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    Our next-door neighbour has covered his ENTIRE house in England flags for the Euros – it makes parking a nightmare

    NEIGHBOURS of an England superfan who has covered his ENTIRE house in flags say they love his passion – although it can make parking tricky.Paul Bibby’s incredible display of St George’s flags at his home in Chelmsford, Essex, is so popular that drivers stop on the street to take pictures.Pual Bibby says he doesn’t care if people think his home is an ‘eyesore’Credit: John McLellanThe only downside to the incredible display is drivers stopping to take photos and blocking the streetCredit: John McLellanNeighbour Andy McCallum said no one in their ‘right mind’ would have a problem with the flagsCredit: JOHN McLELLANNeighbour Madelyn Cox said she can’t see why anyone would complainCredit: JOHN McLELLANAnd he has now added even more Three Lions decorations, with fresh bunting adorning his bright red front garden picket fence.The 58-year-old dad – who puts up similar displays every international tournament – has been subjected to cruel comments on social media calling his efforts an “eyesore”.But The Sun has spoken to his neighbours on Kings Road who have all given him the thumbs up.“Generally, I’ve had a great response,” Paul said. “In this world you do get one or two people with probably nothing else better to do.Read more on Euro 2024“It’s my house, my flags, I do what I want – I support the team. Come on England!”Referring to the haters, he added: “I had one comment saying it’s an eyesore… to all those people, just get a life and do something else. If you don’t like it, don’t view it.“Online you always get people who’ve got nothing better to do.“Most people love it. It brightens the place up.”Most read in Euro 2024During our visit to the street, multiple cars beeped their horn and drivers pumped their fists at Paul’s flags.A video the dad posted on TikTok of the display has garnered more than 690,000 views.I covered my house in England flags & painted giant red cross on my driveway… the neighbours hate it but I have plans for moreFor the last four Christmases he has also put up festive lights and raised an estimated £5,000 for Essex Air Ambulance.As such, he is a popular member of his community.Next door neighbour mum Sarah Perry, 38, said: “It’s alright, innit? It’s a bit of fun.“It can be a bit of a nightmare parking outside when people are trying to stop and take pictures, but apart from that it’s all good.Football crazy Paul says: ‘Come on England’Credit: John McLellanNeighbour Terry Wilson said: ‘He did just as much, if not more, at Christmas’Credit: JOHN McLELLAN“You get people honking as they go past in their cars. I’ve heard no complaints.“Everyone knows when something big’s coming up that he’s going to be decorating the house.“My other half has offered to help him put them up before but he gets on with it himself, bless him.“He’s always adding to it. I did say ‘you can decorate my house if you wanted to’,” she joked.Fellow neighbour Terry Wilson, 50, said: “He did just as much, if not more, at Christmas with the lights. There’s no problem at all.It’s my house, my flags, I do what I want – I support the team. Come on England!Paul Bibby“We’ve only lived here since December. Everyone as they go past is always bibbing at the house. I always speak to Paul, everyone does all the way up the road.”Teacher and mum-of-two Vicky Hayward, 33, said: “Certainly no complaints from me. Paul is really well known in the area and raises a lot for charity.“It’s cruel for anyone to criticise him. The display is perfectly fine.”She added that he is also great with children who come by to admire the display, as well as his Christmas lights.Madelyn Cox, 72, originally from Cape Town, South Africa, said: “I can’t believe anyone would complain. I don’t have an issue with them. He does this sort of thing every tournament. I’ve lived here a long time.”She joked: “His Christmas lights could be described as a bit garish.”READ MORE SUN STORIESAndy McCallum said: “No one in their right mind would have a problem. I speak to Paul most days. He’s lovely and he’s always doing things for good causes.”Paul said it took him two days to put up the display, which consists of 20 big flags and 400 pieces of bunting.My prized England flag shown on TV was STOLEN by Serbian ‘hooligans’ at Euro 2024 gameBy Henry Martin
    AN ENGLAND fan has revealed his disappointment after Serbian football fans stole a flag which he had for 20 years.
    Matt Barnes, 42, and his 13-year-old son Harry travelled from their Eastbourne home to Germany to watch England play in the Euros 2024, bringing with them the 14ft St George’s Cross banner.
    The £500 flag, which he has had since the Euro 2004 competition, has been with Matt all over the world, and in just about every football stadium in Britain.
    As England battled Serbia on June 16, Matt’s banner, featuring a Millwall lion, a Three Lions logo, and the words “Millwall: No one likes us”, was pride of place pitchside.
    But when Matt, who works for Mercedez Benz and was born in Lewisham, walked down the steps to collect the banner at the final whistle, he was horrified to find it had gone missing.
    To make matters worse, he saw the very same flag in a boastful social media post, being held upside-down in triumph by people believed to be Serbia fans who pocketed it.
    Matt told The Sun: “For some people it’s a flag, but for me it’s a sentimental thing for doing 20 years of football with my dad.”
    He said that his elderly dad Brian is no longer able to travel with him, so the sentimental value of the flag had considerable, because it reminded him of the times they spent together as father and son.
    Matt had been purposefuly attending as many games as he could over four years to build up enough points to go to the Euros – the first tournament he and his own son went to together.
    He said: “It was supposed to be a really good experience and just to have that bit done at the end…”
    Matt claimed he had “next to no help from German police”.

