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    Strangest cars footballers drive from Djibril Cisse’s snakeskin Cadillac to Stephen Ireland’s bizarre fleet of motors

    THEY really, really simply cannot help it, can they?We all know footballers are paid ridiculous money in the modern game.
    Former footballer Stephen Ireland is a serial offender when it comes to car crimes
    And, put simply, sometimes footballers have so much they don’t know what to do with it all.
    And that has led to some rather outlandish decisions in the garages over the years.
    Case in point, these car-lovers who seem to deliberately do their best to ruin their class motors with the oddest customising imaginable, or they just have rather unique tastes.
    The likes of Mario Balotelli, Stephen Ireland and Djibril Cisse have all committed crimes against cars.
    But who do you think is the worst offender?
    Join SunSport in giving you the definitive run-down of footballers’ most astonishing-looking cars.
    Let’s start with Stephen Ireland…
    The ex-Stoke City midfielder has always been a little out there with his car choices, as you can see.
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    A pink-trim Ranger Rover did little for his street-cred, while his blue and white resprayed Audi R8 (when he played for Manchester City) was flashy.
    What made his R8 even more ridiculous was its Superman petrol cap! Why?
    He once bought his wife, Jessica Lawlor a £260k Bentley too, paying £1,000 to have the iconic ‘B’ motif on the bonnet changed to her initials.
    The car also featured red leather seats with ‘To Jess, Love from Stephen’ written in stitches on them, as well as hearts stitched on the headrests.
    Over the years, Ireland has splashed hundreds of thousands on garish motorsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    The ex-Stoke City midfielder loved customising his carsCredit: Cavendish
    Ireland once got his missus a special £260k BentleyCredit: Eamon and James Clarke
    The trouble with El Hadji Diouf…
    The notorious Senegal star regularly found himself in hot water, whether it was with managers, referees or even the authorities.
    On the pitch, he liked to stand out from the crowd, showing off silky footwork with some crafty step-overs, sometimes bamboozling defenders.
    Off the pitch, he was equally as flamboyant and his gold-plated Cadillac Escalade was an ultimate statement of wealth.
    You could say he acted as inspiration for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who covered his Lamborghini in a gold wrap.
    El Hadji Diouf’s gold-wrapped Escalade was a fright for sore eyesCredit: Alamy
    On the pitch, Diouf was just as controversialCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    Go, Go Power Ranger…
    Former Newcastle star Nile Ranger wasn’t afraid to wear his colours on his car.
    He had his own customised Range Rover in white with a black strip running through the middle of it. But that wasn’t why it was offensive to the eye.
    The fact the bad boy swapped out ‘Rover’ on the bonnet for his own surname was a bit too much to take for us.
    Nile Ranger wasn’t afraid to wear his colours on his carCredit: Rex Features
    Ranger’s customised Range even had his name on it
    The gall of Gallas…
    When you’ve got an amazing car – in this case a Mercedes McLaren SLR – its beauty speaks for itself.
    But if you’re ex-Arsenal and Chelsea star William Gallas, you’ll want to add your own personal touch to proceedings.
    He had his £200k-plus car wrapped in chrome, making it look more like a disco ball. What was he thinking?
    William Gallas had his car wrapped in chrome like a shiny disco ball
    Gallas committed a serious hate crime against his Mercedes McLaren SLRCredit: PA:Empics Sport
    Must train harder…
    When David James was at Portsmouth, then-manager Tony Adams made a rule that the worst trainer in the squad had to drive a 1992 Robin Reliant the next day to training.
    The ex-England goalie was reportedly behind the wheel most days because he was terrible.
    And over the years, Pompey’s pros threw money at the vehicle to customise it – once making it look like Mr T’s A-Team van!
    When David James was at Pompey he had to drive the club’s Robin ReliantCredit: The Digital South
    Balotelli has balls…
    The controversial Italian striker once asked, ‘Why Always Me?’ on a hidden shirt revealed after he scored against Man Utd for his old club, City.
    And when he was in Manchester, he loved going out – and whether or not he was trying to be inconspicuous with his camouflage Bentley, we don’t know.
    But the garish sight certainly meant he stood out from the crowd.
    It is unclear if Balotelli still owns the garish Bentley after he sold off a load of his supercar collection including a Lamborghini and Ferrari.
    Mario Balotelli’s camo Bentley always caused a stir in ManchesterCredit: Splash News
    Wayne Rooney’s first car…
    Since then, he’s definitely had an upgrade, eh? Over the years, we’ve seen Roon driving a Range Rover, a BMW i8 and even an Audi Q7.
    But when he was a whipper-snapper at Everton, the then-teenager invested in his first car.
    Rooney kept it sensible, getting himself a reliable Ford Ka – the sports model, need we add. Note the personalised reg plate.
    Wayne Rooney’s first car was a Ford Ka
    And finally…
    Djibril Cisse has always been a man who has been out there with his fashion choices.
    The ex-Liverpool striker, who is now a DJ, had a snakeskin wrap on his Cadillac Escalade that took pride of place in his car collection.
    But that wasn’t his ultimate statement of individuality.
    On his Chrysler he had a painting of his daughter, Ilona front and centre on the bonnet.
    As touching a sentiment as it is, it wouldn’t have done much for its re-sell value.
    Djibril Cisse got his Escalade decorated with a snakeskin interiorCredit: YouTube
    French star Cisse also had this paintwork of his daughter on his Chrysler
    Cisse is a big fan of customising his cars
    And Cisse also has a rather unique taste in motors unlike any other footballerCredit: Northpix – England More

