of suites and rooms, there was plenty of space for his countless trophies, a cinema and even a professional studio where Pelé ventured to record his own songs. When friends came over, a huge dance club on the top floor would turn any gathering into a wild party.The King didn’t need to leave his home to have fun as his backyard featured tennis and footvolley courts, a mini football field, a sauna and a large swimming pool.Most read in FootballPelé also built a chapel on the site, so that his mother, Celeste, could pray, as the Arantes do Nascimento family had always been very Catholic.Brazil football legend Pele dies aged 82The house used to have a beautiful pool area before the star’s deathCredit: G1 SantosPele’s living room used to look like this before it was left to rotCredit: instagram/@leodiasWhat was once a stunning living room is now left to crumbleCredit: instagram/@leodiasThe mansion was the King’s penultimate home. It was where Pelé experienced great love, including his relationship with presenter Xuxa and other famous models and actresses of the time.Part of his marriages also took place in the house – he moved after the end of the first with Rosemeri Cholbi, but lived there with Assíria Nascimento, his second wife, and also with Márcia Aoki, his last partner.Famous global artists, musicians, athletes and even journalists who were old friends were frequent guests at Pelé home, who would be welcomed by the football star in shorts and shirtless.At Pernambuco Beach, Pelé could leave the Santos star at the door and enjoy some family time as Edson.LEFT TO ROTThe once lavish mansion has now fallen into disrepair after Pelé’s death in December 2022.An example of the financial crisis that plagued the King’s business in his final years, the home raked up a property tax debt with the Guarujá City Hall of approximately £70,000.It has been on the market for sale since 2017 but chances of it getting sold are slim as the home was robbed by looters ever since.Shocking pictures show the giant pool completely green next to a crumbling jacuzzi and waterslide.There is no water in the bathrooms and no furniture apart from some broken objects and equipment.READ MORE SUN STORIESOutside, overgrown grass and bushes are starting to swallow the home, also marked with traces of dirt, dust and cobwebs.Pelé’s family has denied that the home is in abandonment state, Brazilian outlet Istoe reports.An aerial view of the home, which had tennis courts and a football pitchCredit: Google MapsHow the home used to look like in 2011Credit: Google MapsPelé’s life and careerPelé, born Edson Arantes do Nascimento on October 23, 1940, in Três Corações, Brazil, is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time.He started his professional career at the young age of 15 with Santos FC and quickly rose to fame due to his exceptional talent and goal-scoring ability.Pelé joined Santos FC in 1956, making an immediate impact by scoring on his debut.His remarkable skills and agility caught the attention of the football world, and he soon became a key player for the team. By the age of 16, he was the top scorer in the Brazilian league.Pelé’s international debut came in 1957 when he played for the Brazilian national team. He gained worldwide recognition during the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden, where he scored six goals, including two in the final, helping Brazil win their first World Cup. At just 17, he became the youngest player to play in a World Cup final.Pelé went on to win two more World Cups with Brazil in 1962 and 1970.The 1970 World Cup in Mexico is particularly notable, as Brazil’s team, featuring Pelé, is often considered one of the greatest football teams in history. The star’s performance in this tournament solidified his legacy, as he scored crucial goals and provided assists, showcasing his all-around brilliance.Pelé’s impact on football is immeasurable. He was named FIFA’s Player of the Century and received numerous accolades throughout his career, including the International Peace Award and the Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award. The Brazilian legend sadly passed away in December 2022 aged 82, after a long battle with cancer. More

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    Anthony Joshua in discussions to build a care home for retired ex-boxers as fans hail his ‘heart of gold’

