Champions League final streaker Kinsey Wolanski becomes Argentina’s sexiest fan as she shows love for Messi and Co

KINSEY WOLANSKI has shown her support for the Argentinian national team and this time she did it from afar rather than heading on to the pitch.

Kinsey was famed for streaking during the 2019 Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham.

Kinsey Wolanski has shown her support for the Argentinian national teamCredit: Instagram @kinsey
She is currently exploring the Patagonia region of ArgentinaCredit: Instagram @kinsey
She shared snaps of her travels around the countryCredit: Instagram @kinsey
Kinsey donned an Argentina shirt to show her support of the teamCredit: Instagram @kinsey
She is well known for streaking during the Champions League final in 2019Credit: Getty

The 27-year-old has built an impressive following online since she stormed the pitch at the Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid.

She now boasts a whopping 3.6million followers on Instagram and has treated them to some new pictures.

Kinsey is currently travelling around Argentina and has been hiking around the Patagonia region.

And given her location she has donned an Argentina football shirt to show her support of Lionel Messi and Co.


But she wasn’t attending their game and rather just sporting the blue and white stripes whilst out and about in the country.

Kinsey spent five hours in jail after she was caught streaking during the Champions League finalCredit: Rex Features
She managed to use the streaking as a way to build a huge following onlineCredit: Instagram @kinsey

Kinsey has put her days of streaking behind her and recently took an unexpected career change.

The American influencer tried her hand at aviation after she got her license as a helicopter pilot.

And it wasn’t any easy process getting her hands on her license with the process involving exams, lengthy flight hours and taking over a year.

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Speaking about getting it on social media, she said: “Getting my pilot’s license was one of the most challenging but rewarding things I have ever done. 

“I flew 112 hours before taking my flight check ride exam. 

“You have to pass three exams, [an] intense written exam, [an] oral exam on the ground, and lastly the inflight exam.

“The entire process took me one-and-a-half years.”

Kinsey now holds her pilot’s licenseCredit: Instagram @kinsey
She is regularly travelling around the worldCredit: Instagram @kinsey

Kinsey has come a long way since she landed herself in jail for five hours following her Champions League final antics.

She now focuses on her social media accounts as she continues to build a name for herself online.

Kinsey has got 3.6million Instagram followersCredit: Instagram @kinsey
She has built a massive name for herself on social mediaCredit: Instagram @kinsey

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