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    Eden Hazard’s amazing car collection, as free agent rides Audis, an Aston Martin, Mercedes cars worth over £500k

    HE’S just as sleek off the pitch as he is on it.Eden Hazard, 32, is now a free agent after having his Real Madrid contract torn up.
    Eden Hazard always hits top gear off the pitch with his £500k car collection despite his struggles on itCredit: Rex
    A true ‘Petrol Header’, Eden Hazard owns a couple of AudisCredit: Getty – Contributor
    The Belgian playmaker left Chelsea for the Bernabeu in 2019 to bank around £416,000-a-week with the Spanish giants.
    However, he failed to ignite LaLiga like he did with the Premier League, and has been tipped for a move to Saudi Arabia and the MLS.
    Last weekend, he was spotted watching his beloved Blues at Stamford Bridge, as they took on Liverpool. But there is no suggestion of a return.
    In the meantime, Hazard can enjoy his impressive car collection he’s amassed through the years.
    As you can imagine from one of the best players on the planet over the last decade, Hazard’s garage is full of incredible cars.
    He has been spotted in various rides over the years, including a Mercedes Benz AMG GTR, Audi R8 V10, BMW X6, Audi RS4 Avant, Range Rover, Aston Martin Vanquish and Mercedes C Class.
    But how much are they all worth?
    Join SunSport in totalling up the numbers, that’ll leave you green with envy:
    The Audi R8 V10 that’s part of Hazard’s collection is worth £110kCredit: Handout
    Audi R8 V10
    Able to hit a top speed of 205mph, Hazard should never have been late to the Madrid training ground driving this car.
    Brazil star Neymar also owns an R8, so Hazard’s in good company.
    Price: Around £110k
    BMW X6
    A stylish and reliable SUV, the classic number ten often took his X6 for a spin on match day.
    As a family man, this roomy ‘Beamer’ is also perfect to drive around his missus, Natacha Van Honacker and their four kids for a day out.
    Price: From £60k
    The BMW X6 is the perfect family car for Hazard, a dad of fourCredit: Handout
    Audi RS4 Avant
    A regular standard among footballers, including Real Madrid and Barcelona’s elite – who have deals with the car giants – Hazard loves the Audi brand.
    Price: From £60,290
    Range Rover Sport
    A Range Rover… every footballer should own one and most of them do.
    Hazard’s preference is the sport model because it’s comfortable and the ideal ride for when he finishes training and can stretch his legs.
    Should be more than enough room for his 5’8″ frame.
    Price: From £60,760
    Hazard scored himself another Audi when he joined Real Madrid
    The Range Rover Sport is Hazard’s preference when leaving training
    The most expensive car in Hazard’s collection is the classy Aston Martin Vanquish worth £199,950Credit: Paul Tonge – The Sun
    Is classy Hazard pondering what motor to get next?Credit: Reuters
    Aston Martin Vanquish
    A classy gents’ car, the Vanquish is the most expensive motor in Hazard’s collection.
    James Bond star Daniel Craig once owned a limited edition version, which was sold at an auction for £344,000.
    Price: From £199,950
    Mercedes C-Class
    The luxury C-Class has been part of the German brand’s make-up since 1993.
    It was also one of the first cars Hazard rocked up in when he signed for Chelsea from Lille back in 2012. Needless to say, he’s moved on since.
    Price: From £32,260
    Cool Hazard is a motor car enthusiast
    The cheapest car in Hazard’s collection is a £32k C-ClassCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk
    Hazard’s AMG GTR reaches a top speed of 197.6 mphCredit: Getty – Contributor
    Felipe Massa strikes a pose with car aficionado, Hazard
    And finally, Mercedes Benz AMG GTR
    Perhaps the best-looking in his collection, Hazard has a AMG GTR which has a horse power of 430 kW and top speed of 197.6 mph.
    Former Aston Villa and Man City ace Gareth Barry once had one once upon a time too.
    Price: From £99,245
    That gives us a grand total of £622,505 – over a half million pounds worth of cars! Now, that’s nothing to be sniffed at. More

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    Meet Newcastle new boy Harvey Barnes’ influencer Wag Naomi Dann who met the winger at school and models sports wear