    ANTHONY JOSHUA is in discussions to build a care home for retired ex-boxers.Dave Harris is Chairman of Ringside Charitable Trust, an organisation to support fighters in retirement. Anthony Joshua is in discussions to build a care home for retired ex-boxersCredit: RexAnd Harris revealed AJ – an ambassador for the trust – has reached out to collaborate with the charity to build a care home for ex-boxers. The news had fans hailing Joshua – worth an estimated £175million – for his heartwarming gesture. One said: “I have great admiration for Anthony Joshua the boxer, but AJ the person is incredible, heart of gold and I hope more people follow by his example.”Another added: “Class from AJ.”READ MORE IN BOXINGWomen’s boxing pioneer Jane Couch posted: “Brilliant news for this much needed cause.”One posted: “The most incredible news and really hope something can be worked out.”Joshua first revealed his intention on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. He said: “They suffer by themselves, so we’ve been speaking about opening up a care home. Most read in BoxingHow AJ punched his way to the topANTHONY JOSHUA punched his way to the top of the world before being knocked off his perch.

    CASINO SPECIAL – BEST CASINO WELCOME OFFERS“That would be part of my boxing legacy – that I gave something back to the sport that made me.”He added: “The one thing I would hope for is to keep my health intact. Anthony Joshua to fight Daniel Dubois as Wally Downes Jr gives rundown on all-British bout “Because it’s your health that is the most important thing you’re ­putting on the line.“We can notice it in fighters when their health is deteriorating, but we never actually talk about it among ourselves. All we focus on is winning.”Joshua has shown his kind side before, making a donation to England Boxing during the coronavirus pandemic to help amateur boxing. He also sent necessities to Nigeria during lockdown. Joshua, 34, is set to return to the ring in September with British rival Daniel Dubois, 26, the frontrunner to face him.Joshua has an estimated net worth of £175mCredit: GETTY More

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    Our next-door neighbour has covered his ENTIRE house in England flags for the Euros – it makes parking a nightmare