    Paul puts up a display for every international tournamentCredit: JOHN McLELLANPaul has large flags on the home and smaller bunting flagsCredit: EssexLive/BPM More

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    Muhammad Ali’s pink childhood home now selling for staggering £1.1million after market value soars

    MUHAMMAD ALI’S childhood home is on the market.The modest pink house in Louisville, Kentucky, has been converted into a museum.Muhammad Ali left his childhood home and returned a championCredit: Getty – ContributorBoxing icon Ali grew up in KentuckyCredit: Jam PressThe house has been restored to how it would have looked in the 1950sCredit: Jam PressIt is a museum dedicated to Ali’s early lifeCredit: Jam PressAli – then known as Cassius Clay – spent his early years in the two-bedroom, one-bathroom property.It went on the market this month alongside two neighbouring houses, which have been converted into a gift shop and short-term rental.The collection is being valued at £1.1million and co-owner George Bochetto says the ideal buyer would keep the property as a museum.Bochetto – a former Pennsylvania state boxing commissioner – said: “This is a part of Americana.READ MORE IN BOXING”This is part of our history. And it needs to be treated and respected as such.”The museum opened shortly after Ali’s death in 2016.Bochetto restored it to how it would have looked during the heavyweight’s days living there using photos as a guide.He said in 2016: “You walk into this house, you’re going back to 1955, and you’re going to be in the middle of the Clay family home.”Most read in BoxingBEST FREE BET SIGN UP OFFERS FOR UK BOOKMAKERSAli lived in the house before leaving for the 1960 Olympics in Rome – returning a champion.The museum ran into financial trouble and closed less than two years after it was opened.Inside Muhammad Ali’s stunning former LA mansion up for saleMuhammad Ali went on to become a three-time heavyweight champCredit: GettyThe legend grew up in humble circumstancesCredit: Jam PressThere had been plans to move the house to Saudi ArabiaCredit: Jam PressThree properties are included in the listingCredit: Jam PressThere have been proposals to move it to Las Vegas, Philadelphia or Saudi Arabia, which were all turned down.Bochetto explained: “I wouldn’t do that because it’s an important piece of Louisville history, Kentucky history and I think it needs to stay right where it is.”A stunning mansion formerly owned by Ali went on the market for $13.5million in April.The boxing great owned the sensational seven-bedroom Los Angeles home from 1979 to 1984.Made my peaceMUHAMMAD ALI gave legendary Sun boxing writer Colin Hart his biggest ever story in a totally chance and heartbreaking meeting. More

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    England stars spend thousands boosting their home security to foil burglary gangs while they are at Euro 2024