    SHE’S certainly ready for the Toon.Naomi Dann, 25, is the beautiful influencer Wag of Newcastle United new boy
    Meet stunning Wag Naomi Dann
    Dann dates Leicester City ace Harvey Barnes
    Naomi is Barnes’ childhood sweetheart
    Naomi helped Barnes celebrate his big-move to Newcastle
    The ex Leicester ace, 25, signed a five-year deal with the Toon after Eddie Howe’s completed a £38million move.
    Immediately, he was thrust into the action for his debut against Aston Villa in a friendly on Sunday that ended 3-3.
    And no doubt he would’ve been cheered on by the love of his life, Naomi, who is his childhood sweetheart.
    The pair met when they were both 13 at school, and their romance has stood the test of time as Harvey became a Premier League star and England international.
    Read more Newcastle news
    Like Harvey, Naomi, also 25, was born and raised in Burnley.
    They were introduced by mutual school friends when they were just teenagers.
    Blonde beauty Naomi is from Burnley like Barnes
    Naomi met Barnes when she was 13
    The glam couple were introduced by school friends and have been together ever since
    Naomi shows off her bikini body on holiday in Ibiza
    As Harvey worked hard to become a professional footballer, Naomi went to university
    In 2020 Naomi graduated from university
    While Harvey was working hard to break into Leicester’s first team, Naomi went to university.
    She graduated in 2020 and is now an influencer.
    Naomi is the youngest of two sisters, Beth and Emily.
    Currently, Naomi and Harvey are expecting their first child together.
    The pair revealed they were to become proud parents back in April.
    And recently, Naomi has been showing off her growing baby bump on glam trips abroad.
    She shared a snap with the winger on Instagram to her 6,000 followers of the pair posing in front of a swimming pool.
    And she captioned the photo: “Last holiday together before we become mum & dad.”
    Barnes and Naomi share the happiness on Instagram and her baby bump
    Naomi, who recently turned 25, is excited to become a mum for the first time
    Naomi is a keen gym bunny, which will help in losing the baby weight.
    And she has used her influencer status on Instagram to promote InstaFit.
    Naomi is a keen gym bunny
    Since graduating, Naomi considers herself as an influencer
    Naomi works hard on her fitness to be bikini-ready
    Naomi is also an ambassador for InstaFit

    Most read in Football
    The online brand offers workout tips, how to live a healthier life, as well as sells sportswear.
    Read More on The Sun
    Naomi has been instrumental in helping the brand grow – modelling some of the range and sharing photos on social media as a proud ambassador.
    We couldn’t think of anyone better. More

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    TV presenter and Arsenal fan Nicole Holliday gets regular marriage proposals from fans and reveals favourite interview

    WITH her girl-next-door looks, Nicole Holliday often has Gunners fans’ pulses racing.The 31-year-old TV presenter from Highbury, North London is a freelance presenter for Arsenal – delivering their Media Player interviews with their talented stars during match days and beyond.
    Gorgeous presenter Nicole Holliday works for Arsenal’s video outputCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    The stunner was also part of their Facebook Live match day team, warming us up online before the main event kicked off up until 2019
    Since her time with the Gunners, she has become a radio presenter for talkSPORT, as well as works on entertainment show Unmuted for Sky Arts.
    She has branched out further in recent times, working with BBC Sport on the cricket and Sky Sports.ARSENAL THROUGH AND THROUGH
    A devout Gooner, Holliday is a fanatical fan – regularly cheering on the Arsenal on social media.
    She told SunSport how she scored her dream job.
    “I had been making some videos on YouTube after Arsenal games, kind of like match reviews, and I think one of the producers came across them and messaged me asking to come in for a meeting,” Nicole revealed.
    latest football features
    The sexy host appears on Arsenal’s website and on their social media pagesCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    Holliday often sets Gunners fans’ pulses racingCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    She just loves the buzz of reporting liveCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    “It all happened quite quickly and pretty out of the blue. I’d been working as a presenter in entertainment for a couple of years. but hadn’t crossed over into sport yet. The football videos were more of a passion/hobby thing!
    “I was so nervous initially because I knew how amazing an opportunity it would be.
    “I was born and raised in North London. I come from a family of Gooners, so they were all so excited too.
    “The weirdest thing was getting used to sitting next to legends like Nigel Winterburn and eating pizza whilst watching games.”
    She’s interviewed Arsenal legends, including Santi CazorlaCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx

