World’s sexiest athlete Alica Schmidt shares gruelling workout before topping up tan and filming herself in bed

GERMAN runner Alica Schmidt gave fans a glimpse of one of her gruelling abdominal routines after a long workout.

The 24-year-old is no stranger to giving her legion of social media followers glimpses into her rigorous training for the 400 and 800m races.

Alica Schmidt boast an incredibly toned physiqueCredit: INSTAGRAM@ALICASMD
The German runner gave fans a glimpse into how she maintains it on InstagramCredit: INSTAGRAM@ALICASMD
The 24-year-old shared footage of her going through a tough ab regime to her Instagram storyCredit: INSTAGRAM@ALICASMD
The workout was gruelling, to say the leastCredit: INSTAGRAM@ALICASMD

But in a change of pace, the Frankfurt firecracker showed fans how she keeps her midsection so remarkably toned.

Taking to her Instagram story, Schmidt posted footage of herself and her training partners blasting an ab workout following an endurance session at the track.

And the workout was gruelling, to say the least.

Schmidt – who has been dubbed ‘the World’s Sexiest Athete’ – and her training partners kicked things off with bicycles before going into leg-raised Russian twists.


She then performed individual single Supermans before going into some leg raises and reverse crunches.

The workout didn’t stop there as cranked out a series of leg raises and v sit-ups before closing it out with leg-raised crunches.

Recovery is just as important for athletes as the hard training itself.

And Schmidt did hers by chilling by the pool and topping up her tan on a sun lounger.

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And she finished her series of story updates by filming her waking up in bed and going for a spot of brunch.

Schmidt has set her sights on competing at Paris 2024 and plans to give everything she’s got to compete at the next Games.

She told SunSport: “It’s an amazing thing about passion.

“If you love something, if you have a strong passion for something, it will get you out of bed, and you make extreme measures to chase the goal.

“Being on the track, trying to push my myself to the absolute limit, that’s the feeling I live for.

“It means that I have to sacrifice a lot of things yes.

Alica Schmidt topped up her tan after her gruelling workoutCredit: INSTAGRAM@ALICASMD
Schmidt is hellbent on making it to Paris 2024Credit: Getty

“But to me, it’s absolutely worth it, as I need athletics to live and breathe.

“I will do everything it takes to become faster and faster.

“I train almost every single day, sometimes twice a day.

“If you have a dream just go for it and don’t compromise on it.

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“I’ve never really allowed anyone to tell me what I was capable of accomplishing.

“And I give everything I have into every single training session.”

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