    NEIGHBOURS of an England superfan who has covered his ENTIRE house in flags say they love his passion – although it can make parking tricky.Paul Bibby’s incredible display of St George’s flags at his home in Chelmsford, Essex, is so popular that drivers stop on the street to take pictures.Pual Bibby says he doesn’t care if people think his home is an ‘eyesore’Credit: John McLellanThe only downside to the incredible display is drivers stopping to take photos and blocking the streetCredit: John McLellanNeighbour Andy McCallum said no one in their ‘right mind’ would have a problem with the flagsCredit: JOHN McLELLANNeighbour Madelyn Cox said she can’t see why anyone would complainCredit: JOHN McLELLANAnd he has now added even more Three Lions decorations, with fresh bunting adorning his bright red front garden picket fence.The 58-year-old dad – who puts up similar displays every international tournament – has been subjected to cruel comments on social media calling his efforts an “eyesore”.But The Sun has spoken to his neighbours on Kings Road who have all given him the thumbs up.“Generally, I’ve had a great response,” Paul said. “In this world you do get one or two people with probably nothing else better to do.Read more on Euro 2024“It’s my house, my flags, I do what I want – I support the team. Come on England!”Referring to the haters, he added: “I had one comment saying it’s an eyesore… to all those people, just get a life and do something else. If you don’t like it, don’t view it.“Online you always get people who’ve got nothing better to do.“Most people love it. It brightens the place up.”Most read in Euro 2024During our visit to the street, multiple cars beeped their horn and drivers pumped their fists at Paul’s flags.A video the dad posted on TikTok of the display has garnered more than 690,000 views.I covered my house in England flags & painted giant red cross on my driveway… the neighbours hate it but I have plans for moreFor the last four Christmases he has also put up festive lights and raised an estimated £5,000 for Essex Air Ambulance.As such, he is a popular member of his community.Next door neighbour mum Sarah Perry, 38, said: “It’s alright, innit? It’s a bit of fun.“It can be a bit of a nightmare parking outside when people are trying to stop and take pictures, but apart from that it’s all good.Football crazy Paul says: ‘Come on England’Credit: John McLellanNeighbour Terry Wilson said: ‘He did just as much, if not more, at Christmas’Credit: JOHN McLELLAN“You get people honking as they go past in their cars. I’ve heard no complaints.“Everyone knows when something big’s coming up that he’s going to be decorating the house.“My other half has offered to help him put them up before but he gets on with it himself, bless him.“He’s always adding to it. I did say ‘you can decorate my house if you wanted to’,” she joked.Fellow neighbour Terry Wilson, 50, said: “He did just as much, if not more, at Christmas with the lights. There’s no problem at all.It’s my house, my flags, I do what I want – I support the team. Come on England!Paul Bibby“We’ve only lived here since December. Everyone as they go past is always bibbing at the house. I always speak to Paul, everyone does all the way up the road.”Teacher and mum-of-two Vicky Hayward, 33, said: “Certainly no complaints from me. Paul is really well known in the area and raises a lot for charity.“It’s cruel for anyone to criticise him. The display is perfectly fine.”She added that he is also great with children who come by to admire the display, as well as his Christmas lights.Madelyn Cox, 72, originally from Cape Town, South Africa, said: “I can’t believe anyone would complain. I don’t have an issue with them. He does this sort of thing every tournament. I’ve lived here a long time.”She joked: “His Christmas lights could be described as a bit garish.”READ MORE SUN STORIESAndy McCallum said: “No one in their right mind would have a problem. I speak to Paul most days. He’s lovely and he’s always doing things for good causes.”Paul said it took him two days to put up the display, which consists of 20 big flags and 400 pieces of bunting.My prized England flag shown on TV was STOLEN by Serbian ‘hooligans’ at Euro 2024 gameBy Henry Martin
    AN ENGLAND fan has revealed his disappointment after Serbian football fans stole a flag which he had for 20 years.
    Matt Barnes, 42, and his 13-year-old son Harry travelled from their Eastbourne home to Germany to watch England play in the Euros 2024, bringing with them the 14ft St George’s Cross banner.
    The £500 flag, which he has had since the Euro 2004 competition, has been with Matt all over the world, and in just about every football stadium in Britain.
    As England battled Serbia on June 16, Matt’s banner, featuring a Millwall lion, a Three Lions logo, and the words “Millwall: No one likes us”, was pride of place pitchside.
    But when Matt, who works for Mercedez Benz and was born in Lewisham, walked down the steps to collect the banner at the final whistle, he was horrified to find it had gone missing.
    To make matters worse, he saw the very same flag in a boastful social media post, being held upside-down in triumph by people believed to be Serbia fans who pocketed it.
    Matt told The Sun: “For some people it’s a flag, but for me it’s a sentimental thing for doing 20 years of football with my dad.”
    He said that his elderly dad Brian is no longer able to travel with him, so the sentimental value of the flag had considerable, because it reminded him of the times they spent together as father and son.
    Matt had been purposefuly attending as many games as he could over four years to build up enough points to go to the Euros – the first tournament he and his own son went to together.
    He said: “It was supposed to be a really good experience and just to have that bit done at the end…”
    Matt claimed he had “next to no help from German police”.

    Paul puts up a display for every international tournamentCredit: JOHN McLELLANPaul has large flags on the home and smaller bunting flagsCredit: EssexLive/BPM More

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    Muhammad Ali’s pink childhood home now selling for staggering £1.1million after market value soars