    Holliday also hosted Sky One show What’s Up TV on which she interviewed singer FergieCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    Being a lifelong Arsenal fan, Nicole’s pinch me moment came when she was asked to interview legend Tony Adams.
    “He has to be my favourite interview,” she said.
    “He was wearing the most incredible suit and was so lovely and funny. I never really get nervous during interviews but it was quite surreal sitting there having a chat with him.
    “Jens Lehman is really funny too, he has a lot of stories! All the guys are great to be honest, it’s always a real pleasure interviewing them.
    Her favourite Gooner to interview was Tony AdamsCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    As a presenter, Holliday packs quite the punchCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    And she’s often stopped by Arsenal fans in the street looking for a photo opCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    Holliday said she loves getting recognised in the streetCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    “I’ve probably interviewed Rob Holding the most. He is hilarious and great fun to work with.”
    Because of her high-profile job, Nicole is often stopped on the street by Gooners asking for a photo-op. Some even ask for her hand in marriage.
    She told us: “I love meeting Arsenal fans out and about. It’s not an everyday occurrence, but I’ve been asked for photos a few times and then we’ll always have a chat about the footie afterwards.
    “I’ve always found everyone to be super respectful and sweet. But you do get the odd marriage proposal on Instagram. It’s all very flattering though!”
    With her girl next door persona, Holliday has become a firm favourite on InstagramCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    She has amassed over 76,000 followersCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    No stranger to a blooper, Nicole recalled a moment she embarrassed former Arsenal favourite Aaron Ramsey during one particular interview.
    “Most of the Arsenal interviews I’ve done are live, so of course you never know what can happen in those scenarios. But sometimes you do have to be careful with your wording.
    “I did embarrass Aaron Ramsey once though by showing him an old social media profile that had a picture of him as a teenager with a bit of a dodgy haircut.
    “He found it funny though and we ended up having a chat about all his past questionable hairstyle choices.”
    She is often getting proposed to on social media by Arsenal fansCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    Holliday said she finds it very flattering that Arsenal fans ask if she’ll marry themCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx More

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    The worst bust-ups between players and managers, including Fergie and Beckham, Keane and Mourinho and more

    NOBODY is bigger than the club.Romelu Lukaku’s fate at Manchester United was reportedly sealed when he fell out with assistant manager Mike Phelan in 2019, and was immediately shipped off to Inter Milan on transfer window day.
    Romelu Lukaku was shipped out to Inter Milan after a bust-up at Man UtdCredit: Getty – Contributor
    David Luiz was accused of thinking he was bigger than Chelsea by Andreas Christensen after sealing his move to Arsenal in a sensational £8m deal in the same year, which the Blues later denied.
    And in recent times, we’ve seen Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang escorted out of the Emirates after falling out of favour with Mikel Arteta. Mesut Ozil’s fate also went the same way.
    It shows that often players often fall out with their clubs, managers and team-mates in the high-pressure of professional football.
    SunSport presents seven of the best bust-ups involving the stars… kicking off with a Man Utd legend:
    Sir Alex Ferguson wasn’t one to suffer fools gladly.
    Paul Ince, Roy Keane, and Jaap Stam were all first teamers who upset the hard-nosed Scot and found themselves heading for the exit door.
    However, Fergie’s most high-profile bust-up with one his stars came in the shape of poster-boy David Beckham.
    As he revealed in his autobiography, the Red Devils legend was furious at his side’s FA Cup exit to Arsenal in 2003 and singled Becks out for his poor performance in the dressing room.
    He claimed he had noticed the England legend’s energy levels weren’t what they were and told him in no uncertain terms his mind wasn’t on the game.
    The pair had a row and Fergie kicked a boot that slapped Becks in the face and cut his eye.
    Less than half a year later, Beckham was headed to Real Madrid after Fergie washed his hands with him.
    David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson clashed in 2003Credit: Reuters
    Beckham was left with a nasty gash above his eye when Ferguson kicked a boot at his headCredit: Rex Features
    In truth, Keane could have an argument with his kitchen sink, as he has proven in more recent years while working as a Sky Sports pundit.
    But in the build-up to the 2002 World Cup, Keane voiced his issues with Republic of Ireland being based in Saipan, including the training pitch and travel arrangements in an explosive interview with the Irish Times.
    Mick McCarthy blasted Keane for his behaviour, so the fiery midfielder unleashed his own form of hell.