    ENGLAND stars have spent thousands boosting their home security to foil the Away Day burglary gangs while they are at the Euros.Members of Gareth Southgate’s squad have installed military-grade equipment to avoid a repeat of the raid on Raheem Sterling, 29, during the World Cup.England stars have installed military-grade equipment to foil gangs while they’re at the EurosSterling, 29, had to rush home from the tournament in Qatar in December, 2022, when a gang stole £300,000 worth of designer watches from his house while his fiancée and their two children were home.High profile raids on other stars’ homes have continued to grab the headlines since that break-in at the Chelsea star’s mansion in Surrey, Cobham.Manchester City ace Jack Grealish, 28, and Newcastle United striker Alexander Isak, 24, have both fallen victim while they were away from home.And now that the Three Lions have landed in Germany they have taken every precaution possible to secure their luxury mansions during the tournament.READ MORE IN FOOTBALLA source said: “Players don’t want any worry or distractions whilst away.“They’ve seen what’s happened previously and want to make sure their focus is on the tournament, at any cost.”No expense has been spared as security firms installed cutting edge security technology including night vision cameras with a detection range of around 150ft and 8K resolution.Ex-Army personnel with highly trained guard dogs will also be patrolling the grounds of their homes and will even operate surveillance drones with 360-degree vision which fly too high for attackers to disable them.Most read in FootballThe tightening up of the stars’ defences on the home front follows reports of the Wags splashing out £100,000 on private bodyguards for the tournament.They are set to hire ex-military specialists amid fears of terror attacks following chilling ISIS threats issued ahead of Champions League matches this season.Newcastle’s £100m striker Alexander Isak’s mansion hit by gang of robbers in latest raid on Prem aces’ homesSecurity experts applauded the players’ plans to increase their home security.Christian Hill, managing director of security firm Intelligent Protection, said: “Footballers competing in the Euros should absolutely consider security for their homes and families whilst away as a matter of priority.“This should be at the forefront of their minds as robberies have become front-page news over the past few years and more than likely have involved players they know or even their own teammates.“These high-profile players can relieve the anxiety, stress and worry they must all get when leaving their families by contacting a security company and allowing them to provide support.“This will help the player to be fully focused on doing their job on the pitch.”The squad landed in Germany on Monday and headed to their Euros base at the 350-acre Weimarer Golf Hotel and Spa at Blankenhain, eastern Germany.Boss Southgate, 53, was keen to get his squad onto the training pitch yesterday to prepare for their tournament opener against Serbia on Sunday following the woeful 1-0 defeat to Iceland last week. More

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    Kylian Mbappe ‘snaps up £15m mansion in Beckham’s old neighbourhood’ next door to Real Madrid legend and Hollywood star

    KYLIAN Mbappe has reportedly splashed out more than £15million on a mansion in Madrid.The French superstar, expected to sign for Real Madrid after confirming his exit from Paris Saint-Germain earlier this month, is said to have finalised the purchase on Tuesday afternoon.Kylian Mbappe has reportedly splashed out more than £15million on a mansion in MadridCredit: RexIt’s where David Beckham spent most of his time living when he was in the Spanish capitalCredit: GettyRichard Gere would become Mbappe’s neighbourCredit: GettyAs would Real Madrid legend Sergio Ramos and wife Pilar RubioCredit: Alamy Live NewsRespected Spanish daily La Razon says the house he has bought is in the exclusive Madrid suburb of La Moraleja, where David Beckham spent most of his time living when he was in the Spanish capital.And it says his neighbours will include former Real Madrid legend Sergio Ramos and his stunning model wife Pilar Rubio as well as Hollywood star Richard Gere and his Spanish publicist wife Alejandra Silva.La Razon said Mbappe, who has yet to officially announce where he will play football next season, said the striker had considered the gated estate of La Finca where Jude Bellingham lives and Cristiano Ronaldo still owns property as an option.But it reported the 25-year-old, who threw an extravagant party for 250 guests at a stylish Italian restaurant a short walk from the Eiffel Tower on Monday night, ended up opting for La Moraleja a 15-minute drive from Real Madrid’s Valdebebas training complex because it was “more comfortable.”READ MORE IN football The mansion he is said to have bought reportedly forms a ‘golden triangle’ with the homes of Ramos and Gere.Ramos’ place is close to the property Mbappe has purchased and the home the US actor shares with his wife is also near, according to La Razon.Spanish news website El Confidencial said the French footballer’s property purchase had been sealed following a “war between real estate companies that had lasted months.”La Moraleja has long been one of the favourites of LaLiga’s leading footballers and other household names in Spain.Most read in FootballCASINO SPECIAL – BEST CASINO WELCOME OFFERSIt was a private estate belonging to a widowed marchioness until the middle of the 20th century before the construction of the first family homes.Some of its famous residents, including Spanish actress Ana Obregon who was once linked to Beckham during his time in Madrid, live on gated private estates with 27/4 security within the main La Moraleja estate.Watch Kylian Mbappe ‘fall in love in three seconds’ as he is caught out ogling glamorous influencerThe former England captain and his designer wife bought their old home there in June 2005 from a French couple for £3million.They sold it to a wealthy Spanish entrepreneur who headed a plastic waste disposal firm for £4.2million nearly ten years later and eight years after they moved out.Posh and Becks lived in rental properties before finding their dream home, which boasted an outdoor heated swimming pool, tennis courts, a small football pitch and a children’s play area.They spent £350,000 refurbishing the five-bed house, set in two acres of land, after consulting a Feng Shui expert.Police were called twice while they lived there – once after complaints from neighbours about noise when Becks celebrated his 31st birthday with a May 2006 party and six months later when three Japanese journalists mistaken for armed raiders sneaked into the grounds.Victoria and youngest son Cruz, then just 19 months, were inside the mansion at the time.READ MORE SUN STORIESA uniformed security guard pulled his revolver on the three men fearing they were a gang of hardened criminals and six police cars raced to the house before the intruders were released after proving their identities.Beckham offered to rent the property to ex-Real Madrid star Kaka when the Brazilian joined the Spanish club, but the striker and now-estranged wife Caroline Celico eventually decided to move to VIP bunker La Finca.La Moraleja is an affluent residential district of AlcobendasCredit: Alamy More

