F1 British Grand Prix LIVE: Lewis Hamilton ends lengthy drought with a record-breaking WIN at Silverstone – updates

LEWIS HAMILTON has WON the British Grand Prix – and the British mogul has made history in the process!

The F1 legend started in second place on the grid behind compatriot George Russell before racing to a thrilling win.

And as a result, Hamilton has now broken Michael Schumacher’s record for most victories at Silverstone with nine.

Furthermore, it is Hamilton’s first win grand prix win since 2021!

  • PODIUM: Hamilton (1), Verstappen (2), Norris (3)
  • TV channel: Sky Sports Main Event/F1
  • Live stream: Sky Sports app/NOW


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  • Your Silverstone podium:

    This is the look of the podium here at Silverstone, beautiful.

    The F1 podium at SilverstoneCredit: Reuters
  • England 1, Netherlands 0

    Lewis Hamilton got the better of Max Verstappen today in what is set to be a week of England vs Netherlands.

    Gareth Southgate, over to you…

    Lewis Hamilton got the better of Max Verstappen ahead of England vs Netherlands at the EurosCredit: EPA
  • Final points standings

    This is how the final standings look at the British Grand Prix:

    1. Lewis Hamilton
    2. Max Verstappen
    3. Lando Norris
    4. Oscar Piastri
    5. Carlos Sainz
    6. Nico Hulkenberg
    7. Lance Stroll
    8. Fernando Alonso
    9. Alex Albon
    10. Yuki Tsunoda
  • Lewis Hamilton reacts:

    “Can’t stop crying, I think it’s been since 2021, every day getting up to fight and train and put my mind to the task.

    “This is my last race here with this team at the British Grand Prix and I wanted to win this so much for them because I love and appreciate them so much.

    “I am forever grateful to everyone in this team, and to the incredible fans, I could see you lap by lap as I was coming round and there is no greater feeling than to finish at the front here.

    “It’s still tough for anyone, but the important thing is how you continue to get up and you continue to dig deep even when you are at the bottom of the barrell… When I see my fans around the world they have been so supportive so thank you guys and God bless you.”

    Lewis Hamilton was emotional in his post race interview with Jenson ButtonCredit: Reuters
  • Hamilton sobs over Mercedes radio

    Emotional scenes at Silverstone, as Lewis Hamilton cannot stop crying over his team radio.

    “Thank you so much guys, it means a lot, it means a lot to get this one.

    “Thank you to the fans, I love you guys.”

    Heart wrenching stuff, it really is.

    He drives a victory lap around the track holding the Great British flag.

    Lewis Hamilton sobbed on the team radio after an emotional raceCredit: EPA
  • Driver of the day

    You guessed it, it’s Lewis Hamilton with 36% of the votes.

    What a drive!



    Sir Brian May waves the checked flag, and it’s a NINTH Silverstone win for the greatest racing driver of all time.


  • FINAL LAP! Hamilton leads, Verstappen second

    We are onto the final lap here, and Lewis Hamilton is leading the Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone!

    It looks like he is going to win it as Verstappen hunts him down!

  • Lap 50/52 – Hamilton leads, Verstappen second!

    Here. We. Go.

    It’s Lewis Hamilton in the lead who will need to defend against Max Verstappen to win this British GP, just like old times.

    There are three laps to go, and just three seconds between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

  • Lap 49/52 – Verstappen takes Lando Norris!

    Lando Norris is doing his best to defend Max Verstappen who is trying to take his second place.

    But Verstappen does brilliantly well to go past him on the outside.

  • Lap 47/52 – Hamilton leads, Norris second

    Lando Norris just about manages to escape Max Verstappen’s DRS zone.

    There are less than FOUR seconds between the front three drivers right now.

  • Lap 44/52 – Hamilton leads, Norris second

    England and Netherlands are doing battle at Silverstone here, on the eve of the week that the two nations will do battle at the Euros.