    “Mick, you’re a liar… you’re a f****** w*****. I didn’t rate you as a player, I don’t rate you as a manager, and I don’t rate you as a person. You can stick your World Cup up your a***,” he said.
    “The only reason I have any dealings with you is that somehow you are the manager of my country. You can stick it up your b*******.”
    Keane was sent home from the World Cup in disgrace, chased by reporters who wanted quotes as he walked his dogs.
    Roy Keane was sent home from the 2002 World Cup after a row with Mick McCarthyCredit: Reuters
    When the fiery pair were at Newcastle, they didn’t always see eye-to-eye.
    And after Bellamy was substituted in a game against Charlton, he swore at his boss before leaving the pitch.
    Souness revealed in his autobiography: “At our next team meeting, he was sitting in the front row and, as I was talking, he kept shaking his head. ‘What is it that you are not agreeing with?’ I said.
    “Before he could answer me, I added: ‘Can we just go back over the past seven days of your life? You have told John Toshack he’s not getting the best from you with Wales, because he’s not using you in the correct position.
    ‘You have told our chairman that St James’ Park doesn’t suit Craig Bellamy and then, on Saturday, you called me a f***ing p**ck.’
    “That’s when I physically got hold of him and asked him to come into the gym with me. I walked out of that meeting and thought: ‘What am I doing? Is this the job for me?’”
    Just a few months later, following an incident where Bellamy feigned injury not to play a game on the wing, the Welshman was sold.
    Craig Bellamy swore at former Newcastle boss Graeme Souness when he was subbed offCredit: Reuters
    When Alan Shearer was tasked with trying to keep Newcastle United up with eight games to go in 2009, he had to manage the unmanageable Joey Barton.
    Shearer recalled a conversation he had with Barton prior to a trip to Anfield, where the hot-headed midfielder would get stick.
    His player assured him he’d be able to handle it.
    But… “We were getting beat 3-0 and we were just about to take him off and he scythes Xabi Alonso down just in front of the Kop. Straight red card, suspended for the rest of the season,” Shearer recalled.
    “He let me down, he let the club down, and then I just thought it was my time to say a few home truths in the dressing room.”
    Barton was duly suspended for the last three matches, the Geordies were relegated and it was Shearer who lost his job.
    Remarkably, Barton stayed to play in the Championship.
    Alan Shearer had to manage the unmanageable Joey Barton during his brief tenure as Newcastle bossCredit: PA:Empics Sport
    Joey Barton’s red card at Newcastle was the last straw, although Shearer was the one sackedCredit: Getty
    Ivano Bonetti won Serie A with both Juventus and Sampdoria before he took his silky skills to Grimsby Town in his twilight years.
    It’s fair to say, The Mariners had never witnessed such a footballing talent at their club.
    And it was the fans who brought him to the club, raising half the transfer fee with Bonetti paying the rest.
    However, manager Brian Laws wasn’t impressed by his player in one game, laying down the law about his lack of effort in an epic post-match dust-up.
    The argument culminated in Laws throwing a plateful of chicken legs (yes, you heard that right) and shattering Bonetti’s cheekbone.
    The two kissed and made up in public, however Laws was soon forced out the club.
    Brian Laws and Ivano Bonetti kissed and made-up after the manager threw a plate of chicken wings at his faceCredit: Action Images
    In today’s game, player power has become paramount.
    And French World Cup winner Paul Pogba and ‘The Special One’ Jose Mourinho were two egos ready to butt heads.
    Their frosty relationship came to a head when Pogba questioned the Portuguese’s tactics and was stripped of United’s vice-captaincy in a draw against Wolves.
    “We are at home and we should play much better against Wolves. When we are at home we should attack, attack, attack. That’s Old Trafford. We are here to attack,” Pogba said.
    “I think teams are scared when they see Man United attacking and attacking. That was our mistake.
    “Maybe the attitude should be better and we should play better because, again, we are at Old Trafford and we should just attack and press like we did against Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal last season.
    “When we play like this it’s easier for us.”
    Mourinho was the fall guy, and Pogba is still at Old Trafford – although their war of words was still continuing last month prior to Jose’s axing at Tottenham.
    Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinhos egos often clashed at Man UtdCredit: AFP or licensors
    Not the most high-profile, but explosive all the same.
    Di Canio was always going to struggle keeping his emotions in check as a football manager.
    But just a month into his stint at Swindon Town an argument after a League Cup clash with Southampton with Leon Clarke was caught on camera.
    The Italian grabbed at his striker’s shirt as he walked off the pitch, and as the two made their way down the tunnel they got into a tussle.
    Clarke never played for Swindon after that and was sent on loan to Chesterfield just a week later.
    Fiery Paolo Di Canio was always going to get into bother as a football managerCredit: Sky Sports More