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    Mason Greenwood puts six-bedroom mansion up for rent in latest sign he’s quitting Man Utd

    EXILED Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has put his six-bedroom mansion up for rent.The 22-year-old’s £2million, fully-furnished pad is available for £14,000-a-month.Mason Greenwood has put his six-bedroom mansion up for rentCredit: GettyGreenwood signed with Spanish club Getafe last September on a season-long loan, which finishes at the end of next monthCredit: GettyA source said: “The fact it’s on the market is a strong indication Mason has no plans to return to United.“The house was his home when he hit the big time with the club.“It was also where he was ordered out of bed by detectives when he was arrested, and became his sanctuary when waiting to find out if he was going to be charged.”England’s Greenwood was arrested in January 2022 following allegations of attempted rape and assault. READ MORE ON MASON GREENWOODProsecutors later dropped all charges.A club internal review followed and United bosses ruled that Greenwood should ply his trade away from Old Trafford, leading to him joining Spanish club Getafe last September on a season-long loan, which finishes at the end of next month.A string of good performances and a haul of ten goals and six assists has seen some United fans call for new minority owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe to bring the troubled star back.But The Sun understands Greenwood believes returning to Manchester would risk upsetting the life he has built with Wag Harriet Robson and their baby daughter Summer.Most read in FootballSeveral Premier League clubs have asked United to keep them updated with the situation while at least four European clubs including Getafe, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli and Atletico Madrid rumoured to be considering bids for him.United have put a price tag on the academy star of £40-£50m, which would be used to fund a squad rebuild.Mason Greenwood set to leave Man Utd as Getafe give transfer update More

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    Tyson Fury building ‘Grand Designs’ luxury six-bedroom mansion with pool, hot tub, sauna and even a CINEMA