    MUHAMMAD ALI’S childhood home is on the market.The modest pink house in Louisville, Kentucky, has been converted into a museum.Muhammad Ali left his childhood home and returned a championCredit: Getty – ContributorBoxing icon Ali grew up in KentuckyCredit: Jam PressThe house has been restored to how it would have looked in the 1950sCredit: Jam PressIt is a museum dedicated to Ali’s early lifeCredit: Jam PressAli – then known as Cassius Clay – spent his early years in the two-bedroom, one-bathroom property.It went on the market this month alongside two neighbouring houses, which have been converted into a gift shop and short-term rental.The collection is being valued at £1.1million and co-owner George Bochetto says the ideal buyer would keep the property as a museum.Bochetto – a former Pennsylvania state boxing commissioner – said: “This is a part of Americana.READ MORE IN BOXING”This is part of our history. And it needs to be treated and respected as such.”The museum opened shortly after Ali’s death in 2016.Bochetto restored it to how it would have looked during the heavyweight’s days living there using photos as a guide.He said in 2016: “You walk into this house, you’re going back to 1955, and you’re going to be in the middle of the Clay family home.”Most read in BoxingBEST FREE BET SIGN UP OFFERS FOR UK BOOKMAKERSAli lived in the house before leaving for the 1960 Olympics in Rome – returning a champion.The museum ran into financial trouble and closed less than two years after it was opened.Inside Muhammad Ali’s stunning former LA mansion up for saleMuhammad Ali went on to become a three-time heavyweight champCredit: GettyThe legend grew up in humble circumstancesCredit: Jam PressThere had been plans to move the house to Saudi ArabiaCredit: Jam PressThree properties are included in the listingCredit: Jam PressThere have been proposals to move it to Las Vegas, Philadelphia or Saudi Arabia, which were all turned down.Bochetto explained: “I wouldn’t do that because it’s an important piece of Louisville history, Kentucky history and I think it needs to stay right where it is.”A stunning mansion formerly owned by Ali went on the market for $13.5million in April.The boxing great owned the sensational seven-bedroom Los Angeles home from 1979 to 1984.Made my peaceMUHAMMAD ALI gave legendary Sun boxing writer Colin Hart his biggest ever story in a totally chance and heartbreaking meeting. More

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    I painted giant St George’s cross on my driveway – nasty trolls called me ‘racist’ but I’m England through and through

    AN ENGLAND superfan who covered his house in the flag of St George has slammed vile trolls who call him “racist”. Martin Baker, 50, has decked out his home in Thanington, Canterbury with dozens of flags in celebration of his beloved country competing in the Euro 2024 tournament. Martin Baker decked out his home with England flags to support the Three LionsCredit: SWNSMartin said some people called him ‘National Front’ due to the displayCredit: SWNSMartin, a bricklayer and father-of-three, even painted the red and white emblem over his driveway to show support for the Three Lions, who last night beat Serbia 1-0. He told KentOnline: “The neighbours don’t seem to mind, and people are always stopping to take photos outside with all the flags.”But Martin said that when a picture of his patriotic home was posted online, some people slammed the St George flag for being associated with racism. Martin said: “There were some nasty comments with people saying things like, ‘You’re National Front’ and ‘What universal credit do you claim?’Read more Sport“But I just laughed it off. I put the flags up for a bit of fun.“At the end of the day, I live in England, I’m in England, I’m England through and through and I’ll fly the English flag if I want to.”Martin is such a dedicated England fan that he even has the Three Lions badge tattooed on his chest.He went to watch his national team play in Portugal during the 2004 Euros. Most read in Euro 2024But this year he is making do with watching the matches at the pub with some friends. He believed England could “go all the way” this year, saying the team has a decent mix of youth and experience.Serbian president’s SON is ‘hauled away by bodyguards in hooligan brawl’ before England gameMartin said: “So long as we make it through the group stages, I think we’ve got a great chance.”While some were clearly unimpressed with Martin’s choice of house decor, others heaped praise on him for the public display of patriotism. Colin Winch wrote on Facebook: “It’s great to see people love the country they live in.”Cherilyn Neaves said: “Well done you for not worrying about what others think.”Why shouldn’t you fly the England flag as this is England after all.”English through and through.”One commenter, Sara Jane Weeks, posted: “I would not want to live nextdoor to that state.”Others rushed to defend Martin, including Andy James Harvey, who wrote: “Just as well you don’t then, isn’t it.” READ MORE SUN STORIESThe Three Lions edged out Serbia in their tense Euro 2024 opener at the Veltins-Arena yesterday.Jude Bellingham netted the all-important goal as Southgate’s side won 1-0.Martinhe even has the Three Lions badge tattooed on his chestCredit: SWNS More

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    England stars spend thousands boosting their home security to foil burglary gangs while they are at Euro 2024

