Stadium lies abandoned after huge blunder leaves stand facing AWAY from pitch as fans ‘wish Man Utd played there’

A EUROPEAN stadium is currently abandoned after a blunder left the stand facing the wrong way.

The ground located in Kosovo bizarrely has seats not in view of the pitch.

The new stand looks over a abandoned fieldCredit: TWITTER @FootballKosovo
With the team’s football pitch in the other directionCredit: TWITTER @FootballKosovo
The construction of the new stand has been delayedCredit: TWITTER @FootballKosovo

A new stand has been built that looks over an abandoned field with the team’s football pitch behind.

Fans have been left baffled by the stadium, one said: “This is strange.”

Another joked: “I wish Manchester United played there.”

But there is an explanation for the confusion in the stadium located near the towns of Magure and Dobraje.


It has been reported that the stand facing the wrong way is a new stadium being built for the club that own the pitch behind it.

However, the construction company allegedly got the dimensions of the pitch incorrect and works have been delayed.

But there are conflicting arguments that the pandemic has caused the issues in the refurbishment.

A lot of tax payers money has reportedly been spent on the project and many are frustrated by the situation.

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The construction at the new stadium begun in 2017 and a local councillor claims £586,000 has been spent on the redevelopment, report RTK.

Meanwhile, there are plans to build a new multi-sports arena in the capital Prishtina with Kosovo set to host the 2030 Mediterranean Games.

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