    TYSON Fury is transforming a rundown car park into a luxury “Grand Designs” mansion with a swimming pool, hot tub and cinema.The heavyweight world champion, 35, has applied for planning permission to replace the site with a lavish modern home.Tyson Fury celebrating victory following his knockout of Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium in April 2022Credit: GettyFury plans to turn the site into a luxury homeCredit: Cheshire East CouncilPlans for the lavish property include a swimming pool and hot tubCredit: Cheshire East CouncilThe site has become a dumping ground for used carsCredit: Cheshire East CouncilCurrently, the property’s estate in Cheshire’s “Golden Triangle” – popular with celebs and footballers – is overgrown.It includes a grim-coloured pond and has become a dumping ground for used cars. Next door, land owned by the Fury family had been used as an airport car park.Now the boxer wants to demolish the main eight-bedroom dwelling to replace it with a six-bed house complete with a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and cinema.Read more sportFury is asking to add a two-metre high security fence around the perimeter.But Cheshire East Council’s heritage and design team consider the proposal to be a potential blight on the landscape.The council is also unhappy that the Gypsy King wants to chop down so many trees.It voiced concerns in an email, saying: “The loss of trees and tree groups along the western boundary is of concern, particularly as more trees and tree groups appear to be marked for removal on the landscaping drawing than are stated in the arboricultural impact assessment.”Most read in BoxingThe email adds: “The proposed boundary treatments include two-metre high walling and fences to all boundaries. “If there is a particular need for security, the height and dominance of these features in the locality might be understandable but, to retain rural landscape character, these tall blank barriers should be softened.”Tyson Fury shows off his air guitar skills to AC/DC and sings Mr Brightside as son Prince holds up WBC belt at open media workout ahead of Usyk boutSolutions include changing the proposed site’s layout to save trees, or planting new ones, while the security fence could be hidden by an external hedge row.Previously, Fury’s plans had hit the skids after bats were found roosting in a loft and then he was told birds flocking to his pond or fruit trees maybe a hazard to nearby jets.Local councillor Chris Hilliard has approved of the plans and hope it improves the property and area, which has been blighted by the car parking issue.He says: “Styal has been affected by several issues over the years. One of those issues is exceptionally apparent on this property and Moss Lane as a whole.”What were family properties or small industrious businesses have become car parking for the airport. “Many of this type of establishment have a very dubious reputation, with damage to vehicles, proprietors taking vehicles into local towns and leaving them for weeks, and a disregard for the local community.”It is obvious that this site is badly in need of redevelopment, and the property as drawn would be a large improvement over the current property on this plot.Tyson Fury’s life outside of boxingA WORLD heavyweight champion inside the ring, Tyson Fury also has a colourful life away from his mega fights.
    The hit Netflix show At Home With The Furys gave an insight into his day-to-day activities away from boxing.
    The Gypsy King is believed to have punched his way to a career haul of nearly £200million.
    Fury and his seven kids currently reside in a plush house worth a whopping £1.7m.
    He swapped his £550,000 home that overlooked Morecambe Bay for the mansion located in the same area.
    Wife Paris, 34, often gives us a glimpse into her fab property by sharing snaps on Instagram.
    The home featured heavily in the Netflix show At Home with the Furys, which offered fans a glimpse inside the chaotic and full-on life of Britain’s top heavyweight boxer.
    Season one offered a glimpse into his fight preparations ahead of a showdown with Derek Chisora in December 2022.
    And Fury also has an absolute monster collection of motors he has been seen behind the wheel of.
    Most recently, he added a stunning customised Porsche GT3 RS worth over £200,000 to his car collection.
    He is also said to own several Rolex watches, flashing a £60,000 diamond-laden 18ct timepiece from the brand as he prepared for his fight with Whyte.

    “The plans would allow for the improvement of the landscape, a potential increase in biodiversity, and the removal of invasive species.”In December, Fury and his two brothers John Jr and Shane landed in hot water with the courts for renting out a car park on their land.Dad John was at Chester Magistrates’ Court to defend his sons.He said he had signed a lease agreement with a valet company and they had done nothing wrong by failing to cough up £82,166 to the council for a car park, which adjoins his house in Styal.The court also heard he handed ownership of the land to his sons – who are worth over £134 million – following a “fight with the wife 20 years ago”.John Sr said: “I didn’t even have to be here but I’ve come here today to tell you the boys have nothing to do with anything of it, especially Tyson.“It’s ridiculous when you’re paying millions of pounds in taxes. He hasn’t lived at that address for 18 years.“All I’ve done is rent a piece of land out. I have no understanding of any kind of business or what they do. READ MORE SUN STORIES”It was just an empty yard, that’s all I’ve ever done.”But District Judge Mr John McGarva ordered the three brothers to pay the business rates bill plus court costs of £17,206 – totalling nearly £100k.Fury and his family pose for a photo promoting their hit Netflix showCredit: Courtesy of NetflixThe site currently includes a grim-coloured pondCredit: Cheshire East CouncilFury’s current mansion in Morecambe, which featured in hit Netflix show At Home With the FurysCredit: Andy Kelvin / Kelvin MediaOvergrown land currently occupies the site in CheshireCredit: Cheshire East CouncilThe council has concerns about the potential loss of treesCredit: Cheshire East Council More

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    Man Utd ace Jadon Sancho heading for awkward reunion with Erik ten Hag after buying mansion round the corner from him