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    England’s Under-17 European Championship winning team from 2010 and where they are now, including an ex-Man Utd star

    ENGLAND fans might remember 2010 as the year the Three Lions crashed out of the World Cup in the last-16 to Germany on the back of a highly contentious no-goal decision.But that same summer, the Young Lions were victorious at the Under-17 European Championships in Liechtenstein.
    Jack Butland recently signed for Rangers from Crystal PalaceCredit: PA:Press Association
    England’s youth team fought back from a goal down to beat a Spain team featuring the likes of Paco Alcacer and Gerard Deulofeu 2-1 in the final.
    Many of the players in the squad from that day were tipped for big things in the future.
    However, despite their early promise, the starting XI have mostly flopped at senior level. We take a look back at the starters from that May day in 2010 and where they are now.JACK BUTLAND
    Heralded as a potential goalie legend, Butland started off his career at Birmingham before moving to Stoke City in a £3.5million deal.
    He made his full debut for England in a 2012 defeat to Italy – and is still to this day the youngest goalie to ever play for the Three Lions.
    In 2015, he was handed the No1 jersey by Mark Hughes when Asmir Begovic left for Chelsea.
    However, a series of injuries to a bothersome ankle hampered his progress.
    Still only 30, Butland has move to Rangers in Scotland after a spell at Crystal Palace.
    Originally a promising Middlesbrough full-back, Pilatos signed for Swedish side Ytterhogdal in 2016 after failing to secure first-team football.
    He was released again in 2017, and in 2018 spent two months in Scotland with Livingston FC, according to his LinkedIn page.
    Pilatos was last known to be plying his trade for non-league Bishop Auckland.
    Predicted to be the heir to Leighton Baines, Garbutt was an attacking left-back in a similar mould to the Everton legend.
    But he failed to establish himself with the Toffees, and was sold to Blackpool in 2020.
    He also had several loans with Ipswich Town – and has enjoyed loan spells at Fulham, Wigan and Oxford United in the past.
    Garbutt now plays his football for Salford City.
    Luke Garbutt failed to make the grade at EvertonCredit: Dave Pinegar – The Sun
    When Chalobah was starring at centre half for England’s U17 team he was a promising Chelsea starlet, alongside brother Trevoh.
    In 2012 he enjoyed a loan at Watford, impressed at Middlesbrough and Reading, which led to a move to Napoli.
    Five years later, upon his return to the Blues, he was sold to Watford.
    Chalobah was signed by Fulham in 2021, before moving to West Brom in the January transfer window.
    Nathaniel Chalobah struggled with injuries at WatfordCredit: PA:Press Association
    The central defender managed to make 22 appearances with Liverpool, often at right-back.
    But it was always going to be a big ask to break into a Reds side brimming with talent.
    He was playing in the Championship with Derby from 2017 after impressing on loan there during the 2013-14 season, but quit the club in 2021 and has been a free agent since.
    Andre Wisdom has been playing in the Championship with Derby since 2017Credit: JOHN CLIFTON
    Coady failed to make the grade at Liverpool.
    However, at Wolves he became a steady Premier League player and captained the side.
    In August 2020 he was called up to Gareth Southgate’s England senior side and went on to be part of the Euros squad.
    Last season, he was loaned out to Everton where he helped the side avoid relegation on the final day of the campaign.
    Leicester recently splashed £7.5million on the centre back, as they look to bounce back from relegation.
    Conor Coady is now captain at WolvesCredit: PA:Press Association
    The Manchester United starlet played three times at Old Trafford, but was never good enough to make the grade.
    Most of his career has been spent plying his trade in the Championship with QPR, Sheffield Wednesday, Preston North End, before he signed for Hull and Ipswich.
    He now plays for Wigan. He has also made himself available for the Republic of Ireland.
    Former Man Utd starlet Will Keane reps Ireland nowCredit: Rex Features
    The cream of the crop after breaking into the Everton side as a teen, Barkley showed flashes of brilliance that saw him compared to Paul Gascoigne.
    Sadly, he never managed to sustain his form with the Toffees, and a move to Stamford Bridge in 2018 for £15million was seen as a chance for him to start afresh.
    He didn’t live up to expectation at Chelsea, and was shipped off to Aston Villa on loan.
    With Dean Smith’s side, the 29-year-old did show glimpses of the old magic, but that failed to earn him a permanent move.
    Nice bought him last year, but he was released by the French club at the end of June.
    Ross Barkley moved to Chelsea in 2018 for £15millionCredit: Alamy Live News
    Chelsea product McEachran was dubbed a class outfit at youth level for the Blues because of his brilliance on the ball.
    The tidy midfielder managed to play 11 times for the West Londoners, before he was sold to Brentford in 2017 for £750,000. In 2019, he moved to Birmingham for a free transfer.
    He was released at the end of the January transfer window in 2021 and had a spell at Milton Keynes Dons.
    This month, McEachran signed for Oxford United.
    Josh McEachran played 11 times for the BluesCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    The former Arsenal starlet was once targeted by Barcelona before committing a deal as a youngster with the Gunners.
    Following a series of loans, most successfully at Wolves when they were in the Championship, Premier League Bournemouth paid £10million for Afobe’s services.
    He failed to live up to standards of the top division, and was loaned out to Turkish club Trabzonspor.
    He has since gone on to play for DR Congo, but a spell at Millwall couldn’t reignite his career.
    Afobe has since set up home in Dubai, where he plays for Hatta Club.
    Ex-Arsenal starlet Afobe has found goals hard to come by at the top levelCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    After showing promise with Ipswich in the Championship, the powerful centre forward signed for Premier League Sunderland in a deal worth £12million in 2011.
    In his four years with the Black Cats he struggled for goals – scoring just 15 times in 91 games.
    In 2015, Crystal Palace signed Wickham for £9million – but a serious knee injury put pay to his progress in South London.
    His fall from grace has now seen him play for Milton Keynes Dons, then Forest Green Rovers and recently Cardiff City until the end of the last campaign.
    Connor Wickham celebrates scoring for Crystal PalaceCredit: PA:Empics Sport More

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    Mason Mount was determined to succeed John Terry at Chelsea after his dad told him to leave but now wants Man Utd switch

