Lewis Hamilton rubbishes suggestions he lives ‘playboy’ lifestyle as F1 champ insists he enjoys staying in

LEWIS HAMILTON has rubbished suggestions he lived “a playboy” lifestyle – but says he now enjoys staying in.

The F1 world champion has taken the covid lockdown extremely seriously and spent more time at his home in Monaco while when he’s at the race track, he stays in his motorhome.

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The Formula 1 legend loves to travel by private jet

It is a far cry from his usual jet-setting – such as in 2018 when he flew from Milan to London then to Shanghai before going on to New York for fashion commitments.

From the US, he went straight to Singapore to take a sensational pole position, and while he always maintained his hectic life was good for his approach, the 35 year old says he’s enjoyed the slower pace during the lockdown.

He said: “People have, over the years, assumed many things in terms of how my lifestyle is.

“Of course I do different events, I have a life and interests outside of the sport.

“People take for granted the time that I allow myself to focus on being the best I can be and being in shape physically and also mentally.

“But I never do anything that will get in the way or hinder that. I only try to do things that add to it.

“Only I can know how far I can stretch myself and I really think I’ve managed to strike a decent balance.

“I know I’m given this playboy kind of image, which is not really me, if you were to go home and see me with my family, you’d know my core values.

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Lewis Hamilton has insisted he does not live a ‘playboy’ lifestyle

“The other years have been massively rushed and there’s been a lot going on – running from one place to another, flying from London to New York, New York to Singapore, arriving and doing the best qualifying lap that I’ve ever done and just continuously proving people’s theories wrong.

“But this year has just been different – hardly any traveling, which has actually been quite pleasant, not being pulled left, right and centre.

“I’ve been at home more than I’ve ever been in my entire life probably, this year, and it’s nice.

“That’s a positive of this year, being able to have the time off from things that I don’t really want to do anyway.

“We all have demands in our lives with jobs, not everyone wants to be in the office every single day.

“There are commitments and things that I commit to that I don’t always want to do, but it is part of the machine that we are involved in.

“But this year a lot of those things have disappeared and at the core of me is motor racing.

“That’s what I’ve always loved doing, so it’s almost going back to the karting days.”

Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton is a family manCredit: Instagram @lewishamilton

The British superstar is a lover of luxury motors

A reduction in sponsorship and media commitments is likely to be on Hamilton’s list of demands for his new contract at Mercedes.

Hamilton, and Merc boss Toto Wolff, have yet to committee their futures to the team, despite having just over two months to run on their current deals.

Ahead of this weekend’s Portuguse GP, Hamilton was quizzed why he has not signed up and he said it was not a priority – despite the looming deadline.

Instead he says his main focus is winning his seventh world title.
He added: “I just haven’t really spoken much about it. A formality? I don’t know… Probably.

“At some stage we have to sit down and have the conversation but it’s not a priority right now, getting the job done for me this year personally is the priority.

“Negotiations are never an easy thing for most people, having to go into an office and sit with your boss, it’s never an easy position to be in.

“It’s always important just to be clear with each other about our intentions. I haven’t spoken to anybody else.

“But I haven’t made any decisions. I do want to stay and I think when we do sit down, usually we plan in three-year periods but of course we’re in a different time.

“Do I want to continue for three years is also a question. There are many, many questions still to be answered.”

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