Women’s race organisers forced to apologise after winners are awarded ‘sexist’ prizes

RACE organisers have been forced to apologise after awarding “sexist” prizes to victorious athletes.

The Carrera de la Mujer women’s race in Spain attracts around 30,000 participants annually.

Serbian twin sisters Ivana Zagorac and Sladjana Zagorac came first and secondCredit: Getty
Over 30,000 women participated in the raceCredit: Getty

This year, winners were awarded with kitchen appliances and low-fat products.

Upon receiving a public backlash, red-faced organisers of the Madrid event insisted the prizes weren’t designed to be sexist – but apologised “if anyone was offended”.

An official statement read: “We understand that, seen from a biased perspective, it can generate some controversy, and we apologise if this has been the case and if any woman may have felt offended.

“But it is a product that we consider not to have a sexist character and that it is ideal for any sportsperson who want to improve their nutritional habits.


“In any case, we accept the criticism, we reiterate our apologies if anyone has been offended, and we promise to take measures necessary to avoid this controversy in the future.”

Spanish secretary of state for equality Angela Rodriguez Pam posted a scathing tweet following the gaffe.

She wrote: “If you win: housewife and if not at least you’ll lose weight.”

The picturesque 4.3 mile race zags through Madrid’s historic streets.

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It was won this year by Serbian Ivana Zagorac.

While her twin sister Sladjana came in second.

The event took place on Spanish Mother’s Day – and was designed to support victims of domestic violence and cancer survivors.

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