    MANCHESTER United star Jadon Sancho is in line for an awkward encounter with Erik ten Hag – after the winger splashed out on a stunning mansion round the corner from where his manager lives.Sancho is currently on loan at Borussia Dortmund after the player and ten Hag had a spectacular bust up earlier this season.Jadon Sancho has bought a mansion round the corner from Erik ten HagCredit: ZenpixSancho purchased the £3.8 million stunning new home just a few minute’s walk from ten Hag’s home in Hale, Gtr ManchesterCredit: ZenpixSancho is currently on loan at Borussia Dortmund after having a spectacular bust up with ten Hag earlier this seasonCredit: PATen Hag jettisoned Sancho, 24, from the first team squad for United’s clash against Arsenal in September after accusing him of not having the right attitude in training.Sancho responded furiously in a statement posted on Instagram, accusing ten Hag of making him a “scapegoat”.The £73m man was never selected again by ten Hag and joined Dortmund on loan in January.Now the pair face an awkward reunion after Sancho purchased a £3.8 million stunning new home just a few minute’s walk from ten Hag’s home in Hale, Gtr Manchester.Read More on FootballThe five-bedroom home boasts an indoor swimming pool, cinema room and a huge open plan kitchen, living room and dining room.A source said: “Jadon and ten Hag have clearly struggled to get on this year and both have very strong views on each other.“Ten Hag is adamant Sancho should apologise, Jadon is equally as firm that he has nothing to apologise for and if anything he has been mistreated.“They struggle to get along when they are working, so the idea of them bumping into each other in the street could make for a very awkward encounter.”Most read in FootballSancho, who was pictured visiting the property which is still being built, joined United in the summer of 2021 but has struggled to adapt to live at Old Trafford.His loan deal finishes at the end of the season when he will return to an uncertain future at United.He is expected to start for Dortmund in the Champions League final against Real Madrid on June 1.Five things you didn’t know about Jadon Sancho (2) More

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    Inside Muhammad Ali’s stunning former LA mansion on sale for $13.5million which includes priceless antique architecture

    A STUNNING mansion formerly owned by Muhammad Ali has gone on the market for $13.5million. The boxing great owned the sensational seven-bedroom Los Angeles home from 1979 to 1984, according to Top Ten Real Estate Deals.The mansion formerly owned by Muhammad Ali has gone on the market for $13.5mCredit: GettyAli owned the sensational Los Angeles home from 1979 to 1984Credit: Concierge AuctionsThe LA mansion includes seven bedroomsCredit: Concierge AuctionsFamous guests such as Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood and former US president Barack ObamaCredit: Concierge AuctionsA stained glass personally designed by artist Louis Comfort Tiffany tops a collection of priceless architectural features. They include antique fireplaces, French Empire chandeliers, and imported Italian marble.The mansion’s lower floor features a grand entry hall, a sun room with a glass roof, a salon, dining and living rooms as well as a wet bar. Famous guests such as Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood and former US president Barack Obama are all said to have stayed in the pad before. READ MORE IN BOXINGAnd Ali’s neighbours in the past included performer Mae West, actor Clark Gable, and singer Nat King Cole. Upstairs has bedrooms and offices, including a massive primary suite with its own fireplace. The suite opens onto a columned deck that overlooks two landscaped gardens. Outside includes a swimming pool, a huge lawn, a pergola terrace, stone fountains, and patios.Most read in BoxingAli’s neighbours in the past included performersCredit: Concierge AuctionsThe outside is the perfect place to relaxCredit: Concierge AuctionsThe suite overlooks two landscaped gardensCredit: Concierge AuctionsThe mansion is 10,500-square-footCredit: Concierge AuctionsCASINO SPECIAL – BEST CASINO WELCOME OFFERSAli’s fighting family The boxing icon left the sport in 1981 and sadly passed away in 2016.
    But his legacy in sport was carried on with daughter Laila becoming an undefeated world champion.
    Ali’s brother Rahaman was also a heavyweight boxer, amassing a 14–3–1 record and even facing his iconic sibling in a 1972 exhibition.
    Laila’s sister and one of Ali’s seven daughters Rasheda has two boys, Biaggio and Nico, who are both fighters.
    Biaggio Ali Walsh is a 1-0 MMA star while brother Nico is 10–1 as a boxer.

    It sits on a 1.5-acre corner lot, the 10,500-square-foot mansion and 1,000-square-foot guesthouse are surrounded by privacy hedges.Previously listed for $13.5m (£10.7m), the estate will be auctioned with a reserve and bidding closes on May 15.There are both dining and living roomsCredit: Concierge AuctionsThe estate will be auctioned with a reserve and bidding closes on May 15Credit: Concierge AuctionsThe upstairs has bedrooms and officesCredit: Concierge AuctionsThe mansion’s lower floor features a grand entry hallCredit: Concierge AuctionsThe wild behind-the-scenes story of Rumble in the Jungle, when Ali and Foreman were BLOCKED from leaving Zaire More