Paris Olympics to lift sex ban with 300,000 condoms to be delivered to Olympic village

OLYMPIC chiefs have lifted the ban on athletes having sex ahead of this summer’s Games.

A sex suspension was implemented ahead of the 2020 Games Tokyo, which took place in the summer of 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 2024 Olympic Games take place in Paris this summerCredit: ALAMY
Olympic chiefs have lifted the sex ban they had in place for the 2024 GamesCredit: REUTERS

The ban was imposed in a bid to stop events from being scuppered by Covid outbreaks.

But those preventative measures have been lifted ahead of this summer’s Games in Paris – meaning athletes can get up to as much rumpy-pumpy as they like.

Olympic Village director Laurent Michaud said: “It is very important that the conviviality here is something big.

“Working with the athletes commission, we wanted to create some places where the athletes would feel very enthusiastic and comfortable.”


The Olympic Village , according to TMZ, will be stocked with a whopping 300,000 free condoms.

So athletes will have no excuse for not practicing safe sex during the tournament.

There won’t, however, be any free champers for them to drink during the competition.

Although they will have a wide array of food from around the globe available to them every day.

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The Olympic Village will be stocked with 300,000 free condomsCredit: GETTY

Former Center Parcs head-honcho Michaud said: “[There will be no champagne in the village, of course, but they can have all the champagne they want also in Paris.

“We will have more than 350 metres of buffet with the world food.

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“And I’m sure that the athletes will be very happy to have some French specialties made over here.

“But the variety will first respond to the athletes’ needs for their nutrition and their performance.”

The Paris Games – which get underway on July 26 and end on August 11 – are expected to attract the largest crowds since London 2012.

Olympic Games executive director Christophe Dubi told Sky News: “It has to be a celebration and it is a celebration.

“We’ve had many challenges in the past. “In Rio, we faced situations that were amazingly complex.

“But what you see is that with a bit of goodwill from everyone – starting with the organisers.

“But also as far as the Olympic community is concerned – meeting with the challenges and coming up with solutions… is in the greater interest that the Games represent.


“What we all want is for unity, peace and a celebration of the best athletes.

“This is how this creative family works together. Any challenge? We will win.”

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