Triathlete stops on finish line to let rival beat him after he heads wrong way in stunning act of sportsmanship

SPANISH athlete Diego Mentrida surrendered his spot on the podium as he allowed James Teagle to pass him on the finish line at the Santander Triathlon.

In one of the most stunning acts of sportsmanship, Mentrida spotted Teagle taking a wrong turn near the end of the race in Spain.

James Teagle took a wrong turn on the final corner of the Santander TriahtlonCredit: Twitter / @GoodNewsCorres1

Brit star Teagle ended up inside a fenced off area when he was in third placeCredit: Twitter / @GoodNewsCorres1

Diego Mentrida waited for Teagle at the finish to let him go back in frontCredit: Twitter / @GoodNewsCorres1

Teagle ran towards a group of spectators inside a fenced off area on the last corner, but the 21-year-old was quick to spot his mistake.

He then stopped just short of the finish line to allow Teagle to come home in third place – much to the shock of the Brit star who shook his hand in disbelief.

Speaking to Eurosport after the race, Mentrida stated that it wouldn’t have been fair of him to finish in front of Teagle.

He said: “When I saw that he had missed the route, I just stopped.

“James deserved this medal. He didn’t notice the signs or they were misaligned.


“I do not know, but the second time I would have acted the same.”

The sporting world was quick to praise Mentrida, as Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian tweeted: “The real values of SPORT in a single gesture.

“James Teagle got confused on the last corner and was passed by Diego Mentrida who did this… #Respect#FairPlay.”

Another commented: “That is sportsmanship personified.”

A third added: “You could argue that the British runner should’ve known the course as a professional.

Teagle shook Mentrida’s hand in disbelief at his classy act of sportsmanshipCredit: Twitter / @GoodNewsCorres1

Teagle finished the race on the podium after coming home in thirdCredit: Twitter / @GoodNewsCorres1

“But that’s moot. This is sportsmanship, its about doing the right thing when you don’t have to.”

One simply stated: “Fourth in place, first in life. My kind of human right there.”

Meanwhile another quipped: “Now, that’s a dude I’d want my daughter marrying. Honorable man before competitor.”

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