    MASON MOUNT was determined to become a Chelsea legend like John Terry when he was a teenager, but now he is seeking a new challenge.It was 2014 and Mount, one of the most sought after 15-year-olds in the country, had to choose between a scholarship with the Blues and a raft of tempting offers to leave.
    Mason Mount has starred for Chelsea since 2019Credit: Getty Images – Getty
    Mount lifts the Champions League trophy alongside dad Tony in 2021Credit: Getty
    Uncles, aunts and grandparents offered advice to the talented teenager after dad Tony called a family meeting at their Portsmouth home.
    “I told Mason I thought he needed to move on to get the best opportunity,” Tony told SunSport.
    “I said, ‘No one at Chelsea’s academy has got into the first-team since John Terry — what chance have you got?’
    “Mason shot back, ‘I’ll be the next one.’ He said, ‘I’m not leaving Chelsea, it’s my club. I’ve been here since the age of six and I’m going all the way.’”
    Nine years on and Mason — so named by his mum as it means ‘man of stone’ — fulfilled that promise, having made himself a regular for the Blues, winning the Champions League for his club and starring for England at the Euros and the World Cup.
    Sat in the garden of his Waterlooville home, Tony flicks through photographs on his iPhone which highlight his son’s rise.
    The snaps show him signing for Chelsea aged eight, bonding with best mate Declan Rice, representing England Under-21s and winning the 2018 player of the year at Vitesse Arnhem in Holland while on loan.
    But a photograph of a two-year-old Mason in the arms of his dad, who was a non-League manager in 2001, shows where his footballing education began.
    Mount vowed to become the first academy product since John Terry to make it in the first-teamCredit: Supplied
    An eight-year-old Mount joins ChelseaCredit: Tony Mount
    Mount, aged two, would watch his dad’s non-League side Havant Town
    Mount, with dad Tony, signing with Vitesse Arnhem in Holland on loan in 2017Credit: Tony Mount
    Tony, then boss of Havant Town, said: “I’m old-school and Mason has sat in dressing rooms with me kicking cups and doors while we’re 3-0 down at Kettering, and the language has been blue.”
    In 2004, Tony took a five-year old Mason to a club in Farnham for his first experience of playing on grass.
    “They started age six and Mason was five,” the father-of-four said. “I took him over there and they said, ‘He’s a bit small. Is he six?’ I said, ‘Yeah!’
    “Within two sessions he was playing with the Under-8s and dribbling round all of them.”
    Chelsea quickly spotted his talent. Mason was training with the Blues as well as the club his family raised him to support, Portsmouth.
    So when a friend invited them to rivals Southampton, so coaches could assess their trialists against a Chelsea player, the future starlet was hesitant.
    Tony said: “We were driving there and Mase said, ‘I won’t have to wear that shirt will I?!’ It’s embedded in him. I said he’d just have a bib on.
    “They split the boys into four teams and took them away to get changed. The first team came out wearing black, another in blue and then another in yellow.
    “I’m looking for Mason and thinking, ‘Please don’t come out in red and white! PLEASE don’t come out in red and white!’ And he’s come out in this red and white kit with a face like thunder.
    “He’s going ‘Dad! Dad!’ and pointing at the shirt. He played like a man possessed that night because he was so unhappy about this kit. He scored 14 goals.”
    Mount’s dad Tony told SunSport about his son’s rapid rise at ChelseaCredit: Jamie McPhilimey – The Sun
    Mount became best mates with West Ham’s Declan Rice, left, in Chelsea’s academyCredit: Tony Mount
    Rice and Mount’s friendship endured as the two holidayed togetherCredit: Instagram @masonmount10
    Despite attempts by Saints and Pompey to sign Mount, it was too late. He’d fallen in love with Chelsea.
    He signed with the Blues aged eight and met fellow England international Rice at their Cobham academy. The duo quickly became inseparable.
    Tony, now a partner in an electronics manufacturer, said: “When Declan got released aged 14, we were all devastated. [Mason’s mum] Debbie was in tears and Mason was gobsmacked.
    “One minute you’re there and had been with Declan since the age of seven, travelling across Europe with the family and holidaying together, and all of a sudden he’s gone.
    “Declan is very strong mentally and got what he deserved at West Ham.”
    It was at the academy that Mason first met Jody Morris, Lampard’s assistant at Derby and then Chelsea.
    Former midfielder Morris was manager of the youth team when Mason stepped up. He thrived off Morris’ old-school approach and was appointed captain.
    Tony said: “I asked Mason about Jody and he said, ‘Dad, he’s very good. He’s a tough taskmaster, I love him and if I do something well he wants me to do it better.’”
    So when Morris called in 2018 to say Lampard wanted to meet, he jumped at the invite.
    Mount signed a five-year deal at Chelsea last summerCredit: PA:Press Association
    Mount signed a five-year deal at Chelsea in 2019. Both father and son travelled up to a London hotel and listened to Lampard’s pitch about going to Derby.
    “Talk about inspired! I wanted to play for Frank after that,” Tony said, laughing.
    “Frank was brilliant, explaining what he could give Mason. He knew him inside-out, was talking about games he’d watched Mason play.
    “We spoke to Steven Gerrard about going to Rangers, too, and he was similar: ‘I’ve watched Mason, know him and want him to come on a journey with me.’
    “Frank said the same: ‘Come with me and be my player, you’ve got everything I love.’
    “I said to Mason, ‘Don’t rush into it, we’ve got to think about it. I like Werder Bremen, and Norwich was a good meeting.’ He said, ‘No, Dad. I’m going to Derby. I want to work for Frank Lampard.’”
    Mount scored nine goals and got four assists at Pride Park, where he formed a strong bond with the Chelsea legend.
    And Mount asserted himself on the Blues’ first team after being handed his opportunity by his mentor Lampard and he went on to succeed under the management Thomas Tuchel, winning the Champions League.
    However, the 2022-23 campaign wasn’t so successful.
    Chelsea ended the season 12th in the Premier League table and without any silverware.
    And new Mount is on the verge of leaving Stamford Bridge.
    Man Utd have been pushing to sign the midfielder this summer, but they have seen three bids – with the latest totalling £55million – rejected.
    The Red Devils are now threatening to walk away from the deal entirely. More