    Lewis Hamilton leads, as he chases a record-breaking ninth win at Silverstone in the British Grand Prix.

    Verstappen is hunting down Lando Norris, who is doing valiantly to defend the Dutch driver.

    This is TENSE.

  • Lap 42/52 – Hamilton leads, Norris second

    This is how we look heading into the final 10 laps of the race.

    1. Lewis Hamilton
    2. Lando Norris (+2.3 secs)
    3. Max Verstappen (+3.2 secs)

    This is a three way battle heading into the finale of the British GP.

    Leave me to it mate”

    Lewis HamiltonFinding out Norris is behind him on the same tyres


    Lando Norris comes out of the pits just TWO seconds behind Lewis Hamilton as the sunshine comes back out at Silverstone.

    Norris is going to chase him down, but Lewis Hamilton is looking to see this one home for the record breaking NINTH time at the British GP!

  • Lap 39/52 – Hamilton, Piastri and Verstappen pit

    Lewis Hamilton, Oscar Piastri and Max Verstappen all pit on lap 39, with Lando Norris looking to come in on the next lap.

    Mclaren are making their decision to go to soft tyres, the same as Lewis Hamilton.

  • Lap 36/52 – Norris leads, Hamilton second

    The rain is supposed to end in six minutes time.

    This is how the top six looks at the moment:

    1. Lando Norris
    2. Lewis Hamilton
    3. Max Verstappen
    4. Carlos Sainz
    5. Oscar Piastri
    6. Nico Hulkenberg

    Great work from Nico to move into 6th!

  • Lap 34/52 – Norris leads, Hamilton second


    He has been affected by a water system issue and has been forced to retire from the race.

  • Lap 29/52 – Piastri pits, Norris takes the lead

    Oscar Piastri pits as McLaren didn’t double stack the pit stop there.

    We now have this top six with everybody involved on intermediate tyres as the rain continues:

    1. Lando Norris
    2. Lewis Hamilton
    3. Max Verstappen
    4. George Russell
    5. Carlos Sainz
    6. Oscar Piastri
  • Lap 28/52 – Norris, Hamilton and Russell pit

    Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have all pitted, but McLaren have left Oscar Piastri out in the rain!

    This is how we look after the pit stops:

    1. Oscar Piastri (Hasn’t pitted)
    2. Lando Norris
    3. Lewis Hamilton
    4. Max Verstappen
    5. George Russell
  • Lap 26/52 – Norris leads, Piastri second

    Carlos Sainz is chasing down Max Verstappen, with 12 and a half seconds separating the top 6.

    Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz are both pitting now.

    It’s exciting, but it’s pretty nerve-wracking exciting”

    Zak Brown McLaren team principle

  • Lap 23/52 – Norris leads, Piastri second

    Typically for the British GP, the rain has got a huge part to play in this race.

    More rain is expected in four minutes.

    It seems to have gone drastically wrong for Charles Leclerc who has moved onto inters as the rain gets heavier.

  • Lap 22/52 – Norris leads, Piastri second

    And breathe…

    As it stands on lap 22:

    1. Lando Norris
    2. Oscar Piastri
    3. Lewis Hamilton
    4. George Russell
    5. Max Verstappen
  • Lap 20/52 – Lando Norris LEADS, Piastri second!

    This is incredible action!

    Lando Norris does superbly to slide past Lewis Hamilton and take 1st place thanks to the grip on his car.

    Piastri then chases down Hamilton, and he takes second place!

  • Lap 19/52 – Hamilton LEADS! Norris overtakes Russell!

    Lewis Hamilton TAKES THE LEAD from George Russell in the rain.

    Both of them slide off the track, but rejoin the race!

    Going off the track allowed Norris to do brilliantly to close the gap and he overtakes George Russell to move into second place!

    This is thrilling action at Silverstone!

  • Lap 18/52 – Oscar Piastri passes Max Verstappen!

    From bad to worse for Max Verstappen, as Oscar Piastri swoops past him.

    Max is into 5th place!

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