    ENGLAND stars have spent thousands boosting their home security to foil the Away Day burglary gangs while they are at the Euros.Members of Gareth Southgate’s squad have installed military-grade equipment to avoid a repeat of the raid on Raheem Sterling, 29, during the World Cup.England stars have installed military-grade equipment to foil gangs while they’re at the EurosSterling, 29, had to rush home from the tournament in Qatar in December, 2022, when a gang stole £300,000 worth of designer watches from his house while his fiancée and their two children were home.High profile raids on other stars’ homes have continued to grab the headlines since that break-in at the Chelsea star’s mansion in Surrey, Cobham.Manchester City ace Jack Grealish, 28, and Newcastle United striker Alexander Isak, 24, have both fallen victim while they were away from home.And now that the Three Lions have landed in Germany they have taken every precaution possible to secure their luxury mansions during the tournament.READ MORE IN FOOTBALLA source said: “Players don’t want any worry or distractions whilst away.“They’ve seen what’s happened previously and want to make sure their focus is on the tournament, at any cost.”No expense has been spared as security firms installed cutting edge security technology including night vision cameras with a detection range of around 150ft and 8K resolution.Ex-Army personnel with highly trained guard dogs will also be patrolling the grounds of their homes and will even operate surveillance drones with 360-degree vision which fly too high for attackers to disable them.Most read in FootballThe tightening up of the stars’ defences on the home front follows reports of the Wags splashing out £100,000 on private bodyguards for the tournament.They are set to hire ex-military specialists amid fears of terror attacks following chilling ISIS threats issued ahead of Champions League matches this season.Newcastle’s £100m striker Alexander Isak’s mansion hit by gang of robbers in latest raid on Prem aces’ homesSecurity experts applauded the players’ plans to increase their home security.Christian Hill, managing director of security firm Intelligent Protection, said: “Footballers competing in the Euros should absolutely consider security for their homes and families whilst away as a matter of priority.“This should be at the forefront of their minds as robberies have become front-page news over the past few years and more than likely have involved players they know or even their own teammates.“These high-profile players can relieve the anxiety, stress and worry they must all get when leaving their families by contacting a security company and allowing them to provide support.“This will help the player to be fully focused on doing their job on the pitch.”The squad landed in Germany on Monday and headed to their Euros base at the 350-acre Weimarer Golf Hotel and Spa at Blankenhain, eastern Germany.Boss Southgate, 53, was keen to get his squad onto the training pitch yesterday to prepare for their tournament opener against Serbia on Sunday following the woeful 1-0 defeat to Iceland last week. More

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    Wayne Rooney hunting for new luxury pad in Britain’s costliest coastal hotspot in the West Country

    WAYNE Rooney is house-hunting in Britain’s costliest coastal hotspot in the West Country, sources say.The England and Man United great, 38, and wife Coleen have been eyeing properties in and around the posh Devon resort of Salcombe.Wayne and Coleen Rooney are house-hunting in Britain’s costliest coastal hotspot in the West CountryCredit: GettyThe couple have been eyeing properties in and around the posh Devon resort of SalcombeCredit: GettyRoo, axed as Birmingham City manager in January, is the new boss of Championship side Plymouth Argyle.Salcombe, about 25 miles to the east of Plymouth, is a haven for sailors, yachties and surfers and is in the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.Homes there average £1.1million and this month it was named Britain’s most expensive coastal spot.Mum-of-four Coleen, 38, is said to be keen on having a second family home by the coast — although the family’s Cheshire mansion would remain their principal base as the boys are enrolled in schools there.Read More on FootballEldest Kai, 14, is also a striker with Manchester United’s Youth Academy.A source said: “Salcombe and its surrounding area are beautiful. It’s easy to see why Wayne and Coleen would look there.“It’s a magnet for posh public school types in red chinos and deck shoes so Wayne might stick out a bit but I’m sure he would be made welcome.”A footie insider said: “Coleen’s given her blessing to this possible move. She wants somewhere suitable for the family and they all love a beach holiday so Salcombe would be ideal.”Most read in FootballA spokesman for Wayne was asked to comment.Wayne Rooney breaks silence after being named Plymouth manager and reveals plan to do something he’s never done before More