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    How Jose Mourinho’s kids are doing their own thing, with daughter’s jewellery worn by Stormzy and son a budding coach

    HE is not the only Special One in the family.For years Jose Mourinho has lived off that moniker, leading the likes of Porto, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Manchester United, Tottenham and now Roma to success.
    Jose Mourinho’s daughter is an award-winning jewellerCredit: Getty
    His son Jose Jr is an aspiring footballer and coachCredit: Getty
    Stormzy teamed up with Matilde Jewellery for a music video shootCredit: Instagram
    But daughter Matilde is showing her own unique talents as a jeweller.
    The 27-year-old’s brand Matilde Jewellery scooped the Emerging Brand of the Year gong at the Professional Jeweller Awards.
    It was also worn by Stormzy in his new video Mel Made Me Do It, which dad Jose makes an appearance in.
    While son Jose Jr, 23, is an aspiring footballer and coach who has been on the books of Fulham.
    read more on Jose Mourinho
    Back in December 2020, Jose’s ambitious offspring launched her own jewellery brand.
    What made it different from its competitors was her promise to make pieces from sustainable materials.
    Her passion for jewellery began in 2018, when she was gifted a gold bracelet for her 18th birthday by her parents.
    “I was so excited. It was my first piece of proper jewellery,” she told the Daily Mail.
    Read More Sun Sport
    She uses lab-grown diamonds because they “have the least impact on the environment.”
    Matilde studied her craft at the London College of Fashion before doing an MA in Entrepreneurship: Fashion and Creative Industries at Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design.
    It was on a shopping trip with her mum she learned that diamonds can be lab-grown.
    She said: “We walked into a shop where a jewellery brand was doing a pop-up. The founder came up and said: ‘Did you know all our jewellery uses lab-grown diamonds?’ I was like, ‘What?’ I was intrigued.
    Matilde’s jewellery line won a prestigious award at the Professional Jeweller AwardsCredit: Instagram @matildefmf
    Matilde Jewellery uses sustainable materials, including lab-grown diamondsCredit: Instagram @matilde.jewellery
    Pieces from Matilde’s range can cost up to £1,850Credit: Instagram @matilde.jewellery
    Dad Jose Mourinho has been seen wearing Matilde’s men’s jewellery collectionCredit: Instagram @josemourinho
    Jose Mourinho featured in Mel Made Me Do It
    “My mum was born in Angola, which is where a lot of the horrible impact from blood diamonds took place. She was always vocal about it. She thought it was amazing that lab-grown diamonds existed.”
    Matilde launched her own pop-up shop in the heart of London’s Soho that’s opened for three months in in 2022.
    Inside, there were pieces for men and women costing up to £1,850.
    Celebrity fans include actress Naomi Scott and film producer Priyanka Chopra Jonas.
    While dad Jose has worn a bracelet and ring made by his daughter at training with Roma.
    Stormzy modelled some pieces for his latest music video, Mel Made Me Do It.
    Jose Sr shared images behind the scenes on his Instagram about his cameo.
    He captioned the image: “Was great fun doing this cameo for Stormzy’s new music video out today. I had a great time and it’s great to see him wearing @matilde.jewellery”
    Although he’s currently without a club, Mourinho’s son Jose Jr is an able goalkeeper.
    For three years he was on Fulham’s books before he was released in 2017.
    Now 23, he is considering a move into coaching.
    And, if his dad is to be believed, he could become a better coach than him.
    Back in 2018, the youngster was sat on the bench alongside his dad when Manchester United took on Swansea.
    For his work experience, he then delivered a tactical analysis of what was wrong with his father’s side.
    Jose revealed: “In a period of a few bad results one day, he comes up with some analysis on my team — obviously suffering because Dad wasn’t doing well.
    “We had lost to Watford and Manchester City, I think, and he came with the stats of the team. I showed them to my assistants and I told them, ‘Be careful as one day this boy will take one of your places’.
    Jose Jr was an able goalkeeper and was formerly on Fulham’s booksCredit: PA:Empics Sport
    When his father was at Manchester United, he Jose Jr sat in the dugout for work experienceCredit: Getty
    Jose Mourinho believes his son could one day become a great coachCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    Most read in Football
    “But in fact I compare him with me at his age, where I would try to do the same sort of things for my dad — of course with different technology methods, but analysis from a kid aged 16 then.”
    Read more on The Sun
    The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, as Mourinho’s kids are making their own way in life.
    Clearly, the Special One has produced a couple of Special Ones. More